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Memories of Kitcat
Kitty first made himself known to me when he was around 10 weeks old. A gorgeous little furball, he was one of a neighbourhood litter left to fend for themselves. He discovered Pumpkin's leftovers and became a regular but illusive visitor.

I spent so many hours patiently calling and sweet talking him, offering him treats to try and get close to him but it wasn't until he became entangled in a ball of wool I had tied up for him to play with that I was able to pick him up in a towel and handle him. He hissed at first but as I gently cut the wool strands from around his tummy, he began to purr. I had already decided I wanted to add him to my family and look after him; and I slowly gained his trust. It was definitely time well spent.

Kitty was extremely timid of strangers and the first time I took him to the vet for his shots, he gave the vet nurse a bit of a hard time. When it came to micro-chipping him, Kitty turned into Kitcat. He also had a couple of nicknames ... Winky, Wally, Wallikins and Kittikins. For a long time he would hide under my bed during the day but he gradually came around.

My older cat, Pumpkin gave him a bit of a hard time but such was the cat hierarchy of the household ... but what a blessed household I had, filled with the unconditional love of my two companion cats. Andy joined our family in 2008 and he took a shine to Kitcat, so Kitty found a champion.

Kitcat had a very gentle nature but was a fierce defender of his garden and took on any 'íntruders' that wandered in. The few times we visited the vet, he had obviously gone in to battle face first with bites around his face. Over the years he got a little more used to being handled by the vet and he sat quietly while his wounds were tended to.

When Pumpkin took up his residency at Rainbow Bridge, Kitcat came into his own. He took up the position of look-out on the front deck or front wall waiting for an arrival and I could hear when he visited the neighbours across the road because the dogs would bark as he strolled around their front garden.

Kitcat was diagnosed with stage 2 renal disease in March 2013. Although the prognosis was such that he could go on for a few years unfortunately, he was one of the small number of cats where it develops very quickly and two months later it was clear that it was time to do the right thing for him by letting him go.

What a privilege and a pleasure to take care of you all these years, my little man. I have treasured memories to keep close. Go and find your fur-brother Pumpkin and we will meet again some day.

7 July 2014
Hard to believe that a year has passed already, my little man. Your paw prints are forever on my heart.

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