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Memories of Kelley
Kelley Belly, we miss you so much. I miss hearing your yippy bark and how much smarter you were than your brother and sister. You were loyal and motherly, you never let any of us out of your sight. I miss how you walked right behind me, sometimes ON my showshoes when we hiked in the wintertime. I miss seeing you launch and flop yourself into the pool and how you'd chase after the ball in the pool full of anxiety and scared to do it, but you knew you needed to get that ball. We cared for you and protected you daily, we made sure you were always in the best care and getting so much love. When you were reunited with your littermate sister Tika on our front lawn I knew our family was complete. The 2 of you were so in sync, she's lost here without you today, and so are we. It took me a long time to memorialize you because I still haven't processed what happened 3/3/22. It happened so fast, and please please please know my sweet good girl that we did everything we could, on the brink of financial ruin, to save you with that surgery. The cancer took over and took you too soon. I am so sorry I wasn't there with you but glad your Dada was and please know I was on the phone with him and you the whole time, home with your girls that now still miss you every day and ask if you're in heaven with Bodie. I miss having you nervous pervous by my side all day. We miss you so much and please know that we did everything to make you happy, comfortable, safe and warm with your family that gave you the BEST home. Please don't go away, and look over us in spirit with Bodie every day. I hope that was you with Bodie when the girls and I saw the male and female cardinals that morning. We love you and miss you Kelley Belly girl.

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