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This Residency is dedicated to all kittens everywhere, known and unknown, and to Ms. Murphy who has just joined her kittens, who have crossed Rainbows Bridge. They run and play among the angels and sleep peacefully and safely in the Creator's everlasting arms. We know they watch over us and for us to come and join them in that place of infinite beauty in God's purrfect time. They are truly loved.

08/03/06 - In an act of murder, two innocent kittens were shot five times each and left in carriers at a cemetary in northern Utah. We entrust these precious little ones to the arms of God and the angels and know that they are safe and secure across the Bridge forever. May they run and play among the angels and with all the other kittens who ran to greet them at the Bridge. And may all of these little souls watch over us in love and caring.

09/13/07 - Heaven has joined you at the Bridge, dear Kitten Angels. Please take him under your paw and show him the ropes, teach him to run and play and where the best spots of sunshine are for napping. There are two very special people, who, although they didn't know him here on earth, will be looking for him in due time....so until then, please take good care of him and tell him that he is loved here and by all the other kitten angels there....Thank you, dear little ones.

9/28/07 - Binkie Mouse, precious little black kitty, you are now safe, healthy and running free. Diane loves you and even though you were only with her and Jayne for a few days, you found your very own place in their hearts. You were so sick here, but now you are full of health, and there are many kittens to play with. Watch over Diane and Jayne, please, little one, and let them know you're okay. You are truly loved.

3/25/08 - I know the Easter Bunny found you there with all kinds of goodies just for kittens! Run free and play to your hearts' content, and I will see you one day. I love you. Clare

12/3/08 - Merry Christmas, little ones! I see you all curled up together on the pillows by the fire in the fireplace, stretching and yawning and gazing at the silver and gold Christmas trees in awe! And then leaping onto the windowsills to watching the gently falling snow. We will be with you one day, loving you and holding you close. Until then, be good kitties! We love you. Clare and Martha

12/31/08 - 2008 is almost over and we love you so much. Be good and we'll be together one day forever. Take good care of the other wee ones who come to join you. Remember that we will always love you. Clare and Martha

2/7/09 - Happy Valentine's Day, little ones. You are always and forever in our hearts. Clare & Martha

3/3/09 - Bet you're having just the best time, romping and playing. Know that you are totally loved to the moon and back. C&M

5/3/09 - Good morning, little ones. We are asking that you take good care of 3 very wee ones who just joined you in the last week. They were born to a feral mommy who didn't know how to care for them, and Laura, their human mommy, did her very best. They were meant to be with you and the angels. So please watch over them with love and we know the angels are cuddling them and God holds them in his tender loving hands. May you all be blessed until we meet again. We love you all so much. Clare & Martha

11/29/09 - Merry Christmas, precious ones. We know you're running and playing and having the best time with the Christmas angels and watching the lights on the Christmas trees. Please know that we love and cherish you with all our hearts. We'll see you one day. Clare & Martha

3/14/10 - Happy Spring! Run and play among the gorgeous flowers and chase butterflies to your hearts' content. Then it's time for foodies and a snooze on the laps of the angels. We love you so much! Clare & Martha

9/16/10 - We love you to the moon and back, forever and always. Clare & Martha

11/26/10 - Merry Christmas, little ones! We know you're having all kinds of fun and running to the windows to watch the snowflakes just outside. Stay safe and warm in the arms of the Christmas angels. We love you always and forever, Clare & Martha

12/25/10 - We're sending you a special Christmas hug and lots of love. Your special white light beams brightly at Tree House, and we're sure that you can see it from across the Bridge. You are in our hearts always. We love you. Clare & Martha

1/29/11 - You are our Valentines, little ones....we love you so much! Clare and Martha

2/25/11 - You are so dear to our hearts! We love you forever and to the moon and beyond! Clare and Martha

3/18/11 - Spring is coming soonest, and we want you to know that we love you always. Happy Easter, sweetest ones! Clare and Martha

4/25/11 - You are loved and cherished always. Clare and Martha

5/29/11 - It is Memorial Day weekend, and a time to think about and remember those we love who are across the Bridge. You are held close in our hearts all the time. Play among the stars and sleep cozily in the laps of the angels until we meet and cross the Bridge together. We love you. Clare and Martha

6/17/11 - It's summer, and the warmth of the sun surrounds you. Run and play and enjoy all the wonderful things to do. Remember to watch over us who love you so much! Clare and Martha

9/15/11 - We'll just bet you're running and playing and hiding in the leaves and having the best time ever. Please remember that we love you and look forward to seeing you one day. May your guardian angels be always close and hold you tenderly in their arms of love. You are loved! Clare and Martha

11/25/11 - As you get ready for Christmas there at the Bridge, please try to stay out of mischief, but we know that's hard for little ones to do. Just run and play and have fun and enjoy all the lights and presents under the beautiful Christmas trees. You are loved! Clare and Martha

3/20/12 - Happy Spring, dear little ones! Run and play in the sunshine in eternal kittenhood and we'll be with you one day. We love you all. Clare and Martha

5/28/12 - When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. You are truly loved and cherished on Memorial Day when we remember and always. Clare and Martha

9/16/12 - We can just see you leaping at the leaves as they fall and romping and playing together. We will see you all one day when we come Home. We love you so much! Clare and Martha

12/3/12 - Merry Christmas! We know what you all are doing.....getting into lots of mischief....playing with the paper and ribbons....climbing into the Christmas trees and just have tons of fun. Be good, little ones, and know that we love you all to the moon and back! Clare and Martha

3/31/13 - Happy Easter, little ones. We know you're playing in the grass in the Easter baskets and having so much fun. You are forever loved and treasured by us. Clare and Martha

12/2/13 - Merry Christmas, precious little ones. Run and play and have a great time with all the ribbons and wrappings. Just remember that you are loved forever and always. Clare and Martha

3/26/14 - Happy Spring, little ones. We know you are running and playing among the flowers and jumping and leaping after butterflies. Be happy and know that you are thought about and loved forever to the moon and back. We'll see you again one day for sure. In the meantime, be good furbabies. You are truly loved! Clare and Martha

12/25/14 - Merry Christmas, precious little ones. Run and play and scoot in the ribbons and wrappings and know that you are always loved and thought about. We really love you, Martha and Clare

6/12/15 - Have fun in the summer sunshine and remember that you are totally loved. Clare and Martha

12/2/15 - Happy Christmas, little ones. Enjoy the ribbons and bows and have fun. We love you, Clare & Martha

12/25/16 - Merry Christmas to you all, precious wee ones. Remember that we love you. Have lots of fun and enjoy everything. Clare & Martha

12/25/17 - Happy Christmas to all of you. You are truly loved and cherished. Play with all the ribbons and paper and romp to your hearts' content. We love you. Clare & Martha

9/8/18 - You are always remembered with love and light. Clare & Martha

12/25/18 - Merry Christmas to all of your sweeties. Run and play and bask in the Light and Love of that beautiful place. We love you. Clare & Martha

12/25/19 - Happy Christmas, little sweet ones. You're having fun chasing ribbons and playing with bows. Know that we love you always. Clare and Martha

12/25/20 - Merry Christmas, precious ones. Play in the Light and Love of that beautiful place. You are always loved. Clare and Martha

12/25/21 - Merry Christmas, beloved babies. I know you're having great fun with all the ribbons and lights. Please remember that you are loved always and forever in our hearts. Clare and Martha

12/25/22 - Happy Christmas, dear little ones. Have fun and play to your hearts' content. You are loved always. Clare

12/25/23 - Merry Christmas, sweeties. Enjoy all the ribbons and toys and know that you are loved and held in my heart always. Clare

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