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Memories of Kimbo
He was always so happy, gentle, loved to play in warm weather. Slept and snored that kept everybody awake. He loved food so much! He would be sleeping and out of nowhere he would find you and sit next to you drooling waiting for a piece of food. Loved to cuddle with Alana, she hugged him so much. Bruce was his shadow, followed him everywhere and was always desperate to be by his side to feel him warmth. When he was hungry that would be the only time he would bark at me to demand food, even though I sometimes ignored him, he would be so funny. Kimbo would nod his head and jump toward me, so I would know that he's was being fussy and he wanted his food now. Looking out the window and watching him lay on his back, just enjoying the sun and scratching his back. He enjoyed the sun, chasing squirrles, possums, skunks, you name it. He would sleep in Alana's room to keep her company so she would feel safe at night; his snoring and farts would keep her up, and we all laughed and ran away sometimes because of the loud snoring or the smell of his passing gas. Everybody that knew Kimbo loved him the minute they saw him. He was so gentle, loving, and welcoming. He loved everybody, all animals, dont matter how big or small, or how old he was, he always tried to play and show affection. While I worked out in cycling bike he would lay down next to me just sleeping and watching me. He's always been the most loving dog since he was a puppy. Super goofy dog, enjoying life to the fullest. I skipped college that day to pick him up with Chris that Nov 2010. He was so tiny and cute. That same day he met Whiskey. Whiskey wasnt fond of him but Kimbo always tried. We trained patiently until Whiskey accepted him to be part of the pack. He was a strong and smart dog. He would know and understand your feelings, knew exactly what to do. From Puerto Rico to Texas. Always with his happy mood, sleeping, eating, and being so loving. He never changed. Even with the pain he had he was so positive about it and would never complain, it never changed the way he showed affection or his kind and loving temper. He was the same dog as he was like when he was a puppy. Thank you for gifting us the best 10yrs of our lives and letting us be part of it, enjoying your craziness, goofiness, your kindness, loyaly, and all your unconditional love. We love you soooo much, we miss you big baby. 'Til we meet again!
Forever in our hearts. Te amamos Kimbo

3/1/22: Today we saw a half rainbow in the sky. Alana saw it 1st and she quickly said it was you sending us love from heaven. Her eyes glowed and she was so happy that it was you watching over us, reaching out, and protecting us from above. We love and miss you always! BTW Dont worry about Bruce, Im being his cuddle buddy, he sleeps w me every night. I guess it helps us both and makes us feel closer to you since he was your shadow, followed you everywhere. I feel close to you when I sleep with Bruce and I guess Bruce feels safe sleeping w me and feeling warm just like he did w u every night. Wish we could have u here and cuddle all together, hearing your snoring. We think about u everyday.
See you soon :) Goodnight Kimbo.

3/7/22: Hi Kimbo. Passing by to say that I miss and love you. The pain doesnt go away and time doesnt heal our hearts; we miss you more everyday. Bruce is trying to cuddle more with Odin like he did with you, but you know Odin is almost 2yrs old and has too much energy to settle down and cuddle w Bruce. I hope he learns soon, Bruce misses you a lot, he needs someone to cuddle w and rely on like he did w you. I try my best to keep him by my side, but we are all just hurting and adapting to our new reality. Keep protecting us from above. Talk to you soon. We love you, always n forever 'til we meet again.

3/17/22 Hey Kimbo. It's been a month without you, without hugging you, listening to your bark, your breathing, snores, your footsteps. We still think and talk about you all the time. I hope you are having the time of your life with other fur friends. Keep sending us signs from above, we'll be in the lookout. We love and miss you, always n forever. We will meet again soon! ❣️💙

3/30/22: Hey Kimbo! I hope you are having a great time chasing other dogs and just enjoying the bright sun. We miss you a lot! Whiskey, Bruce,and Odin miss you lots too; they were all laying together like good boys just wishing you were with them to cuddle. In my sad days I look up to the sky in search of a sign, just to know you are ok, watching over us, and waiting patiently. We will all be together soon! We love and miss you! Forever in our hearts.

4/20/22 Hey Kimbo! It has been 2 months already without you. It has been tough adapting to this change. I wish we could have at least 1 entire day with you and just be together, all of us, even your fur brothers. I know Bruce would def love that. Whiskey has been more kind to others since you're gone. I know he was the 1st one that noticed your absence. He was walking around like if he knew something was wrong w u and you would never come back home. Bruce is doing good too. I play w him a lot and take him on walks. Ive been training Odin how to walk in a leash better. I taught you so I think I can have the same patience. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. We miss you so much! We love you. Keep watching over us from above. Until we meet again ❣️ forever in our hearts

6/11/22: Hey big boy! Almost 4 months without you, time hasnt healed our pain, we have just learned how to keep on living with a huge hole in our hearts. We would give anything to see your happy self just laying in our backyard, in the living room, in AV's room, and feel your presence. Time..... time doesnt heal anything..... it doesnt make things easier. Everything reminds us of you, no matter where we are. We are in PR on vacation. This place also reminds us of you so much. The places we took you to play, beach, El Morro, parks etc. You loved the island so much. You loved to play so much and then couldnt get up and Chris had to carry you... You were exhausted, so funny. We love and miss you tons sweet boy. Hope you are having an amazing time, getting sun baths, scratching your back with beautiful greens grass, chasing animals and having a blast. You are always in our hearts. Never forget that we love and miss you. Cant wait to see and hug you big baby. Te amamos, por siempre, hasta que te volvamos a ver pronto.

I miss you Kimbo! I know your house is right over ours, watching over us while we grow old, we will soon meet again! Forever in our hearts! PR reminds me so much of you! ❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️

It's my first day in heaven,
And what a beautiful place,
You'll be glad to know,
There's a smile upon my face,
The moment I left you,
Two angels in white,
Carried me up here,
To heaven that night.
All those stories you hear ,
About rainbow bridge are true,
But you don't walk over it,
The angels carried me through,
There's a gate at the end,
Made of pearl,
It has got to be the biggest gate,
In the world!
Once I got in and started looking around,
You just won't believe all the things that I found!
The first place they took me,
Had to be the most fun,
A humongous field,
With miles to run!
Once I was tired the angels said,
We'll take you to your home,
But first we need to stop by this place
Full of tasty bones,
They told me to take one with me,
But one is all I need,
Because every good thing lasts forever,
Up in heaven you see,
They took me to my new house,
It took my breath away,
Most beautiful place I've ever seen,
With a huge yard to play,
They said come on lets go inside ,
And have a look around,
They took me to the bottom floor,
You won't believe what I found,
The bottom of my house is a window
And you won't believe the view,
See my house it sets right over yours,
So I can still keep an eye on you!
I was so worried about you,
When I went away,
Now I can watch you every second,
And know that you are okay!
I can't wait for that moment,
When we can walk around this place,
And I can cover you with puppy kisses,
On every inch of your face!

Hey, buddy
It's been a while since I dont write. Ive been missing you too much. People say time cures, well I say it doesnt. It gets more painful, you just try to deal and live with the pain everday. I had a awesome dream about you today. Bruce was playing in the backyard and out of nowhere, when we opened the aptio door you bursted in jumping and greeting us. You were super energetic, happy to be back home. We were the only ones that could see you, our neighbors couldnt. We went together to the park, had picnic, and played all together like before. It was really awesome. Tonight after we finished watching the movie Slumberland, Alana mentioned that the movie is like her dreams w you. She can see and feel you all the time ans they feel real. She expressed that after the movie was over. I am so glad she gets to experience that with you even thoigh you arent physically here w us. We all miss you so much! Just wanted you to know, that you are always in our thoughts n heart! Forever! 'Til we meet again 💙💙💙

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