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Memories of Kitty
Kitty has been by my side since I adopted him in October 1997. Since that time, he moved with me from Ohio to Virginia, Virginia to California, California to Ohio, Ohio to California, and California to New York. He was always the best riding buddy, sitting on my lap most of the way to where I was going.

What I will always remember the most about Kitty was how attentive he always was. The minute I would get up in the morning, he would follow me throughout my morning routine and greet me eagerly upon my arrival home. Sometimes, he was so eager, he would almost get out the front door. He would always roll around on the floor, happy to see me and purring like crazy. Anytime I went through a tough time and was upset, he was right there beside me. A couple of times, he got the revenge I wish I could've got on people who upset me by peeing on their stuff. He was a true best friend. At the end of the day when I went to bed at night, he would always come with me.

Kitty would at times get a little too curious and do what he could to get out to explore the world. He pushed out a screen a couple of times and ran loose through the neighborhood for a few hours, scaring me to death. A couple of hours later, I would hear him meowing outside. Another time, he got out the front door when someone was watching him while I was out of town, and it took three days before I was able to locate him. I brought him home and gave him as much of his favorite tuna as he wanted.

One of Kitty's favorite activities was pounding on the blinds when he wanted out on the balcony. If I did not hear him because I was sleeping, he would come into my room and meow until I was awake, or use his paw to bat me in the face until I woke up and let him out. He loved his sunshine, and he always was my sunshine.

06/16/12 - Kitty, I've missed you so much. The house is too quiet without you here. I brought you some catnip and tuna and hope you that you are enjoying your life free of pain on the Rainbow Bridge.

06/17/12 - Hi best friend Kitty. Just stopping in to say hi and let you know how much I miss you. Sometimes I feel as though when I get up in the morning that you will be there and am sad to realize that cannot happen. I know, however, that you are no longer in pain. I just wish there had been another way around that. I hope that you have met Mr. Whiskers and Milo and are having fun with them. Miss you.

06/21/12 - Hi Kitty. I've been thinking about you a lot and sure do miss you. I have been looking to adopt a new cat, but am worried that I am trying to fill the hole that losing you has left me with. You will always be my number one cat. There will never be another "Kitty." I will be picking up your ashes today and setting up a nice area at home for you to rest. Miss you. Hope you are having fun.

07/09/12 - Hi Pretty Kitty. I got your ashes back and your paw print about two weeks ago. It makes me feel better having part of you back. I have a nice picture of you beside the box. I still miss you a lot and imagine I always will. You would have been 15 years old this month. Happy Birthday buddy!

08/02/12 - Hi Kitty. Just wanted to let you know I think about you every day. I adopted a new kitten, Shadow. And you met Jack. He has grown up a bit and I am sure if you were still here, you two would have been close pals. Miss you.

11/23/12 - Hi buddy. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, but you are never far from my mind. Wish you were here for Thanksgiving. You could have had some yummy turkey, but I am sure you are enjoying turkey and tuna on the rainbow bridge. Been going through a tough time lately and miss you snuggling with me to make it all better. Maybe from the rainbow bridge you could work some magic for me. Love you and miss you Kitty.

06/13/13 - Kitty, I cannot believe it has been a year today since you passed. I miss you and think about you every day. I wish you were here to teach little brother Jack things and keep him company. I know you two would have been the best of friends. Always missing you.

06/13/16 - Kitty, 4 years later and still missing you. I got Jack a little brother Olly, who reminds me of you. I left you some new stuff to enjoy.

06/13/17 - Kitty, I can't believe it's been 5 years. I still remember you being around just like it was yesterday. Love and miss you.

06/13/19 - Kitty you are always in my heart. Miss you and wish you were here with Jack and Olly.

06/13/21 - Thinking about you a lot lately. Love and miss you!

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