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Memories of KC
My KC-rooo it's been three days when the lord called you to come and play in his garden. You were just a litle runt when we got you, but you were the biggest of nine of your siblings. Your Dad picked you because you when the eye contact was made and you just know! You were so small you could sit in the palm of his hand, he would put you in his pocket and take you every where :)
As you got older you would sit right beside him in the truck as you both went down the road traveling, i would often say there goes Rog and his girlfriend knowing you were a boy, cause you would sit right next to him..lol
Your fiestyness was always mistaken for meanness but all you were trying to do was be the protector you thought you needed to be.
you were not only a great friend and companion, but a brother to your people sisters who enjoyed your company as well, sister Sara would inspect you practically daily for anything strange on you haha.
you are definetly one of a kind! right down to the perfect indian arrowhead marking under your chin.
we miss you dearly and are so heart broken that you had to leave, but we know its for the best but the parting is the hardest we ever had to experience. we are constantly looking for you. Please come visit and let us know your ok. We will write more so yours and our memories will not fade away from us. Love and Miss you Dearly x0x0x0x0 Mom & Dad

K.C you were always the son i never had, the bestest friend i could ever ask for, and a loyal confidant.
Love Dad! x0x0x0x0x0

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