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Memories of Katty
I found Katty and her twin sister Kitty in a Rescue Home in Pa. with my best friend. I only wanted one kitten for my husband for our anniversary. The first to come running to us was Kittty and I picked her up and she cuddled in my arms. I said "I'll take her". The Rescue lady said she was a packaged deal and along came Katty. She looked just like her sister. I picked her up and she pushed away from me to get down. I took them both home with my friend but first we picked up a litter box, litter, food and some toys. Went home to surprise my husband with his gift or gifts. I kept the girls in the carrier and called Philip to come into the house. As soon as he got on the front porch I let the girls out and they ran out to the porch right to Philip. Philip said" Hey, where do you two live"....They were home. Katty was a challenge as she didn't like to be picked up or held. I was determined to show her the love she deserved. It took time but she came around. One of her favorite things to do was to share Philips food. She even stole a piece of bacon off his plate. Our first Thanksgiving together we set a place for both girls at the table. Katty loved this. She loved playing with mousers. We would throw them up in the air and she would jump like three feet in the air and catch the mouser. We had so much fun and so much laughter when we got the lazer light out. Katty would go in circles trying to catch the light. Both girls were indooor cats but Katty wanted to go out. She escaped a few times but never went far and of course we almost had a heart attack each time. Philip and I each took one of the girls and we walked around the yard with them so they could smell the flowers and the trees. We would sit on the deck, hold them on our laps and Katty loved it. She was sassy and always looked me straight in the eyes when I talked to her. She laid with me when I didn't feel good and she got in my face when I yelled at Philip. In the winter she loved laying on our laps for the body heat as Katty didn't like to be cold. She loved laying in the sun light each day and she loved laying across the keyboard when I was on the computer. Every night before bed, Philip would get on the floor to talk with Katty and she would rub her head against his and lay down so he could rub her belly and give her raspberries. when I came home at night after work I would pick Katty up and she would lay across my chest when I sat down with her and then she would start needing the blanket by my arm.She only did this with me and this made me feel special in her life. She was so filled with life and love. She really loved her twin sister Kitty. They were always together playing, fighting three times a day, and cleaning each other. Katty was very gentle and never used her claws except when we were in bed at night on the furniture. She was a cat after all.... We had 12 wonderful years with Katty. There will never be another one like her. We love you so much Katty girl.

1/17/11-Katty was hardly eatting for a fews days and had no energy so we took her to see Dr. Earl in Long Valley. Katty was diagnosed with cancer. she was put on prednison for a week two times a day then down to one a day for another week. her appetite pick up a little and she was drinking more. But she continued to go down hill. Philip and I were devasted as there wasn't anything we could do. Dr Earl said she wouldn't get any better, we needed to make that decesion.

2/2/11-We made the decesion it was time.

2/3/11-We took Katty to see Dr. Earl. He gave her a seditive, explained what would happen, we signed papers. It was the hardest time philip and I had ever spent together waiting then watching her take her last breath. There was no pain for her Thank God..She looked so peaceful and so beautiful wrapped in her favorite blankey. Leaving her was so painful. When Spring comes we will be bringing Our Katty Girl home to rest in the only home she knew. Philip will be making her final bed to rest in with all her favorite toys and a picture of her sister Kitty and her mommy and daddy.

We miss you so much girly girl. We know you are having fun running out side in the grass and climbing trees. Everyone there will hear your motor running. We miss that sound. One day we will meet on the Rainbow Bridge, then you can show us around. We will be together for ALWAYS then..You are in our thoughts and in our hearts every minute of the day Katty. Kitty misses you so much.

Spring came but the weather has been so cold and snowy. We wait for the day when we can bring you home. Your friend/cousin Eclair had to leave us a month after you went to Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure you have met up with her and I know she was glad to see you. Tell Eclair her mommy and siblings miss her so much.

We brought you home today Katty Girl. Daddy made you a beautiful bed to rest in. He routed your name in it and I painted your name with all the colors of the rainbow. We gave you a picture of all of us and your mousers and your blankey to keep you warm always. Aunt Dar hopes you like the white bleeding hearts she planted next to your bed. Aunt Dar read a beautiful poem from you to us. Thank you girly girl.

1-28-2013- Hi Katty Girl. Can't believe you've been gone for almost two years. We miss you so every day. Your sister Kitty is doing good. She has taken on a lot of your manorisoms like being so loud when she wants to be feed and paces back and forth like you did being impatient to be feed. She is so sassy. She still looks around a lot and we think she is still looking for you. We see her, we se you. You are always in your daddys heart and mine and Kittys. We know you are happy and one day we will all be together. Love you my Kayy Girl.

It's been a little while Katty since I visited you. It's so hard as I miss you so much. I haven't got to the place where I don't cry when I think of you. My heart still hurts with you not here with me and your daddy. He misses you so much Katty. We wait for the day we will all be together.

2-3-2012-Well sweet Katty Girl it has been a year since you went to Rainbows Bridge. Our hearts still ache for you so much. We moved and we took you with us. You will always be with us. Your sister Kitty misses you so much. She had a really hard time adjusting to you being gone as you two were never without each other since birth. She is doing better but she still looks for you even in her new home. Your Daddy still morns you. You were his best friend you know. I'm doing ok. Making sure your sister and daddy stay ok until we all meet at Rainbows Bridge. Won't that be a glorious day. Your always in our hearts Katty. We love and miss you so much.

2-1-2014 Hey there sweet Katty Girl. I can' believe you have been gone three years. We still miss you so much little girl. Your sister Kitty is still with us and I know she misses you so much. She reminds us each day that you were here with us and how much fun we had with you and how you loved us all. Tell Eclair we miss her and her mommy, sisters and brothers miss her so much. We are sure you have met alot other furbabies and your having a wonderful life there. One day we will all be together. Your always in our hearts Katty Girl.

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