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Memories of Kenya
Kenya girl, you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you so much for the joy and unconditional love you gave us everyday. We love you and know you are looking down on us and waiting for that day when we see you again. Keep squeaking.

3/7/18: Squeaky.....I can't believe its been almost a week since you have been gone. We miss you so much. The house is not the same without you running down the stairs to greet me, doing flips on the landing when I come up the stairs or coming downstairs in the mornings on the weekends to get a drink of water from the faucet. I miss going out in the backyard with you on your rope giving you scratches in the grass and you watching me while I do yardwork, or watching the birds and squirrels up in the trees. I miss you sleeping in your spot while I try not to move all night so I don't disturb you. We just miss you and the void you left is indescribable. I know you are looking down on us right now, meowing and running around, playing and getting plenty of sleep! I am grateful for every minute of every day you spent with us and you have left an indelible mark on our hearts that we are incredibly grateful for. We will carry it with us always. We love you squeaks.

4/1/2018: Squeaks, even though it's been a month since you have been gone, you are right there at the top of our hearts and minds. We love you and think fondly of all the great memories you gave us everyday. We love you squeaks and know you are waiting at the rainbow.

6/2/18: We love you Kenya girl. You are always with us in our hearts! We saw a rainbow the other day and knew you were at the end of it waiting for us. Keep squeaking.

11/25/18: I know it has been almost 9 months Squeaks and we still miss you very much. It's winter now and we remember you always loving to go outside right after a dusting of snow and venturing out onto the rock patio to check things out. Each season brings so many fond memories of you and we are incredibly grateful for these memories always. You always live on in our hearts. Rest easy squeaks.

02/11/19: Squeaks, As we pass through another winter and it approaches a year since you have left us, we think upon those winter memories you gave us, sitting in the loft in your bed watching the snow fall and the wind blow through the trees, walking around on your rope in the snow in the backyard and quickly running back to the door when the wind picked up. We love you squeaky and know that you are running around in sunny meadows right now eating all the kitten food you can! You are missed squeaks and we love you. Keep looking down on us and squeaking and you will always remain in our hearts.

05/29/19: Kenya girl, we still miss you so much. Now that summer has returned, I find myself remembering all those days of you on your rope in the backyard while I sat outside in the mornings on the weekends. You would sit quietly and watch and listen to the birds, then step out into the grass for some scratches in the sunshine. I miss those days dearly. Time has moved on but your memories are right there in my heart as if you were sleeping in your spot all through the night. I miss you Kenya. I will share the love that you gave to help others and in helping, your legacy will live on always. I love you squeaks.

10/12/19: I still miss you so much Squeaks. As summer is turning into fall, I recall fond memories of you running around in the backyard, watching the leaves fall from the trees and enjoying the crisp, cool air. I miss you and think of you often.

02/10/20: Winter is here now squeaks and while no snow, I remember you wanting to go into the backyard after a brief snowfall to explore the snow. Seeing your paw prints in the snow was precious. I await the days of spring and summer which saw you spending more time outside in the warmth. Those memories are always with me.

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