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Memories of K.C.
8/24/15: I have never experienced such unconditional love as I did with my sweet Cavalier King Charles, K.C. (King Charles). She was the most beautiful, sassy, bossy, and loving friend I could have ever imagined being blessed with. When times were tough, she was the only one always by my side, offering a kiss, a snuggle, or even a lie on my chest when I would cry. I lost my best friend Friday, and I never expected her to leave so suddenly. I didn't even get to say goodbye, as I left her at the vet to have tests, and within an hour, received that call no parent ever wants to get..that her heart had failed. The pain, emptiness and guilt I feel is so intense, I can barely breathe. How is it someone can get so far down into your heart that it literally breaks in two when they are gone.

This is how special my K.C. was. I loved her more than most humans.

On a positive note, I now know that she is in a much better place. She no longer has a heart problem, and no longer has to grasp for air to breathe. Maybe this is why I cannot breathe-she is reaching out to me to comfort me in knowing she no longer feels that way. I would gladly have taken her pain for her. No matter what, good or bad, part of me is and will always be missing.

If any of you pups or kitties are up at the rainbow bridge with this gorgeous red-head Cavvie named K.C., please do me a favor and let her know Mommy is sorry I wasn't there, and that I just never thought that would be the last time I saw her. I know she knows how much I love her, but can you remind her by snuggling her close and rubbing her belly for me while you whisper in her ear that "Mommy loves you..." and "I will see you again, so wait for me!"

My heart is just broken-thank you for letting me vent.

Rest in Eternal peace my beautiful Angel-baby K.C. -- MOMMY LOVES YOU, now and FOREVER!

8/28/15: It has been a week since the last day I saw you my pretty girl. We are picking up your precious ashes today, and having a memorial to celebrate your life tomorrow. God I miss you-I will always miss you. I will always need you by my side. Please send me a sign that you are right beside me where you belong. We saw a beautiful rainbow this morning, and I know you had something to do with that. You are such an amazing soul-that will never be replaced. Daddy, Josie, Fifi, Buster and I love and miss you terribly. Enjoy the peace of rainbow bridge and remember to look for me one day when I come to cross with you in my arms. I LOVE YOU K.C. Baby <3

9/4/15: It's been 2 weeks since you died, and miss you so much my beautiful Angel :'(

9/17/15: I can't believe it has been a month since you died. It actually feels like a lifetime. My heart aches for you my dearest K.C. Please watch over me and Josie and Bryan as we try our best to carry on without you. We have been giving Buster and Fifi extra love, in hopes their broken hearts can heal. I pray every day that you are in a better place, and waiting for me patiently. Meantime, I hope you are having lots and lots of fun-you deserve it, after taking care of me for 10 years. Take care of yourself and run and play to your hearts extent. Don't worry for Mommy-I will always love you and I only shed tears of joy for the time we had together. I LOVE YOU K.C. Butt <3 <3

9/24/15: K.C....do you feel the love I have for you? Do you see me from high up at Rainbow Bridge? Do you know that I would have done anything in my power to save you? I miss you so much baby...especially your warm snuggles. Have fun running and jumping and chasing butterflies. Mommy loves you SO much!

10/1/15: Guess what babygirl? We got a new puppy. Not to replace, you, because NO-BODY could ever do that. Just to help fill a little bit of the huge hole you have left in our hearts. Do you approve of little Leia? I will post a picture of her on your site. I know if you were still here, you would be showing her the ropes and getting her straight. You also would be happily snuggling her, because she loves to do that, just like you did. I will never forget you or stop missing you my Angel-baby. Mommy Loves you, now more than ever. Watch over us, ok?

10/16/15: 2 months...I miss you as if you left yesteday. Love you so much my Angel girl!

11/06/15: I have your pictures at work right where I can see them and everytime I look at them, and everytime Friday rolls around, I am reminded of our last time together the morning you died. I still feel like I failed you by not kissing you goodbye. I hope you know in your heart that Mommy loves you and has never and will never love another dog like I did you. We were besties-and you changed my life. I only wish I had had a chance to tell you so before you died. Wait for me my sweet Angel. I love you, now and forever! - Mommy

12/7/15: Going to get your lovely face tattoo'd on me soon - not that I ever forget your face, but I want you with me every day - to honor you as you deserve. I miss you so much my babygirl! Love you - Mommy

1/5/2016: Happy Birthday in Heaven my love. You would have been 11, and no doubt, would have been just as funny and sweet. I miss you and love you so much K.C. - Love Mommy

1/20/2016: I miss you SO much honey. I hope you are happy and still waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you babygirl-Mommy

Well ole Girl, it's been 6 months since you died, and I still cry when I think of you. I rely on my faith that God will return you to me one day when I go to the Rainbow Bridge on the way to Heaven. Rest easy my dear friend...I feel you and I see you in the Godwinks you send me. If any of you other pups or kitties see my girl, PLEASE give her kisses and love from me and let her know I miss her more than ever. I love you beautiful Angel. Mommy

April 2016: I miss you so much K.C. Took your Sister Fifi to the vet yesterday and she too now has a mild heart murmur. Please send her all your love that she can live many years more with it, as you did. The new puppy, Leia is SO much like you my love...she is smart and sassy and a downright brat sometimes....but she is so loving and makes me think of you every time she snuggles me. She will never replace you and I hope you know how much my heart aches for you. I long for that beautiful day when I see you on my way to Heaven. God knows that we will walk over that Rainbow Bridge together one day (no leashes, no collars) just you and me, side by side, walking into our Father's arms. I love and miss you my Angel-Love Mommy

June 2016: I think of you everyday. I look at my tattoo of you any time I want to see your beautiful face,. I can just look...knowing you are watching over me every second of every day. I love and miss you so very much my beautiful Angel. Never forget you are my best friend and snuggle bug. Love Mommy

August 2016: I miss you my K.C. Angel. I hope you are looking down and seeing how much Mommy loves you - now and forever. Mommy

19 August 2016: 52 weeks ago this very morning, you died. I have to tell you K.C., I never stop thinking about you, missing you, loving you and feeling the hole in my heart where you live. Just wanted to check in and let you know that you are still, and will always be my best friend, and no-one will ever replace you. Please wait patiently for me my little Angel. I love you - Mommy

September 2016: Just stopping in to tell you how much Mommy loves and misses you.

October 2016: Missing you more than ever. Mommy loves you babygirl.

November 2016: Having just had Thanksgiving, I thought it appropriate to tell you THANK YOU K.C. for the time I had with you. I am so very thankful to have shared 10 years of my life with such a wonderful soul as yours. It was some of the best times that stick in my heart always. I miss you so much my sweet Angel. Love you-Mommy

December 2016: Well It's almost Christmas, and it is just not the same without you running all over in the paper and bows and insisting on being in my lap (in your rightful place). I miss you so much K.C. Love you-Mommy

5 Jan 2017: Happy Angel Birthday my love. You would have been 12 today. I still miss you as much as the day you left this World. Remember always you are my Angel and I love you! Mommy

April 2017: I could really used your reassuring gaze and snuggles. I miss you every day, so much! I will be so overwhelmed and happy when I see you again one day my Angel. I love and miss you - Mommmy

May 2017: So the weather got warm finally...then it snowed. You would have been so annoyed :) I love and miss you babygirl--Mommy

August 2017: Has it really been 2 years since you died? It seems like just yesterday and it feels as painful as ever. I do take solace that you are in such a beautiful and peaceful place, in the arms of God. Wait for me, my Angel. I love you - Mommy

November 2017: Well here we come back into the holidays, and I am missing you and your snuggles so much. I am so thankful to have spent 10 years of my life with you and I wish you never had to leave, but I know God needed you in Heaven. Just remember that you are the best dog I could ever hope to have to love. I miss you and love you sweet Angel - Mommy

March 2018: So...we almost lost your sister Fifi recently. She is a mirror image of you looks-wise, but she still does some crazy things. This time it was to eat a paperclip, some plastic, some rocks, some hair ties, etc...so she had to have surgery to get it all out. And unfortunately, her heart murmur has progressed kind of fast. She is on medication now, just like you were my sweet. Although I know you would love to see her again sooner than later, you can just watch her and all of us from above for now. it was not Fifi's time just yet. Maybe you know that I need all the fur-baby love I can get because I miss you so much now more than ever. I wish you were here my sweet, sassy Angel. I know you will be waiting right there for me to come join you one day, but I wanted you to know that I look forward to that day more than you will ever know. I love you - Love Mommy

August 2020: Girl I miss you so much. It's been 5 years since I've seen your loving face and knows a love as unconditional as no other besides God himself. I know Buster and Fifi are there with you now and I can only imagine how amazing your reunion was. Keep an eye in Penny too...you never met her on Earth, but I'm sure she found Fifi as soon as she got to Rainbow Bridge. Don't ever forget how much I love you my sweet Angel. And I look forward to seeing you again when I come to my Lord and you are right there, running into my arms. Mommy misses you terribly 😢

August 2021: 6 years ago you left so unexpectedly and I still feel the sting of that pain today. I know one day when I come to join you, it will be the most amazing feeling in the World. Tell Fifi, Buster and Penny that I miss them too. I love you so very much my dear Angel. Never forget that! ❤🤟

August 2023: still missing you as if you left just yesterday. Mommy will always love you 🫂❤️‍🩹

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