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Memories of Kimber
Kimber was a 2007 Christmas present to her mom Krista. After several long trips to visit the farm and meeting all the newborn pups Kimber came right up to Krista and started giving her kisses. Krista knew right there this was her dog. They had picked each other! She was an affectionate Labrador and the kisses never stopped. She loved the outdoors. snow, mud, grass, and especially water. There wasn't an ocean, river, or puddle that wasn't worthy of a swim. Her first swim ever was with a family of ducks. She just wanted to swim with them, jumping right into the back of their line, but never tried to harm them. She even gave lessons, teaching her brother that boxers can in fact swim and eventually earning him the nickname Michael Phelps. Most of all Kimber loved her family. She is survived by her mom Krista, her dad Noah, and her little brother Ruger, who she did her best to help train. She was predeceased by her older brother, best friend, and swimming buddy Tanner. Kimber's life was full of love and loss. Her world was rocked when her brother passed in May, 2013, but she quickly took on the role of senior dog, comforting her grieving parents and gladly putting up with, as well as helping to train a new puppy just six months later. Her world was again shattered when her parents divorced the summer of 2016 and shortly thereafter Krista awoke to find her baby near death and struggling to breathe. After a frustrating delay at the local vet, Kimber was brought to Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small Animals, where she was almost immediately diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma. At the time it was estimated that she had only days to live without treatment and maybe several months with it. It was hopeful she would survive through Christmas, but unlikely she would see another summer. Although apart, Kimber's mom was persistent and dad was supportive. They each came together, generously giving of their finances and time to give Kimber a chance to live. Through their generosity and love, along with the exceptional staff at Tufts Veterinary Oncology, Kimber put up a valiant fight which the experienced vets can only describe as unlike anything they have ever seen and likely will never see again. After weekly visits to Tufts for chemotherapy and radiation Kimber was eventually declared to be in full remission. Throughout it all she remained a happy dog. Her tail was always wagging, she always had a spare kiss to give, and children would comment that she looked like she was smiling. Kimber defied the odds, and while still beating the disease the side effects of her treatments eventually took their toll. On 4/17/2019, nearly three years after her initial diagnosis Krista made the selfless decision to let Kimber pass peacefully. Lying on her own dog bed with her stuffed lobster and surrounded by her mom, dad, and her oncologist, Kimber gave final kisses and ate a steady stream of peanut butter cookies and milk bones as she drifted off to sleep. Kimber has left an indellible mark on the hearts of those all those who knew her. Although heartbroken, we take solace in knowing that Tanner has been waiting patiently to welcome Kimber on the other side of Rainbows Bridge, where they will reunite; youthfully playing and swimming without pain, watching over their grieving dog parents, and hopefully giving us the guidance and wisdom that we need to go on. Kimber Brother, you left too soon, but forever wouldn't have been long enough. Forever in our hearts.

Love always and forever,


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