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Memories of Katie
Kati was a miracle dog, who entered our life just after our little BeBe (all 4# of her) went to the Bridge. We had been fostering special needs dogs, but I wanted another little dog of our own. I told my wife that maybe I could get a chihuahua after 20 years with Yorkies. I knew I still wanted a small dog like BeBe. It wasn't a day after that one of my friends emailed me a picture of a seven-year-old Yorkie who was in need of a foster home. I sent the picture on to my wife and although I didn't think we were ready for another dog she called to inquire about her. That evening we drove over, and the minute I saw her, I told my wife to fill out the adoption papers (she looked just like BeBe did). For the next eight years, she was the joy of our lives.

She came with a few toys, one a squeaky rubber octopus. Oh, how she would play with that toy forever, chasing it, shaking it, tugging with us, wearing out one of us then going to the other. When the octopus wore out, it took a while to find another she'd accept. Same thing with the stuffed lamb she came with. She carried that thing around with her even though it was as big as she was! When it got so ratty we couldn't wash it anymore we had to find a substitute she would accept. A dinosaur with eggs inside (with their own squeakers) to the rescue. Again with the carrying. And the tugging. The best part was she loved to chase the eggs! For. Hours.

One thing she didn't love. Our other Yorkie, Kermit. She told our Animal Communicator, Karen Anderson, that she thought he was a monster! Even after eight years she only tolerated him. They never did play together even though he adored her! He had too much puppy energy for her, always, even as they aged together. Although they would sleep side by side, she still was bossing him around.

Katie wasn't a snuggler or a kisser, didn't want to be held, but she lay by our side and slept between us (in the "hammock" created in between our two adjustable beds that make our king bed). She gave us so much love over the years. When we lived in our RV, she was a great traveler. She loved to go for walks and adapted well to living in the desert (unlike Kermie who doesn't like walking on rocks). She seemed to be up for just about any adventure.

One day she came in with a white substance protruding out of her right eye. We rushed her to the vet where we were told part of the lens was sticking out of a hole in her lens. The vet repaired that injury, and she healed from that. For awhile. Until the pressure built up behind the cornea and could no longer be controlled by the meds and her cornea ruptured. This time the eye was removed. Even though by this time she was mostly blind in her left eye she bounced back. Until her right eye needed to be removed.

She had started to show some signs of dementia and wasn't getting around as well, getting lost in corners, so we checked in with Karen again. She said Katie was getting overwhelmed by the size of spaces, so we created a nest for her in a portable baby crib. She liked being either there or in bed with us. She let us know when she wanted out to go potty or get water in the kitchen (which for some reason was better than the water in her crib!).

But after coming back time and again from each crisis (we called her our little Timex because she took a licking and kept on ticking!) her little body finally gave up. Again we checked in with Karen who told us Katie said she'd tried to hang on for us but she was just too tired now. When we asked her if she was ready to cross over, she said yes. When we asked if she would need help, she said yes. And so the next day she left us as we cradled her in our arms.

It's really quiet here now. The crib is gone, so too our her beds. Kermit is lost. We're missing her but trying to remember her love, the laughter she brought us, all, so she is released from the bonds of this side and sent swiftly on her way. It's how we can best show her how very much she was loved for the eight wonderful years we shared!

It's been about four months since you headed to the bridge. Mom and I are doing well, always treasure the time we had with you. The new little girl you sent to us (all 4lbs)of her has settled down and made this her forever home. We are so thankful for your give to us. I promise to visit more often. Love you little Katie, see you soon at the bridge. Dad

7/17//2017 Been thinking about you today, still miss my little girl lot's, Daddy's little girl. I see you jumping and running and tugging on your new toys. Chloe or as mom calls her KoKo. She has turned into being Daddies little also. Like you she doesn't kiss or cuddle, but demands attention in getting her tummy rubbed and her top massage. Thank you again for sending her to us!!

It's already been a year, and it went so fast. Katie, we still hold you tightly in our hearts.

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