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Memories of K-la Jeannine Evans
My Dearest lil' K-la, how I love you so
I saw you getting sick and prayed to God
for just one more day...

I prayed for a miracle, I really did
for just one more day...

I know you were hurting my precious girl,
so I prayed to God
For just one more day...

I know you tried my lil' girl
for each and every
just one more day...

Your tried your best, and so did I
for just that
one more day...

One more day came to pass
and you looked at me with pain and sorrow
in your eyes that seemd to say
it's time to say good-bye this
one more day...

I took you in my arms baby girl
I cried and held you tight
Yes, it's time to go my precious one
and this is our last
one more day...

I passed you into Gods loving arms
with pain and sorrow in my heart
and thanked God for all those past
one more days...

I love you K-la forever and always
and thank you for all those
one more days...

K-la God took you from this earth way to soon. Remember my precious one that there isn't and never will be a day that goes by that I don't think, or shed a tear for you. I only held you in my arms for a short time here on earth, but I will hold you in my heart forever.


Baby girl I love you. I still shed many tears for you. My heart is still broken.

Hi my Sweet Angel, I know it has been forever since mom has written anything here. It just hurts so bad to come here and see you. I hope you and brother Biz are enjoying heaven my sweet girl. I still shed tears for you so much. My heart is shattered still. I will never get over having to hand you over to God. K-la to this day I would still give my life to save yours. I still hear you singing to me sweet baby. I hear it when all is quiet and I look upon the stars at night and see you shining down.

Brother Onslow sings to me also baby. I must keep him quiet though because it just reminds me so much of you. My sweet girl, I love you so and can't wait to hold you in my arms and smell your sweet fur. I must go for I am shedding to many tears to even see the screen. Always remember my sweet baby girl, I will always love you, and hurt for you. Nothing in this world will every change that. No time can heal my shattered heart for you.

I love you baby, Mom
Hello my sweet angel,

I hope you and Biz have a wonderful Christmas. I am still shedding tears, and my heart is still broken over losing you both. I pray you are both at peace in Heaven.

I love you both so very much,

Hello my dear sweet Angel,
I know it has been forever since I have visited and I am so very sorry for that. It is just that my heart is so broken over losing you and brother Biz that I cannot comes to terms with God as to why he took the both of you from me. I will try my best to visit more often but I will not promise for you both know I would never make a promise I would not keep. Be well my sweet babies my tears and heart are tearing me apart here so I must go. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH!! Never forget that and hope to see you soon. Love and many many hugs, Mom

Merry Christmas my little angels. I know you will get lots of great new toys to play with, and lots of carrots in your stockings. I love and miss you both so much, my heart is totally crushed. Daddy and I are not having christmas this year. It just isn't the same without the two of you here to celebrate. My tears are many and at night when you look down upon the stars remember mommy is looking up at them same stars saying "Good night my beautiful angles". Much love, kisses, and hugs to you both...Mom


My sweet angel babies, I love and miss you both so much. My heart is crushed. I promise to write more when I recover more from my surgery. Many...many tears...Love Mom

11/20/09 My Dearest K-la,

Now brother Biz has come to join you and my heart is now breaking more then ever. I never got over losing you, and now I don't even have Biz. I wish you both happiness upon the heaven and stars and I will never stop thinking or loving neither of you. I wish I could write more but my eyes are filled with tears, and my heart is in shreds. I love you both so very much and look forward to seeing you both soon. All my love to you both, Mom

Merry Christmas my sweet baby. I know Santa was good to you and Biz. Santa was here a bit, although he couldn't bring me what I wanted most of all. That was to have you and Biz both here back in my arms. I love and miss you so very much, Mom


Hello my sweet angel. I know it has been a while since I have written to you. It still hurts to come here as it did the day you arrived here. Rocky has come to be with you on this sad day here on earth. Take him under your angel wings and show him all the fun he can have while waiting for his mom to join him. I still love and miss you so very much.
All my love angel girl,

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