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Memories of Kisses Meyer
4/5/18 Kissey,, I miss you so much..hearing your paws on the floor, turning around in bed, snoring and talking to me. You made it known very early on that you ran the house and me...and that was ok, I wanted you to be comfortable. We had a great 15 and almost 1/2 years together. I hope you are wth your brother now and that you are sharing stories...just remember, I loved you two with every ounce of my soul. The light will always be on, and mommy will never forget.
I have a bag of mms and a can of pic nic sticks sitting beside you, in case you get hungry and need a snack., and mom sue left you a french fry. She misss you too so much. Right now there is no picture at your memorial, cause I have to send a picture for them to place there. It just hurts so damn much that you are not here. I do know that you are healthy now and running and playing with your new friends. I hope you and Ben are having fun and taking care of each other. I will see you again and that is what keeps me going. Kissey Meyer, mom will never forget you. Thanks for doing such a great job of protecting the house and me over the years. You were the best hole digger ever! You were the best snake hunter, making it safe for mom to work in the bushes and day lilly garden. I loved how we took each other for walks, wanting to show each other off. I am and was so proud of you. Every other bite I take of everything I eat, i eat for you. Mom has to go now. I will be back baby girl. I love you and miss you Kissey Meyer. And so does Mom Sue. ❤️😎😬
Oh and by the way, on 4/5/03, you officially became a meyer. With your own address and phone number, a moms name, and a doctors name and phone number. You were someone important. You would alwqys hang your head down, I think because of the abuse you endured before me, especially your first year in life. I would always say hold your head up, hold your head high..you are important and it says so right here, while I tapped your shoulder where your chip was. And the other day I walked right through the middle of every mud puddle there was in your honor. Thanks for teaching me to do that. Night Kissey Meyer ❤️ Night Ben Meyer❤️
4/8/18 Hey Kissey, good news. You should get a picture here today, then everyone can see how beautiful you are. A lot of people welcomed you to The Bridge and so you should have lots of friends to play with. I hope you are with Ben. Ask him about the time he sat on his food plate, and about his walks in the park..should make you smile and proud of him. He has a memorial too at the bridge. Kissey, I miss you so much.It's not the
same here without you. There you are, my beautiful girl. When I lookd at you all I wanted you to know is that you were safe, and wanted you to know how much I loved you. There will always be pic nic sticks and m and m's. I miss you baby girl. See you again soon. Love mom

4-16-18 hi kissey meyer..you are so cute. Maggie helped me get your pictures here. She knew I needed for the whole world to see how beautiful you are. Three weeks ago today I had to let you go to the bridge. You were not feeling good and I knew you just wanted to sleep. I miss you so much, but I know you are in a much better place . Thank you for taking such good care of me and our house, and mom sue too. One thing for sure Kiss, is that I will see you again and the next time will be forever, and Ben too. Remind Ben that the light has always been on, and now for you too. You will always be able to see in here and know the way. Thanks for coming here to live with me and teaching me about mud muddles. I looked for rainbows yesterday hoping to get to see you kids but just couldnt find any. I will never quit looking. Kissey Meyer, mommy misses you so much. I love you baby girl. Run free and fast cause you can now see and hear again...chase that damn black dog away for scaring you. I loved you with my whole heart and always will. Until we get to be together again. Ill see you again soon. Bye baby girl. ❤️❤️Love momi
5-3-18 hi Kissey, mom here. Ive been talking to you like always, thats why you havent seen me here. Im trying very hard to be strong without you and to remember the good times. Trying not to let the tears get in the way of you being healthy. I want to see you and hear you. Im pretty certain you have given me a couple signs and I thank you. Its been a long 39 days. So many well wishers and some who just do not understand the depths of our love. I just have to shake my head, they just dont get it. We had 15 1/2 years together. I want our routine, to be home regular time, mom has to go have some damn fun, go out and check out the backyard, go for walks, having ice cream and snacks together. I am happy I dont have to hide those damn pills anymore from you. You are my kissey girl, my sweetie pete, my kiss a roo. Have fun being healthy, seeing and hearing again, and running with no hip aches. I miss you so much baby girl. Remember the light is on for you and Ben, mommies never forget, and we will be together. See you again soon. Love you Kissey Meyer. ❤️ Love, mom
6-26-18. Hi kissey, its your mom. Today I walked thru some rain mud puddles, somethng you taught me to do before I even knew you would be my girl. I miss you so much. I just miss everything. Today is 3 months since I had to help you go to Rainbows Bridge, mom Sue too. When I wrapped you up in our blankie and carried you to the car and held you in my lap, I know you knew this was the last time you had to go see Dr. Nick., but I know you were very tired and ready to not feel bad any more. I want you to be healthy and have fun and not be held back because I grieve. I try and be thankful for all we had , but it is very difficult. I wanted more, I want now, I want you to talk to me the way you did, wag your tail, hear you snoring, moving fromliving room room to bedroom, and hanging with your friends cookie and teddy...they are watching over you now..and they always will be with you...same with your snacks, they will always be yours. So I hope you and Ben and Simba are hanging out together and finding some other people to help. I know you will drop everything and come meet me at the gate when irs time for me to come...and it that was today, I would be ok with it. Mom Sue misses you a ton too. Kiss I am sorry I keep crying, cant help it. I want tou to know I loved every minute of my time with you, and now I'm missing every minute of my time spent without you. It hurts to be in this room where we spent all of our time together. Thanks for snoring for us one more time, it let me know you were at peace.for that, I am very happy. I love you and miss you more then words and tears can ever say. You are my Kisses, my Kissey girl, my sweetie pete, my sweet pea, my rover, my ready freddie, and mom sues kiss a roo. Watch over us please. Please let Ben know the light is on, and mommies never forget. ❤️❤️ I love you Good night Kissey Meyer
Sept 2-2018 hi Kissey girl, how are you my sweetie pete? I sure hope you are hanging out with your brother and telling good stories about your time with me.
Our walks, ice cream cone eating...well everythng eating, we shared almost everything. I miss you ao much. I try not to cry to much because I want you to be in heaven and happy, I am trying really hard not to hold you back, but sometimes im not very successful, i just miss your presence and how you would look up to make sure i was still here, then you would burrow down even more to sleep and anore....oh how I loved to hear that..i knew you were happy and content and feeling very safe because mom was on duty. I really didnt have to do much cause you protected me so well. Your brother protected me very well too. I am so lucky have you two in my life. Ben just had a birthday yeaterday Kiss, he was 32. You can give him some grief about getting old, but just remember, you will get old too....just like your mom is getting older. Ive been trying to watch for you but havent seen any signs recently. If you could just let me know you are ok, i would be able to breathe easier. Im really trying Kiss, please forgive me when i cry....i love you soooo much and miss you so much...the light is on for you too, and mommie doesnt forget. You were the bestest girl ever, I ws so proud of you. Mom sue misses you too. Im gonna have an ice cream cone now, and you know I share with you. Nite baby girl..mom loves you ❤️

Nov 22, 2018. happy thanksgiving kissey meyer..i miss you sweetie pete soo much. I shed some tears for you almost everyday and i continually look for you and any signs from you. I know you are busy but would like to see or sense you alittle more often. I know Im holding you back, but my love for you is/was so deep. The house is just empty without your ohysical being but yet you are everywhere. I have looked online to view other babies out there to help me but to no avail. Im just not ready i guess. I know it is not reasonable to look for another you, but thats what i want. I remember after Ben went to the bridge i was looking for a blond boy, and a person told me about you a black, girl. You won my heart and and took me for walks thru mud puddles and you ruined the ugly horizontal blinds that were in this house, and i thank you. So today when i had turkey, every single bite was for you. When i rescued you they said if she doesnt want to eat, give her wome bites of turkey, its her favorite. So i went to the store and got a pkg of cold turkey to mix with your food. Kiss, I miss you so damn much, my heart is really broken. Please come visit me. I meed to see yo, smell you touch you. I love you Kissey Meyer. Tell your brother I miss and love him too. Mommies bestest friends ever ❤️❤️
12-25-18 merry christmas Kissey meyer..it is so lonely here without you. I miss you so much. Last night i watched christmas videos from last year of you opening presents and barking at me. Between your brother and you, this is the first time in 35 years i have not had a baby here. I am beyond heartbroken and shed tears almost everyday. The house is so emoty and I want to look and see you in your bed sleeping or at the door looking outside at your street. I miss you talking to me and wanting to share all my food and snacks. I miss you going to the backdoor and then looking up at your leash really wanting a walk..wagging your tail a mile a minute. I know you are healthy now, it must be cool to see and hear again, get up without your back legs hurting or giving out and no more of those damn pills. You were the bestest girl mom could have ever asked for, my bestest friend ever. I am the luckiest mom ever. Please dont forget about me..the light is always on, mommies never forget and remember mommy loves you sooo much. I love you Kissey Meyer. ❤️🎄☃
1-17-18 Happy 18th Birthday Kissey. I got you a cake, please share it with your brother and other friends. I missed you alot today, well everyday, but this is the first time i havent been with you. I so miss not getting you presents. You used to love unwrapping them until you found the prize. The house has never been the same. As i sit here i still see exactly where you would sleep with all your animal friends, now empty, except in my mind.
You were the bestest girl ever. Mommy is sorry i couldnt make it better for you. I sure did everything i knew though. I hope you know in your heart how much i love you and id give anything to have you here with me. Mom Sue misses you too. I know you are healthy now, have lots of friends to run and play with, and still plenty of food and treats and toys. That makes me very happy. The best thing is when I will get to see u again. Please dont forget about me. Mommies never forget....and the light is still on, remind your brother. It has been on since he started needing it probably 20 years ago, and i will never turn it out. Happy Birthday my baby girl. Mommy loves and misses you so much. Hope you had a good day. ❤️ Love mom
3-26-19 Hey there Kisey girl..its your mom. Well today has been a year sonce you went to the bridge. I know you are having fun and healthy now, and that makes me very happy. But I miss you sooo much, and so does mom Sue. Thanks for the visits and of course, you know I want more and maybe stay alittle longer. You know mommies never forget and the light is still on. Wonder what you and Ben and your friends do, besides sitting and waiting for me and othes come. You know I am ready. I have been looking a little bit to find me another pup to love. I want you to know so there are no surprises. I will never stop loving you ever, and you will always be my bestest girl. And make sure Ben knows I have never stopped loving him either and he will always be my bestest boy. The house is just to quiet and mom is very sad. Please dont be mad at me. And the new baby will get sick of me talking about you and your brother...lots of stories to tell. My heart aches and breaks everyday for you. I changed the weather to spring and changed your toys and food. Hope I picked the favorites. Kissey Meyer, mom misses you so damn much. I still try and walk through puddles in your name. Take care of yourself, come see me more often, tell Ben I said hi and I LOVE YOU. ❤️❤️❤️🐶 Everytime i eat somethng that we shared I think of you. Misss you so much Kissey. ❤️❤️ Dont forget me please
3-14-23 hey Kissey girl..i know, i know and im so sorry..i miss you so much. Ii know you are healthy now and with your 3 brothers..you guys have to take care of each other until i can come and be with you. Your brother Bj and Tiny, do not have a page here. So you need to tell them too that ive been missing you all so much. Kissey, i think i saw you the other day...thank you..but wish you would come more often and longer, so i could get a really good look at you..would you please try for me. I love you kissey girl...your forever mom til we meet again ❤️🐶

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