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Memories of KAYLEE
Dec 11, 2023 ... Hi sweetheart, we can't believe it's been 6 years already since we said goodbye to you. We think of you everyday and your ashes are always close to us with your picture attached. Hope you're having fun with your sisters Abby, Emmy, Marnie and brother Jesse at the Rainbow Bridge. We Love you all so much and talk about you all the time. Please visit us in our dreams when you can and ask the others to do the same. We look forward to seeing you again when we leave this life to spend eternity with you. Love, your Mommy & Daddy =-) xoxox

Dec 11, 2022 ... my dear Kaylee, we loss you 5 years ago today and still have not recovered. We miss you and think of you daily as we go through our lives waiting for the day that we are reunited once again in Heaven. Keep playing with your friends, sisters Abby, Emmy, Marnie & brother Jesse and please guide them to Heaven to join us when our time comes. We LOVE you so much. Daddy & Mommy xoxox

Dec 11, 2021 ... Good morning my precious big girl. Today is 4 years since we had to say goodbye to you ... for now. The holidays, especially Christmas is not the same without you Abby, Jesse, Marnie and Emmy by our side. You are the only puppy who was fortunate enough to know and play with them all. I pray that you are all playing together again now at the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy & I miss you terribly. Please visit with us in our dreams as often as you can. Love so much you sweetie! DAD

Dec 11, 2020 ... Hello sweetheart. Today is now 3 years since you left our sides and moved onto the Rainbow Bridge. Words can't describe how much we miss you. Recently you have visited both mommy & me in our dreams and I hope you continue to do so. We talk about you and your sisters and brother constantly. Since we lost Emmy last October, our last link to you ... we have added a new puppy to our family. Her name is Bella and how we wish you were here to watch over and teach the ropes. Bella would certainly look up to you as a big sister. Some day she will join you in Heaven, but until then we hope to love & enjoy her as we have with all of our babies. We love all you so much! Merry Christmas and please watch over Abby, Jesse, Marnie & Emmy until we are reunited. Love, mommy & daddy!

Dec. 11, 2019 ... Good morning sweetheart. Today is 2 years now that we have been separated, sending you on your way to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you terribly and talk about you constantly as we have so many memories of our times together. Mommy & I promise to meet up with you one day and when we do our happy family will all be together again. I hope you are having a wonderful time playing with your new friends as well as Abby, Jesse, Marnie and most recently Emmy. Please watch over them until we reunite again, especially Emmy who has always looked up to you. We Love You, DADDY xoxox

Sept. 2, 2019 ... Good morning my sweet baby girl. Hope you are still having fun playing with all your friends and especially with your sisters Abby & Marnie and your brother Jesse. Mommy and Daddy miss you all so much. It is especially difficult around the holidays. Your sister Emmy says hello and that she misses you to. Make sure you meet her at the Rainbow Bridge when her time comes. She will need your help adjusting to her new life in Heaven. Love you so much, Daddy.

Feb. 12, 2019 ... Hello my precious Kaylee. Mommy & I are so sorry that it has taken us this long to register you at the Rainbow Bridge. However we have your ashes with us and I kiss you every night before going to bed. Your presence will be with us forever.

Kaylee, we have missed you terribly since you passed away on Dec. 11, 2017. Your dementia and especially difficulty walking, climbing the stairs or just getting up to your feet from resting must have been so painful for you during your last weeks that we could not bare to see you suffer any longer. Because we loved you so much we struggled with losing you forever, even though we tried making you comfortable during your final days. Finally we knew that we had to ease your pain permanently and it broke our hearts doing what we knew was necessary.

As we said our goodbyes, kissing and holding you during your last moments, we prayed to GOD, asking him to have your brother Jesse & sister Abby meet you as you crossed over and escort you to Heaven and the Rainbow Bridge. Its gives us great comfort to know that you are playing with Abby, Jesse and even Marnie who also passed away just 2 weeks later. Even though Marnie joined our family later in her life we know that she loved and missed you when you left us. Please keep her close to you and safe as you all play together, waiting for the day mommy and I reunite with you all again when the time comes.

Until then we promise to check in with you periodically so that you know you remain in our thoughts and prayers ... FOREVER !!! We love you Kaylee. Talk to you soon. Love, Mommy & Daddy

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