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Memories of Kenay
When your soul cry .... Who can comfort it !!! Maybe just the tears streaming down on your cheeks .... and pours over your chest burned by pain.
I'm sad, so sad that I feel like dying inside.
Kenay, my beloved rottweiler, my good friend, my beloved boy, my gentle bear are gone, it's been 19 days and I can not, I can not conceive it.
It's so hard without you, my body feel heavy, as it crushed me, my mind is numb, I can not breathe, I want to scream, I cry incessantly.
What can I do?!?! Already aware that this moment would come, I knew that I will suffer, but not yet ready for it, do not think I will ever be.....crying, every corner of the house and yard reminds me of you, "Kynoaca baloaca" (we used to spoiled you like that, remember?), my dear boy, my soul, my angel ... ..l can not take your stuff away, toys ... leash and collar are in place, your crib is in the same place, beside my part of bed, I can not clean ... I can not do anything ... crying ... and crying ...
Kenay, mommy loves you boy, I miss you Kenay , I die of longing for you ...
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, hurts so much..

09.11.2014 - Boy, I miss you so much. Please tell Loca to eat, she misses you so much, she cry everytime when I give her goodies like I use to do for both of you , she took the goodies and then is searching for you everywhere in the yard and house, then, she bury the goodies, she stopped play.
I am crying beside her each day. Love you and I miss you so much, my gentle bear.
I am listening those 2 songs on repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcKYT4_YXCs

09/12/2014 - Friday: My sweet angel, another night passed without you and another day begin. Today I've decided to make a tattoo with your name on my left wrist, this will be a tribute for you.
I miss you so much my gentle bear, I still not feel well, still hurting so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYys2ulh5_w
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGF9ksw-sG4 From Laura to Kenay Dear sweet soul Kenay,i missed u so much and i am sorry i dont see u long time buth i ty u come visite me in my dreams and i wish when u will come again bring Laurentiu with u .I am sure u r togheder now and u will make him happy same how much happy u do in our souls when u was here.dear little angel i still can not beleve u r gone,i can not understand why all souls what i love them gone,why the life is to cruel and take me all my sweets angels,is hard to dont think becouse ur mom post everyday picture with u,she cry everyday to and make me so sad,i know is not good to much cry becouse the wather come to much for u or Laurentiu buth is hard,dear kenay pls tc to my sweet angel L aurentiu and tc to u,make him laugh how u was make me laugh and tell him i waith eveyday and night to take me there to,to be happy with my babys (him,u and my black kitty)i love forever all 3,pls dont forgot to come in my dreams becouse that is all what ihave in this ugly life.

09/13/2014 Saturday - Good morning Kenay! I started the day crying, we talked about you (me and Stefan), we remembered stories from our life together, you, my gentle bear, Alina, me, Stefan, Anne, we laugh and also we cry. I miss you, my "Babutu", I miss you so much, the emptiness you let is so big. 09/13/2014 Saturday- From Laura -Hello sunshine!i wait u and Laurentiu last night,buth u dont come ,i understand maybe both off u was to bussy to play togheder,i am sure u love my little angel Laurry and u r for him a biiiig joy,dont forgot u must tell him what u can eat and what u can not eat and not good for u ,becouse Laurentiu is like me and he will give u to much food...i am sure u will like that but...is not good for ur health so be careful about that :)my sweet sunshine give a hug to my grandfather to,tell him i missed so much,give them both Laurry and bunu a big kiss for me,sure one big to u to,have fun togheder and dont forgot visite me,love forever ,Laura

09/14/2014 Sunday - Good morning angel! I woke up and talked with you. Yesterday we were looking for a bush for planting at "that place" at Snagov. I wanted an Juniperus horizontalis Blue, didn't find it yesterday but we go again today in our road to Snagov. Today I will stay under the old nut tree with you and we will watching the lake. I miss you my gentle bear, I miss you so much!

09.15.2014 Monday - Good morning, my gentle bear! Yesterday night I fell asleep crying, I took your crib and gave it to Bob, the place is so empty right now, I can't still walk on the place where your crib was. your toys are spread in the room because Natalia were played with them, she repeated continuously - "Kenay's ball, Kenay's frog, Kenay toys, Kenay has "buba"(wound) at his tummy, Kenay is hight in the sky at God".
I miss you my angel, I miss you so much, I need to hug you again just one more time, I want to change everything like it was.....

09/16/2014 - Hello my beloved gentle bear, I am awake and of course with a big hole in my heart, I miss you Kenay, I miss our daily program,I miss to see your face when I wake up. yesterday i was gone from home a big part of the day, I also started an program of self developement and of course the subject that I talked about was the fact that I miss you so much, my heart is brake because you are not with me anymore. I love you so much my bear, I miss you so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMJkddvJ4L4
"The Difference" song by WESTLIFE
I wake my faith shaken inside
Images of you race to mind
Did I forget I meant to tell you something?
Only half 'til you have to fall
Only whole when you're seeing it all
Oh you saved something for me

Between lost and found
You showed me the difference
Between safe and sound
You showed me the distance
Oh I was sliding, safe but I was hiding out
Oh I fell I'm not down
You showed me the difference

Everything was slipping right through my hands
Hard to find any place to land
Clouds don't cover me where I stand anymore
Only half 'til you think you lost
Only whole when you're reaching across
You saved something for me

You resurrected me
Eyes wide open to dream
In scattered pieces when you found me
You showed me the difference

From Laura-Hello sunshine,i am sorry buth i think is better for me dont come to much here,sunshine i can not see day of the day how much hurt is here from ur mom Lilee,sunshine when i see what she speak with u broke my heart,i am cry and have all day bad sweet sunshine maybe is better speak with u how we was speak everyday before my sis send me this bridge,u know i can not go at Laurentiu bridge becouse make me crazy,i see the same happend when i come here to,i want think in my mind u r a life u r here with me,same like how i think about Laurentiu,becouse is true u r here ,laurentiu is here,if i close the eyes i see u,i see him,dear sunshine u understand what i want say and please go at lillee and tell her dont cry and tell her u r here with me,u r there with her everyday,if she want put her hand to u she can just must beleve,pls sushine i can not see her like that,lots of love to u my sunshine and we will speak later at my room,kissssss

09.17.2014 Hi my gentle bear! How was your day? Having fun with your new angel friends? Again I was gone from home, it is kinda hard for me to stay home without you, I know I have Loca, I love her but....even with her, I miss you so much. Stefan wasn't home last night, the night was hard for me being alone without you beside me. Who will give me strength now? Yesterday, Loca has crying again, she didn't stopped to search you all over the place. I am feeling you everywhere, like you are still here but I can't touch you. I love you so much my bear, I miss you so much.

09/18/2014 My angel, I crying again this morning, feel a heavy weight on my chest, I can't breathe....this is how I feel the pain of your missing. I don't have words to express my self, I don't know why this should happen now, why now....WHY?!?!?!?! Come to me my bear, please come, I need your strength. Just, another sad and empty day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E65kJPtV-_g

09/19/2014 Hard night...hard day! Grieving, hurting, crying, broken hearted!Those days will be painful for me.

09/20/2014 I live the feeling of those days again, don't know why but they are so real, the feeling is so strong...The last period of our life togheter.
On June 24 Kenay was operated by granuloma, surgery went perfectly recovered well from anesthesia and was lively, eat, play, indulge himself like a puppy again, all lasted a month, then granuloma started to grow and develops rapidly, I read the pain in his beautiful hazel eyes, barely able to stand, sat on one side, breathing increasingly difficult or unable to sleep.
On August 18th went to treatment, hard went up in the car and came down harder, would be made a puncture again to see what happens with that hard formation that grew rapidly.
On August 19, he could't raise the treatment was give at home, he hardly lift and walk a few minutes, hardly eat ,shaking on his legs, if sitting down, he could't rise no more.
On August 20 veterinarian, (that he knows him when he have only 5 weeks) told us with trembling voice that he has big pain and can not do ANYTHING, that has metastasized throughout the body and is assigned on the lungs.
We raise him up and stumbled coming out in the yard, standing a little and sat, unable to breathe, weak, and his gentle eyes sunken in their orbits.... he could't eat I was giving him from my hand and he not wanted, occasionally drink some water ...... I did not know what to do, I could't take the decision, NO ... ..but, because we love him so much,we decided that it is better for him if we let him go, while he still can, (even if with our help) to stand up on his own legs.
On August 21, he not want to drink water veterinarian came every day he was treated and was fed and hydrated with injections, I sat next to him all the time, day and night, comfort him, it seems that like that I caress him I esasy his pain, breathe more smoothly when I petting, when he feel my hands on him.
On the morning of August 22, we prepared the car and barely put him on the back of the car, I was lying beside him all the way to Snagov, I held and cuddled I was calm, he liked very much to walk away, to go on trips and vacations.
We arrived at Snagov same time with veterinary doctor, we took him in our arms and got him out of the car, we helped him up and himself came into the big yard, the yard which he liked very much, the yard were he run and enjoy every time we went there.
He entered the yard, rocking slightly, but was still worth going slowly, walked, smelled the flowers, sniffed and looked into the distance to the lake, sat with us like if he had no pain, lighten his face.... Then ... at some time, the moment came, I hugged him,barely control myself, I wanted not to cry, to give him courage .... and smooth easy, he fell asleep in few seconds, I caressed and I'll talked to him whole time and even after ... So serene, he seemed asleep,... I told him " sleep tight " and then we put him in the bed that he would sleep forever. It is close to the lake, under the old walnut tree, in the morning sun shine and heats him on his eternal bed, during the afternoon... is shadow ...
I do not know, I blame myself because I did this, although I aware of his suffering, crying, every corner of the house and yard reminds me of him, my dear boy, my soul, my angel my big gentle bear... crying ... and crying ...
Kenay, mommy loves you boy, I miss you Kenay , I die of longing for you ...
Still hurts so much...

09/22/2014 I miss you more than ever, I love you my gentle bear, you have been gone to the Rainbow Bridge for a month already and I miss you so much, my soul are there with you. Stefan's father does not feel well, we are afraid about His health.
It's been almost five years since doctors found his cancer and they gave him only two years of life. Last Thursday ambulance took him off the street. We want to go to Savarsin to see him and maybe he will come home with us. Hopefully nothing bad will happen. We pray to God!

09/23*2014 Hello my beloved angel, today it's raining, like in my soule. I miss my bear!

09/25/2014 Yesterday I went to Alina to help her at cleaning. After that, Stefan has come and took me to see some houses, we want to buy a house to live in there, you know we wanted to build our dream home but now, we are thinking to buy one and build that later. I feel you every second near me, this house remaind me of you, there are moments when I cry and moments when I laugh. Boy, your name are lying down on my left wrist, I will have you my whole life with me, my first tattoo, a tribute for you my beloved Kenay. I miss you with all my soule my gentle bear.

09/26/2014 Another rainy day, autumn is here and I miss you more than ever. It is cold outside, you remember our days, sitting in the house, holding you close to me, looking out the window at the rain. I miss you my bear, I miss you so much.

09/27/2014 Kenay, yesterday for the first time since you left, Loca sat on the doorstep and stayed lying there, I enjoyed it very much, I took a picture, I played with her ​​and cuddled her. She is missing you too.

10/03/2014 I need your strength, I am so week without you. Just another sad and empty week! Hard nights...hard days! Still hurting.:(:(:(

10/09/2014 Dragul meu Kenay, imi lipsesti foarte mult, mi-e dor de tine si uneori am impresia ca esti inca aici, langa mine, te simt, iti simt iubirea. Nu pot scrie in fiecare zi, mi-e greu, simt ca ma sufoc uneori. Lucrurile nu s-au schimbat, nimic nou inca, sunt zile obisnuite, zile in care merg la cursuri si ma intorc acasa, stii acest program. mi-e dor sa te tin in brate, sa te duc la plimbare, sa te mangai, sa iti vorbesc.Plang iar, plang destul de des. Tatal lui Stefan nu se simte bine, ne-a speriat foarte tare saptamana aceasta, luni noaptea am plecat la Savarsin si l-am luat acasa, nu vrea sa mearga la medic:( rinichiul lui este aproape nefunctional. Alinei i-a fost rau aseara, am chemat salvarea, sper sa-i treaca starile proaste care ii dau batai de cap. Eu sunt racita, azi am stat in casa, Loca e cam trista, nu a iesit din curte de 2 zile. Te iubesc Kenay, te iubesc din tot sufletul meu de om, mi-e extrem de greu fara tine.
10/14/2014 Zilele trec, una cate una insa tu esti mereu aici, prezent in inima mea. Inca mi-e greu, inca plang uitandu-ma la fotografiile tale, mi-e mult prea dor, un dor sfasietor un dor care imi opreste respiratia....inca doare al naibi de tare. Iti simt prezenta, vorbesc cu tine aproape zilnic, te intreb cate ceva si astept sa-mi raspunzi...sper ca-mi vei raspunde candva la toate intrebarile ramase fara raspuns. Te iubesc "babutul" meu, te iubesc baiatul meu frumos, te voi iubi intotdeuna.
10/16/2014 A thrill crosses my body intensely, it's everywhere and yet...I can not precisely locate it somewhere. I blink and my eyes are filled with tears, now it's in my soul, quiver there for a few seconds. A bitter smile. I am glad that I still feel ... and so, the first drop, makes its way too an petrified face. But, I have the wind in my hair and keep moving forward ...I will write the rest in romanian....
Kenay, plang, traiesc iar perioada aceea de cosmar, perioada in care sanatatea ta se degrada vazand cu ochii, fiecare zi, clipa, aducea modificari negative....ma doare iar ...tare de tot, mi-e dor de tine. Te iubesc Kenay, te iubesc mult de tot!
10/17/2014 Bubu, azi m-am uitat la poze, am zambit, am plans si iar am zambit, nu pot sa nu plang cand iti vad chipul, mutrisoara aia a ta mi-a ramas intiparita in suflet, e acolo si nu o sa dispara niciodata, te iubesc baiatule, te iubesc enorm. Am posta cateva poze pe Facebook cu urmatorul mesaj: "Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart." Exact asta simt! Bubule, somn usor!Vorbim si ne vedem maine.
10/22/2014 Kenay, au trecut 2 luni de cand ai plecat, 2 luni in care sufletul mi-a plans, 2 luni foarte lungi, pline de durere. Acum 2 luni, cam la aceasta ora iti spuneam "Somn Usor Kenay!" Kenay, mi-ai umplut viata de fericire, mi-ai adus bucurii si clipe minunate. Te iubesc baiat frumos!
10/24/2014 Bubu, mi-e dor de tine.
10/27/2014 Kenay, a nins! Stiu ce mult iti placea sa te joci in zapada. Kenay, a nins si mi-e dor de tine!
10/29/2014 Mi-e dor!
11/03/2014 Kenay, am aflat ca de ieri a venit si Cocolino la tine, stiu ca l-ai intampinat si l-ai luat langa tine. Sa ai grija de el, sa va jucati impreuna. Azi s-a nascut Anastasia, este sanatoasa si la fel de frumoasa ca surioara ei Natalia. Sa nu uit, Natalia vorbeste mereu despre tine, imi cere sa-i arat tatuajul,"Kenay, schis" iar cand mergem la Snagov pune floricica acolo, in locul acela :(
Sambata am botezat baietelul care se nastea in timp ce tu plecai, am fost incercati de multe emotii, ne-am gandit la tine tot timpul. Mi-e dor de tine Kenay, te iubesc!
11/04/2014 Azi Alina iti aduce un tribut, un tatuaj, sper sa fie ultimul, sa nu-si mai faca. Baiatul meu frumos, daca ai stii cat de mult imi lipsesti, daca ai stii cat de vinovata ma simt uneori, daca ai stii cat de mult te iubesc....
11/10/2014 Kenay, ti-am promis ca Alina iti va aduce un tribut, din pacate, tatuajul cu chipul tau nu a fost ok, a facut o reactie la tus si organismul l-a respins, din el a mai ramas doar aura si urmele chipului tau. A plans, a fost extrem de trista, a spus ca suporta inzecit durerea doar sa ramana tatuajul. Miercuri mergem iar la doctorsa vedem daca vor ramane cicatrici si in cat timp il poate reface.Eu cred ca totul va fi OK si ca in maxim 4 luni sa-l poata reface. Azi suntem in 10 Noiembrie, stii, maine este ziua ta, ai fi implinit 10 ani.....mi-e greu sa mai scriu, mi-e mintea amortita, ma doare si mai tare lipsa ta in acest moment :(( Te iubesc Kinutu meu, mi-e dor de tine baiatule.
11/11/2014 La multi ani, Kenay! Am decis s-o sarbatorim pe Loca de ziua ta, stii ca nu-i cunoastem ziua de nastere. Mi-e dor de
tine puiutul meu, tare dor. :((
11/15/2014 Dragul meu baiat frumos, cat de dor imi este de tine!!!!!! Te iubesc Kenay!
Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to
Oh why, oh why can't I?
dance wo ho i want to dance dance,
fantastic baby
Well, I see
Trees of green and red roses too,
I'll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

Well I see,
Skies of blue and clouds of white,
And the brightness of day, I like the dark
And I think to myself,
What a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I... I love you.

I hear babies cry and I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than we'll know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

Oh someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Oh somewhere over the rainbow
way up high
and the dreams that you dare to
Why, oh why can't I, I?
11/26/2014 Kenay, au trecut cateva zile bune de cand nu ti-am mai scris insa, asta nu inseamna ca in fiecare dintre aceste zile nu te-am avut in minte si in suflet. Tu, vei trai vesnic in mintea si sufletul meu, amintirile noastre sunt pretioase, nu le voi putea uita niciodata. Inca plang, inca astept sa te vad venind dupa mine peste tot, sa-ti simt boticul umed, capul frumos pe genunchii mei, sa-ti vad privirea blanda, sa te strang in brate, sa alergam, sa ne jucam.... Uneori mi-e greu sa scriu, plang, dorul si suferinta sunt inca prea puternice. Te iubesc baiete!
11/27/2014 Sunt aici baiete, sunt aici si te iubesc Kenay!
11/28/2014 Kenay, mi-am adus aminte de Soricica si de micutul catelus pe care am incercat sa-l salvam, sa ai grija de ei, sa va jucati frumos. Stii, maine, de ziua mea, astept o surpriza de la tine :) Te iubesc baiatule!
12/04/2014 Acum plang! Mi-e dor de tine!
12/09/2014 Kenay, esti in mintea mea mereu, iti vorbesc si amintiri imi napadesc sufletul. Te tin in inima mea ca pe o comoara scumpa. Inca nu m-am obisnuit ca lipsa ta, inca ma doare, inca mai plang. Te iubesc baiat frumos, te iubesc muuuuulllllt de tot!
12/12/2014 Kenay, baiatul meu, me-e dor de tine. Te-as tine in brate acum, te-as mangaia si te-as alinta. Mi-e dor de privirea ta, de pofta ta de joaca, de felul in care dadeai cu labuta sa ma faci atenta ca vrei ceva. Puiul meu frumos, nu stiu daca voi mai avea puterea sa iau un alt catel, nu pot, ma seaca la suflet faptul ca nu mai esti langa mine. :(:(:(:(:(
12/15/2014 Bubu, te iubeste mami.
12/16/2014 Kenay, mi-e dor de tine puiut.
12/18/2014 Dragul meu, baiat frumos!
12/19/2014 Oftez! "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan." Irving Townsend, "The Once Again Prince," Separate Lifetimes, 1986.
12/20/2014 Kenay, iubitul meu baiat, am atat de multe sa-ti spun si atat de putine cuvinte imi vin in minte.:( Puiul meu drag!
12/21/2014 Te iubesc si mi-e tare dor de tine!
12/22/2014 Au trecut 4 luni, :((!
12/25/2014 Craciun fericita, Kenay, dragul meu!
12/26/2014 I could never forget you, not today, not ever, for you've entered my heart, where you'll remain forever!
12/31/2014 Happy new year, my beloved boy! Un an nou fericit, Kenay, te iubesc si-mi lipsesti enorm.
01/05/2015 A new year, nothing was like before on holidays,nor snow, nor vacation, nor winter, it was sad without you. Miss you boy!
01/09/2015 Loca is here, with me, I sat with her like we use to stay. I miss you Kenay! Just because I haven't written to you in a while doesn't mean I'm not missing you or that I've forgotten you because neither of those things have happened.I haven't written because I've been missing you so much that I haven't been able to face it. I just want to see those eyes of yours. I want to step over you on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night but you're not there. I still step automatically thinking you will be. Where are you? Why aren't you here? My heart hurts so much. You were my heart. Without you what am I meant to do? Someone has to tell me. I love you. I miss you.
01/12/2015 Good morning, Kenay! Ma pregatesc de plecare, am examen azi, mi-e dor de perioada sesiunii, stateai lanaga mine cand invatam. Pui frumos, sufletelul meu drag.
01/22/2015 It takes only a little space to write how much I miss you. But it will take whole of my life to forget the day I lost you. Five months passed, still not believe you are gone, Kenay.
01/27/2015 Hey Boy,I haven't forgotten about you, that's never going to happen. I haven't been too busy to write to you either I've just been unsure of what to say. The pain of losing you has never gotten better, my heart still aches everyday. Getting up and knowing I'm not going to see your face, your not going to demand food or put your paw on me and fall asleep breaks my heart. I love you!
01/30/2015 Kenay!!!!! Nu mai pot de dorul tau, te iubesc Kenay, baiatul meu, catelul meu frumos, sufletelul meu.... Kenaaaaaay!
02/09/2015 Au trecut ceva zile de cand nu am mai scris, dar stii, noi am vorbit in fiecare zi. Imi lipseste enorm prezenta ta, am un mare gol in suflet. :(
02/16/2015 Si iar, ca de fiecare data in ultimile 5 luni, va fi a sasea oara, nu doare mai putin, doare la fel de tare. Imi lipsesti enorm , Kenay.
We'll climb mountains
Climb mountains together
We'll climb mountains
Climb mountains together
02/26/2015 Mi-e dor de ochii tai caprui, de felul in care ma priveai, de fatuca ta uimita, mi-e dor de plimbarile noastre, mi-e dor de tot.....mi-e dor de tine Kenay, tare dor si doare.
03/02/2015 Primavara Kenay, a venit primavara, natura infloreste, tie iti placeau florile Kenay, iti placea natura, imi lipsesti enorm Kenay.
03/16/2015 Kenay, baiatul meu iubit, ne pregatim sa ne mutam in noua casa, casa noastra, casa in care ar fi trebuit sa fii si tu. Mi-e greu, atatea amintiri, atat zbucium, cat mi-as fi dorit sa fim impreuna in casa noastra, din pacate, tu ai plecat, stiu ca esti bine acolo unde esti, stiu ca esti sanatos si nu te mai doare nimic, stiu ca este important sa nu mai suferi dar, nu pot sa nu plang cand nu mai ma intampini, cand..... Ohhhh, Doamne, sufletelul meu!
03/27/2015 Iubirea mea! Aseara am trecut pe la Cabinetul Veterinar, Petrut ne-a zis ca abia azi, a declarat "plecarea" ta, la Asociatia Chinologica. Baiatul meu iubit, mi-e tare dor de tine, mi-as fi dorit sa-mi fi alaturi inca. Te iubesc Kenay, te iubesc mult de tot.
04/08/2015 Kenay, ne-am mutat la noua casa, mi-ar fi placut sa fii aici, ti-ar fi placut si tie chiar daca ti-ar fi fost greu sa urci. Kenay, stiu ca l-ai intampinat pe tatl lui Stefan, ti-a adus mangaierile noastre, dragostea ce inca ti-o purtam. S-a chinuit mult dar...acum a scapat si el de orice durere...ca si tine. Te iubesc Kenay, mi-e dor de tine.
04/28/2015 Timpul zboara dar in acelasi timp sta pe loc, mi-e dor de tine puiutul meu, tare dor. Il strig pe Bob cu numele tau, ma gandesc la tine si un eori te simt aici, langa mine, aproape...intind mana sa te ating si nu intalnesc decat aerul, locul gol, gol ca si sufletul meu fara tine. Te iubesc Kenay, puiul meu frumos.
Eyes make their peace in difficulties
With wounded lips and salted cheeks
And finally we step to leave to the departure lounge
can't face this now
Everything's changed
I just wanna be by your side
Here's hoping we collide
You were my backbone when
My body ached with wearyness
You were my hometown when
My heart was filled with loneliness
05/21/2015 O lacrima incearca sa coboare pe obraz, n-o las, mi-e teama ca fiecare lacrima varsata le tine pe loc, mi-e teama ca nu poti pleca si ca ti-e greu sa ma vezi trista, sa ma vezi plangand. Vorbesc cu tine, vorbesc despre tine, ma doare, sufar, sunt fericita, zambesc, dragul meu, inca nu, nu pot sa nu plang, imi lipsesti enorm si doare, doare extraordinar de tare. Te iubesc, Kenay!
05/22/2015 Imi lipsesti enorm!
05/25/2015 So far away from where you are, i'm standing underneath the stars and i wish you were here. I miss you!
06/19/2015 With all my heart, and all my soul, I will love you till the winds don't blow. Until the oceans turn to stone, my beloved boy, forever in my mind and soule. My special friend, beloved companion, dog-of-my dreams...I miss you so much. There will always be an emptiness in my heart. I love you and thank you for all you gave to me.You weren't just a dog, you were my baby...we were the best friends in the world. I look forward to the day I find you and can hold you once again in my arms...I promise after that I'll never leave you again, and we can spend the rest of our eternal lives together.
We were together until the end. You were in pain, that's why I had to put you to sleep. I always promised you that if I thought you were suffering it would be the right time to say goodbye. We never took our eyes off each other. We held each other tight and told each other how much we cared. We both knew it was okay to go to sleep now. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. You passed with my face next to yours and the other side of your face in the palm of my hand. My other hand on your back, I embraced your body and felt you go. Your spirit passed through me. I mourned, kissed and petted you for few minutes after you were gone. I gently closed your eyes and kissed your eyelids shut. A part of my soul had been taken away. Kenay, you were my "first" baby and I will miss you very much. You were my loving, loyal friend until the end. Your gentleness and unconditional love is so missed and will never be forgotten. My precious, sweet, loving, loyal gentle bear, you took with you a great big piece of my heart.
08/12/2015 Nimic in afara de lacrimi, ma doare si-mi este dor, ma scufund in lacrimi ma prabusesc in durere, mieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/02/2015 I am here my beloved boy, I'll never live you. The account will be renew!
09/12/2015 Miss you boy!
10/28/2015 Miss you boy, just cry a bit, I need you here.
11/11/2015 Happy birthday, my gentle bear, I miss you so much.
12/11/2015 Miss you boy, still feel you next to me, almost everyday.
12/25/2015 Merry Christmas my sweet gentle bear, miss you Kenay.
12/31/2015 Happy new year boy!
01/04/2016 Kenay, it snowed, so much snow, I look at movies with you, playing up in the snow, you liked so much play in the snow. Love you my boy.
03/03/2013 Mi-e dor de tine Kenay, tare dor, in fiecare zi ma gandesc la tine. imi aduc aminte de momente, fericite dar si triste. Te iubesc, te iubesc si-mi lipsesti enorm.
06/11/2016 Kenay, de ieri, a plecat si nea' Anghel, sa-l astepti, sa-l intampini, ai grija de sufletul lui obosit si chinui. Mi-e dor de tine baiete, esti prezent mereu langa mine, in sufletul meu, si vei ramane pentru totdeauna. Te iubesc, ursul meu bland.
06/13/2016 Kenay, l-ai intampinat pe nea' Anghel? Azi voi merge sa-mi iau ramas buna de la el, maine va fi inmormantarea, toate aceste momente imi fac rau, imi aduc aminte de tot, de tine, de noi, de moartea tatalui meu, a tatalui lui Stefan si multe alte astfel de despartiri. E dureros! Dragul si iubitul meu Kenay, imi lipsesti!
08.22.2016 Au trecut 2 ani dragul meu Kenay, nu pot descrie in cuvinte cat de mult imi lipsesti, inca nu trece o zi fara sa ma gandesc la tine si fara sa vorbesc despre tine. Baiatul meu drag!
09/26/2016 Miss you my beloved boy, I am trying to renew the account but I encounter some probles, please wait, I will do it soon. Miss you my boy!
12/21/2016 Winter is here my beloved boy, miss you so much.
05.02.2017 Kenay, Kenay, Kenay...


Riti s pari nebun.
Riti s pari sentimental.
Întinzând o mân cuiva,
Riti s te implici.
Artându-i sentimentele,
Riti s te ari pe tine însui.
Vorbind în faa mulimii despre ideile i visurile tale,
Riti s pierzi...
Riti s nu fii iubit la rândul tu.
Riti sa mori...

Riti s disperi,
Încercând mcar,
Riti s dai gre...
Dar dac nu riti nimic,
Nu faci nimic,
Nu ai nimic,
Nu eti nimic...
( Rudyard Kipling )
05/23/2017 Dragul meu Kenay, iti dau drumul, esti liber, te las sa mergi oriunde iti doresti tu sa mergi, te-am tinut destul, atatia anu, inca doare ingrozitor, simt ca sunt facuta tandari pe interior, dar, te iubesc enorm, nu te mai pot tine, mergi oriunde iti doresti. Te iubesc Kenay! Ursul meu bland, amintirile tale vor ramane pentru todeauna in inima mea.

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