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Memories of Kingfish
SweetFish, We remember when we first brought you home. You curled up in my lap and slept all the way home. You were so precious, my first Maine Coon cat. We will remember you always and all the funny things you used to do. I will miss your comforting "Purrs" and sleeping on my pillow like a big hat on top of my head. You were so Kool! Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, and Andie miss you as well, but we all know that someday we will all be together again at the bridge. Rest in peace my big boy, until we meet again. We love and miss you.
Your Mama & Daddy
Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, & Andie

My sweet King,
It's been a week since you went to the bridge. I am so sorry that I couldn't save you, but I tried my best. At least now you are free from any pain. The day of your passing was bittersweet for me because it was also my service anniversary with AT&T. Rest now my sweet baby until we are together again.
I know that I am not with you anymore.
I can't snuggle up with you or give you kitty kisses.
But both of my paws are wrapping around you,
And I am still with you.
Mama =^.^=

Mama misses you so much. I think about you every day. Today is the anniversary of you passing over to the Bridge. I wish you were still here with us, but God always knows best. I will spend my tomorrows missing you, they don't seem to care. You're like a ghost of love, and I will feel your presence, though you're not there. Love & miss you, "Baby King".
Mama & Daddy.
My Sweetfish,
It's been a month today since you left us to go to the bridge. We all love & miss you so much, but are comforted to know that you are at peace now and are playing with Ms Kitty "G" and all the other residents at the bridge.
Mama, Daddy, Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, & Andie
Sweet baby,
Today it has been 3 months since you went to the bridge. I love and miss you more & more each passing day. I think about you all the time and wish you were still with us, but God knows best and he wanted you there with Him. We will be together again someday.Until then....
Happy Birthday my sweet Kingfish. If you were here with us still, you would be 14 years old today.
We love and MISS you so much. Until we meet again.
Mama, Daddy, Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, & Andie
Sweet Kingfish,
It has been 2 years today at 6:30PM since you went to the bridge. I was hoping that you would be here to celebrate my 30 year service anniversary with the telephone company but God had other plans for you. It is a bittersweet day to say the least, but you are and will be in my heart forever. I miss you so much and think about you every day. Love you much.
04/16/2010 Sweetfish, today is your 15th birthday if you were still with us. Hope you celebrate it with all the furbabies at the bridge. We miss you more than ever and think about you each and every day.Love you, sweet baby. Mama, Daddy, Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, Andie & Baby.
Sweet Kingfish
today marks the 3 year anniversary of your passing over to Rainbows Bridge. Mama & Daddy love and miss you sweetfish. A day doesn't go by that we don't think about you. Love you furever, Mama, Daddy, Tygger, Sweetie, Chewy, Andie, & Baby. =^.^=
Happy 16th birthday, Kingfish. I love and miss you. Always in mama's thoughts, sweet kitty.I know that I am not with you anymore.
I can't snuggle up with you or give you kitty kisses.
But both of my paws are wrapping around you,
And I am still with you.Angel K)
6-4-11--Sweet kingfish, Today is the 4th anniversary of your passing over to the bridge. Mama misses you so much and I think about you easch and every day. I wish you were here with me,but I know that you are in a better place with no pain & suffering. i love you "Sweet Fish." Love, Mama >^.^<
4-16-2012-Happy birthday (17) Sweet Kingfish. I love & miss you so much.You are are in my thoughts each & everyday.Love you, FUREVER, Mama, Daddy, Tygger, Sweetie, Chewey, Andie, & Baby. =^.^=
6-4-2012-Sweet Kingfish, Today it has been 5 years since you went to the bridge. Mama & Daddy miss you, but know you are thriving at the bridge with your brothers & sisters. We love you and will meet again. Love, Mama & Daddy >^.^< 4-16-2013-Happy 18th birthday kingfish. Hope you are enjoying your birthday @ the bridge with all the other furbabies that are there. We love & miss you so much. With love, Mama,Daddy,Tygger,Sweetie,Chewey,Andie,& Baby.=^.^=6-4-2013-My sweet Kingfish, we are thinking about you today & everyday!Today is the 6th anniversary of your going to the bridge.We love & miss you so much. "SweetFish." >^.^< 4-16-2014-Happy 19th birthday, Kingfish.Love you, Mama & Daddy. 6-4-2014-Sweet Kingfish, Today we remember you on the 7 yr anniversary of your trip to the bridge. We love & miss you.Think about you each & every day. Love, Mama & Daddy.4-16-2015-Kingfish,Happy 20th birthday. Luv u. 6-4-2015-Dear Kingfish, today is the 8th anniversary of your passing. I think about you every day & miss you more than you know.Love & miss you "Sweetfish." 9/30/2015-Today Sweetie, my orange kitty crossed the bridge.She is 12 and only had 1 lung. Please welcome her with open "paws".I love & miss all of you, but I know that we will meet again. Take care of all our babies until we meet again. Love, Mama 3/30/2016-Today I had to make the tough decision to let Tygger go. He was fifteen & 1/2. Rip my Tygger-Kingfish Ms Kitty "G" Ginger & Sweetie welcomes you with open paws. Love you & miss you all, Mama.4-16-2016-Happy 21st birthday-sweet kingfish. Love & miss you.4-17-2016-Please welcome Andie to the bridge. He was 10 & passed unexpectively.6-4-2016-Dear Kingfish Today is the 9th anniversary of your passing.We love & miss you with each passing day.Kingfish, you and all my other angel babies are truly missed. Until we are reunited again, Mama loves all of you.>^.^< 9-30-2016-In memory of our Sweetie who went to the bridge 9-30-2015. RIP my Sweetie kitty. We love you.5-12-2017-Today is a sad day for us.We lost Fred who was only 3 and a half yrs old.Rip Angel Fred.We love you always.6-4-2017-Sweet Kingfish, today is the 10th anniversary of your passing.You & my other fur babies who have passed are in my thoughts each & every day. Until we meet again, love & miss all of you Angel kittys-Love Mama--10-29-2017, Today is a sad day for us all. We had to put down one of our cats this afternoon. Chewbacca aka Chewy was 13 years old and had cancer. RIP sweet Chewy until we meet again. We love & miss you. Love, Mama & Daddy 6-4-2019-Sweet Kingfish, today is the 12 Anniversary of your passing. The pain is still there, but you are with God & we will meet again, Love & miss you Sweet King. Love Mama. Sorry I missed the 13 anniversary of your passing. You are in my thoughts & prayers every day. Sweetfish. Love & miss you. It's the 14th anniversary of your passing. Miss you so much, Kingfish. Mama & Daddy-Until we meet again. With LOVE always. My sweet kitty, It will be the 15 anniversary of your passing-6-4-Love & miss you guys so much. Think about you every day.We have a new kitty that went to the bridge 4-4-2022-Cheez-it. He is a big orange kitty & very soft. Please welcome him with open paws, until we meet again.Love you guys,always.6-4-2022-Kingfish, today is your anniversary & you are in our thoughts & prayers, FUREVER! Take care of your brothers & sisters that are with you at the bridge! Love & miss y'all MAMA & DADDY-6-4-2023-Sweet fur baby, today is the anniversary of your passing & my work service anniversary as well. Love & miss you Kingy Fish-Gingerbread & Sweetie, Until Soon,Mama & Daddy.

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