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Memories of Kitty
My cat named Kitty, died on January 2, 2018 at 1:30 pm.
She was diagnosed with renal failure and for the last 4 months she had lost a lot of weight and slowly, lost
the ability to jump into her window and jump on the bed without help.

During the last year, she fought the good fight. She allowed me to take her to her Vet 2 times a week,
the very supportive Alpine Animal Hospital. I finally became brave enough to learn to give her the water
injections myself, daily. She also allowed me to give her shots and medications. She was patient with me.

Kitty came to me as a feral cat looking for shelter. She slowly worked her way into my heart.
She created a community of people that loved her and also became her family.
She lived with me for 16 years. When I would look at her sleeping at the foot of my bed,
my heart would open up and become warm. "I love you to pieces", I would tell her.
She changed my life slowly and permanently. Love has a way of doing that.
For me, my life is colder and my heart has a big hole in it.
This may lessen as time goes on, but my love and affection for her, will not.
Thank you Kitty, for allowing me to be part of your life.

Julie wrote this and I want to share it here:
"Unable are the Loved to die For Love is Immortality, Nay, it is Deity-- Unable they that love--to die For Love reforms Vitality Into Divinity" Emily Dickinson

Sunday February 18, 2018
This site has really helped with your loss, Kitty. But, when I come home, I still expect you to come to the door...or to climb in the window.....As I walk in the door, I say my "hello Goose" to greet you...before I am totally aware that you have gone. For a few nights, I was able to sleep. But, I am back to not being able to. Again, I know that this will pass...but for sixteen years, I was so use to you sleeping at the foot of the bed in your sleeping place. You made my home whole....May you be finding friends to play with....May you have found your bunny "buddy", that left on Halloween a few years ago. I know you missed him and did not get to say goodbye. When you find him, you will have the perfect sleep, curled up next to him. "I love you to pieces"!!!

Sunday March 25, 2018
Easter is almost here and this will be the first year that I will not share Easter dinner with you, Kitty. Your physical remains are in your place with your name tag and your ruff. Your resting spot was remade with your picture etched on it....and it is lovely. When Donna spoke with you, you mentioned that you wanted your collar to hang near the open window where you jumped in out of. I have it hanging right there. I love you! I miss you! May your spirit being soaring!!

Thursday June 7, 2018
Kitty, May 17 of this year, was the first year in 16 years, that you were not here for my year around the sun. I also went to NY and Chicago for two weeks. This was the first trip I have taken since you left. I was really sad and my place felt empty when I came home. I am hoping that you are thriving in your new place in the universe. You are still missed here. Sending you lots of love and hugs, Your friend, Dinnie

Saturday October 10, 2020
Dear sweet Kitty,
It has been 2 years and 10 months, since you left this earthly plane. You are always missed. Your Aunt Jane died this year. She loved you so much and I hope that the two of you will get a chance to spend some time together.
I want to introduce you to your sister who came to live with me in April last year. Her name is Temmie. She is also a tortoise shell calico cat, like your. She is 3 1/2 year's old. She had a hard time adjusting to our home. She spent the whole 1st month under the bed but now has taken over our home. She has 6 beds through out our apt. She loves catnip, as you do. She also loves to go outside in the evening and check out what is going on.
Oh, we have two English bulldogs that live right next door. They are called Whiskey and Tennessee. I wonder whether you would have liked them, or not. They are very sweet dogs but can appear rather big and scary for a small cat. We are also in a pandemic right now. The virus is called the Coronavirus. I have had to spend a lot of time home. We also have had many many forest fires, which have made the air very unhealthy. So, we have had to stay inside at times when it air was too bad. Temmie has had to stay inside for a week at a time. I know that you would not have liked it.
Well, dear Kitty, that is all that is new.
Miss you and love you!

Tuesday December 8, 2020
Dear Kitty
Missing you, as always. It is getting very cold and Temmie has settled in. She turned 4 years old mid November, and we are staying in most of the time. I am not working much so I am home a lot. I think that the two of you would have hit it off....
Sending you lots of hugs!

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