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Memories of Kitty
Kitty was a unique and one of a kind. She was always the first one to greet you at the door after a long day. She even made sure you were ready to start the day by giving you a high five before you head out the door. She was just funny like that. She was very thoughtful especially when you are sick she would go out of her way to comfort you. She would lie with you in bed or sit with you while on the couch. She would always know when you need to comforted. During the times you don't give her attention she will tap you while you are sitting on front of a computer and let you know she wants to be petted or it's time for bed. She has a special way of letting you know she's tired and ready for bed, by coming to you and saying come and follow me. She would start heading for bed and every once in awhile she'll look back and if you don't go and follow her she will come and get you. She was also vocal, she will let you know when she wants something. She was also the cheapest Kitty you'll ever find, shoe strings were her favorite that's enough for her. Her favorite toy was her purple mouse. Some of her special friends are spiders and birds. Spiders she would get really rough and forget that she's bigger than them, she would pounce on it and cover them with her paw and lift it a little and see if her friend is still trying to play. When she hears birds outside, she will sit by the window sill and talk/chirp back to them. She would also somehow get her hands into rubber bands, we are not sure how (considering we put them away). But you would always find it in her bowl (she created her own lucky charms or hidden prizes in her food bowl). It's like getting extra treats with her dry Kitty food. Although, I don't sing very well...she somehow loved my made up songs about her. She was the best audience, very attentive.

Even though Kitty and I first didn't get along, it was just her and her Daddy for longest time. It took time but we became good friends in the end. We will forever miss her. She was a very sweet, loving, thoughtful and funny Kitty. She will be forever loved.

You no longer have to suffer Kitty, I'm sorry you didn't get to say goodbye to Daddy while was he was deployed but know that he loved you very much. Until we meet again, run free, you can eat all the Kitty Kibbles you want and sun bathed in the warm sun all afternoon. You no longer have to be in pain. You will be forever in our hearts. You fought hard and strong until the end.

We love you very much.

Audrey and Daddy

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