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Memories of Katy Sweet Darling and Coo Precious One
March 20, 2012 (gone 4 years)
Katy Sweet Darling and Coo Precious One - the tulips are blooming in your honor. I remember when you both rested among the flowers in the sunshine. Lucy Joy and Oliver still sit quietly by your grave site daily. Bob, Sapphire and Everest still sleep on your bed. I know you are both talking to them and I wished I could be included in the conversation. I will love you forever and ever. My tears still flow - missing you...especially today - the anniversary of your death. I miss your gentle, sweet kisses on my face each morning to wake me up. Coo - I miss you sleeping on my pillow - your paws touching my face - and your gentle purr. Thou, I know both of you are no longer suffering - I am still suffering and missing you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about both of you. My tears are still flowing - they have not stopped. You are still my champions, my guardians, my reasons for breathing and living. We light candles in your honor and memory every Monday. Every spring - when the flowers bloom - they remind us of your beauty and your flowing mahogany coat and velveteen ears... and Coo's calico fur and her sweet black and apricot colored face.
I listen for your bark and Coo's purr and wait patiently for a reply. I will miss you - forever. You are the reason my heart beats. One has not lived - until they have loved and animal. Lynne

March 20, 2011 (gone 3 years)
Katy Sweet Darling and Coo Precious One,

Today, the tulips and primroses are blooming in your honor. Lucy Joy, Oliver, Bob, Sapphire and Everest sit by your grave sites in the sunshine. They visit you daily. We light a candle in your memory every Monday night. The stars twinkle brighter on these nights and we wonder if it is both of you smiling back at us? We miss you both with all our hearts. Katy Sweet Darling - I miss your morning kisses on my face. You were my guardian angel. Coo Precious One - I miss you sleeping under the covers and on my pillow. You were my soul. I will love you forever and my tears still flow - missing you. You were my champions, my guardians, my reasons for breathing and living. You gave me love - unconditionally and asked for so little...just to be saved...and you saved me.

You were my strength when I was weak.
You were my voice when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes when I couldn't see.
You saw the best there was in me.
You lifted me up when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith 'coz you believed.
I'm everything I am Because you loved me.

Katy Sweet Darling and Coo Precious One. You'll be in my heart - forever - Lynne

March 20, 2010
Katy Sweet Darling and Coo Precious One - today is the first day of Spring and you've both been gone 2 years. My heart is broken and tears wash my soul...I am desperately saddened without both of you and we all miss you so very much. Lucy and Oliver sit near your grave sites everyday. I know they are "listening" to you. Sapphire sleeps in your crate. Bob and Everest rest in your sunny gardens. We planted flowers in your honor today and candles will light your path "brightly"...so we can all feel your spirits. I love you, Lynne

March 2008
Katy Sweet Darling - Her Little Story

Katy was a Female, rough Collie, Sable, Mahogany & White.

April 1996, I saw her with deep, brown sad eyes. She was chained to a truck -- waiting her turn to be euthanized. She said "save me".... and I did.

She was not championship quality or the excellence and superiority class of Collie the breeder admired. Her nose was unfashionable to short -- her coat thin and lacking luster...thus the breeder was euthanizing all the puppies. She was the last puppy left.

She ran like quick lightening...so I called her "Wild Pony"...she was terrified of everything...terrified of life. It took her one full year to trust me, eat out of my hand and let me touch her sweet, soft face.

From that day forward we were inseparable - best friends, soul mates. She was given a new name -- Katy Sweet Darling. Katy cooed, barked and danced whenever she saw me. She only portrayed this emotion to me. She only ate for me. I was the one who groomed her, slept with her and told her my most intimate secrets and dreams. She was my best friend, my confidant, my Guardian Angel.

Katy ran so fast her paws didn't touch the ground and her beautiful mahogany fur flew like Angel's Wings in the wind. She loved the beach...she ran faster than lightening and swam with the seals. She was majestic and kind. She was my Champion.

Today however is another day... a day of remembrance...Her last day with me March 20, 2008
Today... Katy slept with me on my bed and pillow... for the last time.
Today... she kissed my face with her soft pink tongue and nudged my cheeks with her nose...for the last time.

She woke me daily to greet the morning...one minute "exactly" before the alarm went off...for the last time

Today... we ate toast together...for the last time.
Today... I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her...for the last time.
Today... I brushed her luxurious mahogany coat and velveteen ears...for the last time.
Today... the kitties kneaded on her tummy as she washed their furry faces....for the last time.
Today... she slept silently on her comfy pad in the sunshine...for the last time.
Today... she tried to play with Lucy (her best Collie friend)...for the last time.
Today... she struggled with all her strength and soul to stand up to greet me...for the last time.
Today... she looked into my eyes and said "save me" ... and I did...for the last time.
Today... Katy Sweet Darling Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge on March 20, 2008 @ 6:45pm.

She took my heart, my soul...my quiet thoughts and dreams...I breathed her last breath with her and I cried in her fur. I'll hold her spirit forever in my memory.

Katy Sweet Darling now rests among the Violets, Forget-Me-Knots and Lilac trees.

Time Without Katy

Oliver, Katy's favorite kitty slept on Katy's pad all through the night...the pad where Katy was put to sleep. The next morning, Oliver was still there and he didn't move for several days. Lucy and the other kitties slept in Katy's crate...something they had never done before. They could smell Katy in the blankets and hold on to her for another night. No one ate dinner.

The next day, Lucy (Katy's Collie sister) ran into the back yard and looked in all of Katy's hiding places...and Katy was not there. Lucy searched the front yard ...but Katy wasn't there. Lucy sat by the front garden gate...she waited and waited...but Katy didn't come home. No one ate dinner. Everyone went to bed in Katy's crate again.

In the next few days, Lucy and I will go to the beach. She and Katy's favorite place.

I thought I heard a Collie bark way down to the end of the shore line -- far beyond my sight. This Collie wasn't Katy ...in fact there were NO collie dogs at all. Lucy, the kitties and I were very sad. We moaned and cried together. We wondered if Katy would give us a sign that she was OK? Lucy, Oliver and I slept on the pad where Katy was put to sleep. We felt desperately alone and promised we'd take care of each other -- because -- that's what Katy would do.

We'll plant new flowers and a peach tree in the garden in Katy's memory. We'll get up each day and breathe and remember good thoughts about Katy. Today, Katy rests peacefully among the Violets, Forget-Me-Knots and Lilac trees.

Each new day, Lucy has gone to Katy's resting place where she waits and waits. I think they are sharing secrets of their lives together. Secrets only they know about. My heart and soul are broken. I'll love you Always, my Katy Sweet Darling. Lynne Johnson

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