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Memories of Kirby
Found as a stray, in the rescue for 3 months before Chris (my husband) and I found you, Kirby, in October 2007. It was love at first sight for me.

Kirby had eyes only for me and just wanted to be petted and loved on. He looked JUST like my brother-in-law's dog, Bilbo. so 30 minutes later, Kirby's is our's. Kirby had a sister cat name Kitty, who tolerated him, but they weren't friends. She was 15 yrs old when she went to Rainbow Bridge 3/25/09 (medical issues unrelated to her diabetic and thyroid problems?).

Fast forward September 2010? when we fostered Ziggy, our now 8 1/2 year old beagle mix girl. Kirby loved her and she liked being his sister. She is stubborn, independent, and a ninja dog. LOL.

Fast forward April 2014, Kirby was puking about once/week. Kirby had lost 5 lbs since his last visit October 2013, making him 43 lbs at this time (skeletal IMHO), and we were worried. Fast forward to June 2014 and Kirby was puking every other day. Chris took him to the vet on a Saturday because Kirby was lethargic and didn't want to eat that Thursday night. VERY unusual for our boy. So, the vet said Kirby had a mass by his intestine, likely cancer (not any other possibility, per vet). She said surgery and/or chemotherapy would cause more pain during the recovery and wouldn't guarantee to prolong his life.

Therefore, we opted to make Kirby as comfortable as possible and only give him canned wet food or soft food we made (oatmeal or brown rice, tuna or salmon, peas and carrots, and plain greek yogurt). The vet said Kirby needed protein, to bulk up his muscle mass that is deteriorating. Kirby loved what we made him, but he couldn't always keep it down.

Weekend of July 12-13, Kirby can't keep any food down and is refusing his favorites. I know THAT time is coming, but I don't want to think about it. Monday, July 14 I already have the day off for a counseling appointment. I talk the my counselor because I know what i have to do, and I had been crying for almost 24 hrs straight. I tell Chris what we need to do, because Kirby is having a good morning and kept his food and meds down. Chris wants to wait until the next weekend. I remind him that our vet doesn't usually see patients on Saturdays, and we don't have a relationship with any other vet office. So, reluctantly, Chris agrees it's best to do it that day.

We are at the vet office, there is the vet and a tech, me and Chris. Kirby is freaking out because he doesn't know what's going on, I am bawling my eyes out, Ziggy wants to leave. The vet and her tech are forcing Kirby to lay down. I regret not telling them to stop and I will help Kirby down so he would relax. He was gone in less than a minute. I had him laying on one of his softest blankets that smelled like him and home.

You left us before we were ready to let you go, but we didn't want you to be in any more pain. We (mommy, daddy, and sister Ziggy, family and friends and others that have met you) miss you TERRIBLY, but we will see you again.

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