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Memories of Kelby W. Eason
I remember the moment that I saw Kelby for the first time. He was sitting in the first cage on the right hand side of the animal shelter. I was drawn to him immediately. I took him outside to play with him for 4 hours that day and I knew that I had found my baby boy. I adopted him that day on March 14, 1996.

When Kelby came home the first day he looked in the mirror in the front room and barked at the other dog that he saw. He hit his paw on the mirror and was puzzled by the other dog's behavior. He finally learned that there was no other dog and that the dog he saw was himself.

After taking a voice lesson at the community college where I attended, I came home to practice my voice exercises. I never knew that Kelby too has a beautiful voice too. Every time I tried to sing, Kelby would sing too. Every time I would play the piano and sing a song, Kelby would sing a long too.

As a puppy, I would sing Kelby to sleep each night. I sang him lullabies and other songs as I petted his tummy. He was always nestled and cozy and ready for bedtime.

One of the highlights every year for Kelby was to go to Waldo Lake, camp, swim, and to go on a lot of hikes. During his first adventure to Waldo Lake Kelby was running on a trail and ran over the top of a bee hive. His papa attempted to get him to jump into the lake right away to get the stinging bees off of him. Both Kelby and his papa were soaked. During the rest of the camping trip Kelby kept trying to get rid of the annoying imaginary bees that seem to have scarred him during that trip.

Kelby loved to chase birds and squirrels. Even though he never caught a bird or squirrel he never would give up chasing them. When he got older he chased imaginary squirrels and birds. One time he was camping and actually caught a chipmunk. He had no idea what to do with it and let it go.

One of Kelby's favorite things to do was to swim. When we lived by a river everyday Kelby would go down to the river and try to take all of the sticks and logs out. He would bite and bite on the logs and take the bark off but never was able to take an entire log out of the river. He did take some pretty big sticks home on almost a daily basis. When we moved away from that home we wondered what we should do with all of Kelby's sticks. It was decided that since he brought them home after his walks, then they were his. They went to his new home and continued to be a great toy for him for years to come.

At Kelby's new home his backyard included a huge park like environment with many tall trees, squirrels and birds to chase. It was a playground for him. On hot summer days Kelby would chase the squirrels and birds. Then when he was too hot he would get into the pool and swim to his delight!

Kelby always loved Christmas! His favorite part about Christmas was unwrapping all of the Christmas presents. Even after the paper was off he would continue to tare the paper apart piece by piece. After unwrapping all of the presents, he would be covered with bows and ribbons.

Over Kelby's 17 years he had the opportunity to know so many people and puppy relatives. He was very good at giving his Grandma Zank and Great Grandma Sucamele the eyes. He knew he would be petted for hours if he did that. He had a wonderful companionship with his Grandma and Grandpa Eason's dogs Katie and then Annie. His grandma and grandpa Eason took great care of him and took him on many camping adventures in their motor home where Kelby had a special spot to sit and see the open road! He got to know his cousin Henry and also his good friend Maddie whom he shared many camping adventures. He was loved by so many. Great Grandpa Sucamele enjoyed Kelby's company and so did Great Grandma Eason. Kelby was loved by so many friends and family over the years.

For Kelby's 17 year old birthday I decided to make him a doggy birthday cake. I thought I would have a chance to frost it but the second I put the cake down onto the ground he started to scarf it down. His sister Molly was there to enjoy the treat as well.

In January 2013 Kelby was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his chest. His papa, his other mother Kelley and so many loved ones took wonderful care of Kelby even up to the last day of his life. On Tuesday February 5th Kelby joined so many loved ones who had gone before. He was reunited with his Grandma Zank, Great Grandpa Sucamele ,his brother Aspen and sister Cissi. Thank you Kelby for letting so many people love you during 17 people years of your life.... you will always be in our hearts.

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