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March 21, 2022
It's you anniversary today. Lots of changes have taken place. Your dad asked for a divorce a week before Thanksgiving. I wish you were still here to nip him. He doesn't even want Pikachu and it's his cat. So Bandit, Pikachu and I will be moving. Think about you all the time.
Xoxo, your mum

March 21, 2021
Kobe, it's your three year anniversary of going to live at the Rainbow Bridge. We talk about you still. Pikachu is still with us, bratty as ever. We got a little brother for you a year ago. He looks just like you, but he's got dark fur around his eyes that remind us of The Lone Ranger so we named him Bandit. Bandit loves to do zoomies in the living room like you did when you were a puppy. Bandit would love you. You would hate Bandit. Lol. Bandit would try and be in your face 24/7. Pikachu can only stand him for a few minutes then runs off. Magoo and Grandpa still call your name when trying to get Bandit's attention. : /
*xoxo, your mum

March 21, 2019
It's officially Kobe's one year anniversary of his passing. He passed away in my arms at 3:50am, after they injected him with drugs to make him go mimi's forever. It's been a lonely year without him. I miss him so much.
I love you Kobe.
*xoxo, your mum

March 21, 2018
My Kobe came into my life 16 years ago. I wanted a Shih-Tzu so bad because of their cuteness and personalities. The breeder let me sit on the floor and opened the (flood) gates. There were about eight little Tzu puppies running towards me. There was a runt at the bottom of the pile trying to get closer to me. They were using him as a step to climb up my lap. I immediately picked him up. The breeder stated that he was the 'runt' and wasn't growing as fast as his brothers and sisters. I didn't care. He was probably always being last/and or stepped on but not after I saw him.

The next 16 years were full of silliness, tons of sugars (kisses), toys, snuggles, scrambled egg treats, pieces of tortillas and probably a ton of other things that I can't quite remember at the moment because I'm lost now.

Friday, September 7, 2018
I've cried at least three times this week thinking about my Kobe. I miss him dearly. Last night I was upstairs in the office and Kirk was downstairs making sure the sliding glass door was locked. When he opened up the door I immediately remembered hearing the familiar sound of the blinds swishing back and forth when we open the door to take Kobe out to potty. I then remembered there was no last potty break, just checking the door lock. Immediately the tears started flowing. I miss you my little Kobe.

Thursday May 17, 2018
I cry at least 2-3 times a week for my Kobe. I cried twice yesterday. I was sitting on the couch and I looked over at his stuffed toy box. Overflowing with his toys. I can't pack it up yet. Sometimes it feels surreal. I can't believe he is gone. The blanket that was in his bed still smells like him. It's folded up and next to me on my night stand. His smell will eventually fade away but knowing I can still 'breathe' him in is the best smell in the world right now.

Thursday April 5, 2018
Thank you to those that left sweet messages for my Kobe the past couple of weeks.
There's not a day that goes by I don't think of him and get tears eyed.
I'm not ever going to get over him.

Wednesday March 21, 2018
Kobe passed very early this morning. I'm still in shock. Kobe died in my arms early this morning at 3:50am (March 21, 2018) Last night (Tuesday March 20) he was breathing differently. Kirk and I decided to take him into the emergency vet. We got there a little after 9pm. They immediately put him on oxygen. After awhile the vet came in after examining Kobe and said it looked like he was going into congestive heart failure. My world was shattered after hearing that. We both work in an ER and know what that consist of. Kobe was fine just hours ago....he's been peeing and pooping on schedule...he just ate scrambled eggs three hours ago!!!

We made a plan on getting him started immediately on meds and get him through this crisis. The vet wanted to watch him overnight so we said bye to him through the plexiglass of the oxygenated kennel. We went home.

A little after 3am my phone rang. I knew. The vet said he wasn't responding with the meds and he's getting worse. We raced up there. He needed oxygen no matter what now at this point. When we got him out of the kennel onto a counter he started breathing harder. It was to much knowing that he wasn't getting 100% air into his lungs. We made decisions there that I never imagined I would ever have to make. We all went into a room and I held Kobe in my arms like a baby. I then sat him on my chest with him looking right at me. I asked him to give me sugars and he licked my nose. Those were sugars. His tongue felt so cold. While the medication was being injected Kobe and I never lost our eye contact. He took one last breath and then silence. His head lowered down to my chest and he was gone. I couldn't believe it. In a matter of hours he deteriorated and left my world.

I held Kobe on my chest for two hours. I just couldn't believe it.

Now, I'm just lost. I cried so much last night and early this morning. I sporadically start crying. I'll see something and start crying. It's torture. Kobe was my little boy. I never had children, he was my one and only.

My fiancé has been by my side and I love him dearly but there is nothing that he can do to make things better.

We are planning to ger married Feb 23, 2019 and my Kobe was going to bring our rings down the aisle. The photo of him and my ring is from the night I got engaged.

I'm grateful I found this site that I can somehow manage my grief and loneliness, but it doesn't make up for the emptiness of hearing and smell of our little Kobe.

Kobe's Mum

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