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Memories of Kitten
You came through our cat flap in late 1993, a small kitten crying out for help after being dumped into the pouring rain and abandoned. We tried to stroke you, but you hissed, spat and ran like your tail was on fire. Another neighbour identified you and told us your previous "owners" had moved. So we provided you with a warm bed, food and water in our Conservatory.

You lived in there on your terms (DO NOT STROKE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TOUCH) for nearly 2 years, trying to work out if we could be trusted (goodness only knows how you had been treated). Then, one day, you let Mum stroke you.... and you started purring! The look on your face said "WHY am I making this funny sound?!"

No more Conservatory! You moved right in, making friends with Biscuit, Sam and Whisky (who are also at the Bridge)and making up for lost time in the loving department (your new terms AS MUCH LOVE AS POSSIBLE PLEASE). You didn't like it when my last cat Mischa, decided to have her kittens on my Mum's bed at midnight (and she wasn't even our cat at the time!!), but you never attacked any of them (thank you for that)

Then, for 10 and a half years, since June 2002, you have been the most amazing friend and companion since my Mum died of cancer, "talking" to me, snuggling on the bed, loads of love and nuzzles.

You bore your old age (failing sight and arthritis) with a grace and fortitude while her poor Mum flapped around like a headless chicken. Then 6 months ago, the Vet found a lump in your stomach....... it was not painful (the Vet felt it and you just purred!), but I knew your time was short.

Then in late December 2012 it became uncomfortable for you to lie down and sleep. I took you to the Vet and the lump had grown 10% in 4 weeks between late November and 22 December 2012. It had also moved. Injections to stabilise were offered, but I knew you had had enough, it wouldn't get any smaller, and it was already causing discomfort. I had to make the worst decision for you, Kitten, but I knew it was in your best interests.

Thank you, my friend, for all those years of love and loyalty. I will never forget you, until we all meet again at the Bridge, sweet dreams.

Mummy and Mischa

16 January 2013 - My dear Kitten, you are now at home with me again. They have placed you in a lovely wicker style pouch with some white artificial flowers pinned to it, not too much or too girly (thank goodness they weren't pink, you were the least girly tomboy anyone knew!). Mischa just sniffed at you before walking away so no change there! I will be placing you in the bedroom you loved to sleep in so much (I'm sorry I can't keep you in your very favourite spot, but I need the space under the duvet for my legs at night.........) I hope you have settled in well at Rainbow Bridge, judging from all the comments, you have got plenty of new friends for company. Mummy and Mischa are missing you so much, play hard up there precious.

13 February 2014 - I hope you have given Mischa a warm welcome up there! She has been such a friend to me, and I will miss you both desperately. Have fun together up there, and ask her to teach you the Dora Dash. I love you all so much.

Please also visit Mischa.

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