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Memories of Kelii Kenyon
so many memories. 14years. kelii would always lick the faces of his 6 other brothers and knaw at there mouths to clean them. you would have thought he was there mother.he was always happy and very affectionate to us the his other brothers.he was always a good boy and never got into trouble like a couple of his siblings did.but age caught up with him. he was def in one ear, had doggy demensha real bad. he would go out side and just stand there and look around as if to say what am i doing hear.then he would come into the house and poop. poor guy he was so lost the last couple months of his life.he also had bad arthritus in his back legs and could just bearly walk.he was in pain a lot. even with the meds he was takeing, he still was hurtig so we decided to have him put to sleep. he is the fifhthboy we have had to put to sleep. it is so hard. it doesnt get easyer. we have 6 more boys at home. no matter if you have 1 or 10 you love them all and loosing one hurts just as bad as if it where your only one.two of my boys are grieving for him already.i have the vet come to my house and put him to sleep. then i let my other boys come in and sniff and smell him .its a closing for them. my first boy i put to sleep was at the vets office and my boys just where in an aray because they i did not know where he went, so decided to have it done at home for there sake.it works out real good. dogs know death so its a closing for them.well he is arrainbowgridge now with his other siblings and im sure he is a lot happyer now and not hurting anymore.god bless you my kelii and give all your brothers a kiss for me and your mommy.we love you and miss you so very much.

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