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Memories of King Louie
Steve and I were with our beloved King Louie until the very end. He passed away at 2:20 am this morning, May 27th with Steve and I holding him. He is now forever at piece and in heaven with his sister Cede. Coming home from the hospital without you was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Thank you Louie all for your love throughout all these years and thanks to all our friends and family for their love, support and prayers. He put up a fight all the way until the end and we are so thankful we were there by his side. No more pain and suffering for our precious King Louie. We will forever love and miss our handsome baby boy and he will never be forgotten.

You are now finally back together again with Cede and are running freely once again with no pain or worries. I love you so much.

Louie, from all your sisters and brothers (Sophie, Fergie, Chloe, Max and Mighty Joe), we will forever miss you and our hearts break just as our parents have that we have now loss you. While we know you will never, ever know pain again, the pain left here with your loved ones is just so unbearable right now. We will FOREVER love you.

Love Always, Mommy and Daddy, Sophie, Max, Joe, Chloe and Fergie. You will be forever in our hearts.

June 7, 2011 - Well it has been almost 2 weeks since we lost you Louie. My heart still breaks so much each day. What is hardest, and what I always worried about, is coming home and opening the garage door and making sure I heard your bark from your own special room in the house to know you were still here with us. We have received so many calls, emails, cards, etc. and everyone is truly so sorry that you are gone. You were such an angel Louie and I miss you so much. We held a memorial candlelight service for you on Memorial Day and you are right here with us right by Cede. We have your favorite duckie toy and bone by you and a set of beautiful paw prints that Carolina Veterinary Specialists made for us the day you left us. We received a special angel holding a puppy from Leila in honor of you that also sits right beside you. We've got your Hilton Head "Life is a Beach" sign out for you and 2 beach candles for you. We did everything we could possibly do Louie and so very, very sorry you are gone. We all miss you and love you very much.

Love Always, Mommy and Daddy, Sophie, Max, Joe, Chloe and Fergie
February 19, 2012 -- This is such a bittersweet day for us our King Louie. It is the 4th anniversary of losing our sweet baby girl Cede, your sweet sister. It gives us comfort in knowing you, Cede, Max and now Baby Lexi are all together up in heaven just waiting until the day when we will all be together again. We love you so much Louie and there is not one single day that goes by that we don't think of all of you. We miss you so very much and to lose 3 of you within just a matter of a few months has just about been unbearable for us to stand. Hugs and kisses to all of you. We love you our King Louie, Mommy and Daddy, Sophie, Joe, Chloe, Fergie, Bella and Bentley
June 3, 2012 - Our dear King Louie, we were going to write to you on the one year anniversary that we lost you; however, we were taking care of your beloved big sister Sophie. I am so sad right now to have to write this but I know that you, Cede, Max and Lexi were waiting right there at the bridge when Sophie passed away in our arms Thursday evening, May 31, 2012, at 6:45 pm. Losing 4 of you in one year has been the toughest experience we have ever had and we so miss all of you so very much. Sophie's now with all of you and I know you will always take care of her. We love you forever and a day does not go by that we don't think of all of you.
Hugs and Kisses our King Louie, Mommy and Daddy, Joe, Chloe, Fergie, Bella and Bentley

Please also visit Cede, Lexi, Max Biehl and Sophie.

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