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Memories of Katie
Katie was brought to the Humaine Society with a beebee in her head and gingivitis. After her exam, she had the majority of her teeth pulled out, as well as the beebee. Katie was a stray cat but a very loveable one at that! So the fact that anyone can shoot a beebee at her is beyond me! After spending 3 months at the humaine society, Katie was adopted by a loving family at the age of 15. She was nervous on the car ride to her new forever home but once she arrived, her eyes lit up and she adjusted very very quickly. She was so happy to have been adopted by a family of cat lovers that would cherish her unconditionally. Her new family kept her indoor. On the very first night, Katie thought it would be a good idea to sleep on top of Angelas stomach thoughout the whole night! When Angela woke up, she was so happy to have found Katie so comfortable and immediately fell in love. Ever since, Katie was the biggest lap cat and would always curl up on every ones lap. Even people she first met, found it no problem to hop all over them! Whenever Katies family were watching TV or on the computer, she thought it was the perfect time to jump on top of them and curl up. Angela always had to stop studying just so Katie could get a good rub and a long nap on top of her best friend.

Katie absolutely loved to lay by the windowsill and take in the warm sun rays. With her legs all stretched out and her fur steaming hot, she found it to be the most relaxing time of the day. Every morning she would wait until Kelley (Angelas mom) would open up the shades and windows in the porch so that she can watch all the birds and squirrels run around the backyard. Katie loved to fantasize about catching them! Sitting by the window in the morning and throughout her day was a comfort to Katie and where she spent the majority of her day. She loved to pose by the window too because she knew how photogenic she was. Pictures on top of pictures on top of pictures!

Eating every food imaginable was Katies thing! She loved to wake up Kelley at 4:30 AM to get her delicious chicken and salmon food. And everytime someone went o the kitchen to cook something, Katie was right behind them meowing for some scraps. Spoiled was such an understatement for this baby girl. She got everything such as seasoned chicken, salmon, cod, chicken bones, cereal, pasta, icecream, alfredo sauce, eggs, and so so so much more! Actually, there was one time Angela came home at 2:30 AM and saw Katie on the kitchen floor with 6 chicken bones surrounding her. Angela didn't even get angry, but instead, laughed and gave Katie so many kisses. But then placed a long paper towel over the garbage can to give Katie the illusion that she couldn't get back in the can. She loved to jump into the garbage can for food, especially chicken. She mostly would jump and look for scraps during the night when she knew everyone was asleep, but there were a few times where she would do it right in front of her family during dinner time. Talk about perfect alley cat!

Katie had many nicknames because she was such a special character in everyones lives. Angela would call her Katie baby and baby girl. Kelley and Jeffrey (Angelas brother) would call her Katie bells. Salvatore (Angelas father) would call her Baby. And Angelas boyfriend Paul would call her snaggletooth because everytime she meowed, You would only see one tooth sticking out!

Speaking of meowing, Katie loved to talk! She was a very talkative cat and let her family knew what she wanted. She would even run to the back door and greet everyone who came home. It was the best thing to ever come home to.

Katie is a very special part of my life and wish so dearly that she was still curled up on my lap right now purring. She meant so much to my family as well as myself and will forever have a special place in my heart. Every time I had a bad day, Katie was right there to snuggle and talk to. Sleeping with her every night comforted me so much and I'm so happy that I was able to give her a very happy home. My grieving will last a very long time for she was my everything. Cancer is a horrible thing and I wish so badly she never got it. </3

This morning on 11/12/2015, the morning after she had passed, a flower bloomed in the porch in the direction that she used to look out the window.

Katie was and always will be my everything and I'm so glad I had her apart of my life and I'm so happy that I was apart of her life.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

11/16/15 : It hurts to come home and not see Katie run to greet me! Ive been having some rough days and needing Katie to cuddle with. I miss my Katie baby so much </3

12/27/15: I miss my Katie baby so much. spending the holidays without her is so hard. there is not a day that I don't think of my baby girl. I wish she was still here curled up on my lap right now. I love you so much Katie baby... forever and always <3

02/07/16: Its the new year and I wish so badly that my Katie baby was curled up on my lap. I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and I know that my Katie baby would have been curled up on my lap all day and night because she always took care of me when I wasn't feeling well.

11/11/17: I miss you so much Katie baby. Last night I was thinking about you while falling asleep and started to tear up. You will always have a very special place in my heart. I rescued another kitty named Charlie. He was found at a kill shelter in New York. He has quite the personality and I love him so much but Katie, you will always have my heart. I miss waking up to you laying on my stomach. I miss eating breakfast, and you jumping on my lap so that you can have a few bites too. I love you so much Katie baby. We all still talk about you to this day. Your picture is in the sun porch facing the window.

10/27/19: I have not forgotten about my katie baby. You will always have a special place in my heart. I rescued this cat named Lizzy who came from a kill shelter in New York. She was very sick and still is a fragile girl but I have rehabbed her and she is my world but reminds me of you. She has such a sassy personality but the way she cries, sounds like you. She also begs for food like you did. She will keep pawing my leg gently until I give her human food. I've had her for almost 3 years now. She will be 10 years old. I also just adopted an 8 month old cat named Simon. She is the sweetest but Lizzy does not like him. I miss waking up to you sleeping on my chest. I have your picture next to me in my bedroom. I hope you are playing with other cats somewhere in the world. I am forever missing you ❤

10/19/20 : I still think about you baby girl. Your pictures sits on my desk and in my bedroom. You hold a special place in my heart ❤

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