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Memories of Kipper
1/3/17 - When I first saw her in the Pet Shop, I KNEW she was to be my dog. She was the sweetest and best dog a person could have ever had. She was so easy to house train and we had many years of fun together. She never wanted to do her business in the house and once, when I was really sick and couldn't take her out, she eliminated on the dining room floor. She was so upset about that, even though I told her it was OK, that I wasn't mad. That was about the only time I can remember her having a real accident.

I believe that all dogs go to Heaven and that she will be with me again when I pass over. She's the first animal that I have had that I actually had to put down. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. I miss her so much I can hardly stand it. I feel her sweet spirit sometimes though and it comforts me.

1/8/17 - Kipper, I'm doing much better today. It's been almost a week since you left me but I still feel your sweet spirit. Tidbit seems a little lost, even though you didn't have that much contact the last few months. She doesn't quite know what to do about taking her treats since I used to always give you the first treat. She hesitates to take them but seems to be getting a little better each day. I am remembering how you always wanted to know where I was going when I left the house and when I would be back. I was thinking about the time when I had to be put into the hospital with my foot infection and went straight there from the doctor's office but had no way to let you know. I was there for 16 days without any contact with you. I remember when I came home, you were mad at me and wouldn't come to me for about an hour after I got home. Eventually, you came over and sat on my lap so I knew everything was forgiven. You never stayed mad at me for long. I also found a short video that I took of you and Tidbit doing your "barkfest" as I like to call it. You are very active in that video and I was then sorry that I didn't get more videos of you while you were with me. I do have the one with you and Sezchwan (your cute little boyfriend) so that comforts me also. I have tried to pull out some pictures to put around the house to remember you by. I hope you are loving your new life! Play and run and I'll see you someday. I love you.

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