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Memories of Katie
We miss you so, so much Katie!! How can you be gone? We miss and loved your happy and sparkly eyes!! You were always happy. Just a look from us, a spoken word, a treat - no matter what, your eyes sparkled with happiness. You gave us so much love, joy and happiness! We Love You and You will Always be in our hearts! You left us too soon. Katie Marie, we love you!!!!!!

8-24-10 Another day without you. James smoothed out your grave today. He misses you so much, Katie. You were so special!! You influenced our lives so much and didn't even realize it. We Love you so much, Katie!!! We miss you! And, your baby Missy misses you, we can tell. She misses her Mommy playing with her and going outside with her. She still has Mickey and Minnie, but it's not her Mommy. Goodnight Baby!

8-25-10 Missing you so much, Katie!! It still doesn't seem true. I bought a lilac bush for your grave today. We love you!!!!

8-26-10 One week ago this morning you left us, Precious Happy Katie!! We miss your happy spirit and your sparkly eyes!! You were such a good little doggie!!! We love you!!!!

8-28-10 We Love You and Miss You, Katie Marie!!

8-29-10 Ten days ago we lost you, Sweet Katie!! It still doesn't seem true. When I come home from work, I'm almost dreading it, knowing you won't be there to greet me, but there are three others - Mickey, Minnie and Missy. We Love and Miss You, Katie!!

8-31-10 Walked down to your grave today. Realized you weren't there, but in my Heart and in Heaven. We Love You!!

9-4-10 We Love You and Miss You, Katie!!! We thought we lost Mickey, but I told James that he visited you and you sent him back. It was about 6:00pm and James was doing his routine deer feeding and I was watching tv when the back door opened and he hollered "Mickey's dead, Mickey's dead." I couldn't believe it - not this soon - not again! I just kept repeating "No, No". I go out and James is down on the ground with Mickey over in the corner against the fence. Mickey has his head raised - James says he is ok, but he thought he was dead. He had ran around the fence line and then just dropped and James said he wasn't breathing or responding. He finally got up and he is with us. Thank you, Katie for sending him back to us! I miss you so much!!

9-5-10 I miss you Katie!

9-7-10 I miss you Katie! I miss seeing you come around the corner of the chair or jumping up at my side of the bed. But, most of all I miss seeing you sit and demand a treat after coming in from outside. You would be so happy after getting it. You were such a happy little doggie and I miss you!!!

9-8-10 I miss you and love you so much, Katie!!!! Our Happy Little Kate Kate!

9-9-10 Three weeks today you left us. It still doesn't seem real. I want to see you, touch your head and tell you that I Love You! And see those happy, sparkly eyes!! I miss you, Katie!!

9-13-10 I miss you and love you, Katie!!!!

9-15-10 Thinking a lot about you this week. I miss you so much!! When do the tears stop? You were so special!! I love you Katie!!

9-16-10 Four weeks ago today - still doesn't seem true. I LOVE you and MISS you, Katie Marie!!!

9-17-10 Missing you, Katie!!!

9-19-10 One month today! We miss you and you will always have a special place in our hearts! Mickey is failing fast, but like you, he is a fighter! He can't make it up and down the steps now, so we take him out front on a lead, which he doesn't like and neither do we. But, with him not being able to hear, we can't let him loose. James said yesterday that his deer feeding crew is getting smaller and smaller, but Missy has learned now that she can go to the gate and he will let her out with him. So far she is listening when he calls for her. She looks so grown up, which she will be 5 years next month. We will remember you especially on that day because you were such a good mommy to your eight little ones. I think and wonder how they are all doing. Kate, Kate we LOVE you!!

9-23-10 I miss you so much, Katie!!

9-26-10 I miss and Love you, Katie!!

10-4-10 I just want to see you, Katie! I still miss you so much! I LOVE you!!

10-15-10 Katie, we still miss you and love you so much!! You were so special!

10-19-10 Hi, Katie, you've been gone two months today and we still miss you!! Your baby's birthday is today - Missy is 5 years old. You were such a good Mommy!! We Love You, Kate Kate!!

10-27-10 Hi, Kate Kate!! I LOVE you, Baby!!!

11-4-10 Katie, I am missing you so much today!!! I LOVE you!!!!

12-11-10 Katie, we still miss you so much. You may be seeing Minnie shortly. We had to take her to the vet this morning. She fell off the back deck yesterday evening and has been having a hard time breathing. She didn't sleep at all last night. We're afraid she has some internal damage. I sat in the back seat with her and she did lay down and after I was patting her, she finally settled down. It was like she was letting me know I was a comfort to her. They are going to do x-rays and some blood work. And, Mickey is still hanging in there. It's just day to day with him. Soon, Missy will be by herself after having the three of you. It will be such a quiet lonely place. But, oh my, all the running and jumping and playing you three will be doing. Watch for them and take care of them. We love you, Katie Marie!!!!

12-12-10 Katie, Minnie is home and seems to be doing fine. The found nothing wrong on the x-rays. They gave her a shot and she is not breathing heavy now - she is restly calmly. They said it must have been the stress from falling and that she was bruised inside making her hurt. I hope you are enjoying it at Rainbow Bridge. I Love you and Miss you!!!!

12-25-10 Merry Christmas, dear Katie!! Our first without you! We miss and Love You!!!

1-1-11 Happy New Year, Miss Katie! Starting the new year without you! How we still miss you!! We Love You!!

1-6-11 Katie, Mickey will be coming to Rainbow Bridge this evening. He's not getting any better. He's not eating, can't get up, not using bathroom. So sad, Katie. James stopped at the vet this morning and they said to bring him in this morning, but I couldn't. James called back and scheduled for 4:30. So, look for him dear, Katie. We love him so much, too. We thought Mick was going to go on his own, so James called back and canceled. I placed him on the bed and he just layed there. I told him you would be waiting for him.

1-8-11 Well, Kate, Mick is a tough ole dog. He is still with us. He can no longer walk, we are having to carry him. He is still not eating. I have given him some water and milk in a pet baby bottle. I carried him and put him in the chair (which you all claimed as your very own - at one time that chair was never empty). He seemed to sleep comfortably for a while. Then he got restless - he had to pee. He is now lying in the hallway. Keep watching for him Katie! We Love and Miss You, Girl!

1-12-11 Katie, Mickey passed away this morning at 9:17. But, hopefully, you already know because you two are running, barking and playing together. We kept telling him that we loved him, but he could go be with you. This home is a lot emptier tonight. We expected it, but it was still hard. After all, he was with us for almost 16 years. Our hearts are breaking so. We Love You and Miss You, Katie and Mickey!!!!!

1-14-11 Mickey, we buried you today at 2:30. That was a hard thing to do, but there is a quote I found - "The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master." And, Bubby that's where you are and will always be. Right beside Katie and the others. We Love and Miss You, Katie and Mickey!!!

2-14-11 Sending our love to you, Katie and Mickey!! We miss you!

3-15-11 Mickey, Happy Birthday, Bubby! You would have been 16. And, those were 16 great years! We love and miss you!

3-21-11 Spring!! Proves that there is life after death! I will see all of you again one of these days.

3-23-11 Minnie isn't doing too well after Mickey passed away. She gets confused and lost. She has even started doing the "no,no" in the house. In her 13 years of life, she never did do that. She has a hard time breathing at times. She really gets restless at night - walking back and forth. Poor little thing! We love and miss you! We talk about you often and there are still tears flowing.

5-09-11 We still miss you Katie girl. And, Mickey, you "ole dog", we miss you, too! Minnie is still not doing well. Missy, well she's "Missy". She has started being obsessed with the birds, like you Mickey. After all, she is your daughter. Love You!!!!

5-30-11 Hi, Katie and Mickey! We still miss you so. We LOVE you!

8-10-11 Katie, it's almost been a year since you left us. We still miss you and love you!! We tell Missy about her Mommy. I know she misses playing with you. She's alone now. Her Mommy and Daddy both are gone and Minnie isn't Minnie. She has Doggie Alzheimer's (CDS). http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art25417.asp

8-l7-11 Love and Miss you, Katie and Mick!

8-19-11 One year ago today, Katie Marie you left us. We so dearly love and miss you, Katie!! It's hard to believe it's been a year. It's still hard to believe you're gone. We miss the happiness that you showed. "Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever."

8-25-11 Katie and Mickey, Minnie has come to you today. She just kept getting worse and we were going to take her Saturday (27), but she had just a hard time breathing this morning, James said we were taking her today (Thursday). She sure was a tough little girl, just like you were tough, Mickey. I hope you three are running, jumping and playing in the sunshine. And, Minnie there is no pain for you. And, oh how we love you. And, I miss you so much, you were my baby puppy. I love you, Minnie!

8-26-11 We buried Minnie yesterday. The vet gave us a nice box to place her in and we had Joe to dig the resting place. Harry came over and helped. I placed a solar light on each one of your resting places - Kiss, Katie, Mickey and Minnie. They were shining brightly all through the night last night. It was sad, but also thinking that's how you all were in life and even in death - you all are shining bright. We love you and miss you ALL!!

9-1-11 We miss you, Minnie! But, I know you are with Katie and Mickey. You are at rest now. No more pain, no more seizures. You are running and playing again.

10-19-11 Today is Missy's 7th birthday. We feel so sorry for her - she has had a lot of changes to adjust to. After having the three of you since birth, she is alone. And, she definitely misses you all. But, good news - I bought a little Min Pin this morning. I found her online yesterday and thought about it overnight. This morning I met "Bella" and fell in love instantly. She was mine. She was a year old on James' birthday - October 8. The lady was pregnant and had a 3 year old and felt she couldn't give her the attention she needed. This will be another change for Missy, but a good one hopefully. I was feeling guilty about getting her at first - like I was replacing you all, but I'm not replacing you, I'm just feeling a void in my heart. Katie, I know you would love this little girl. We miss and love you all!

10-20-11 Hi Guys! Your lights shine brightly in the evening. James will look down at the 4 lights and get sad. I look at them and think about you all being together and romping and playing. Yes, it is sad but I wouldn't want any of you back with your pain and suffering. Bella and Missy aren't getting along too good. Missy is in hiding and Bella growls at her when she does come out. I pray they become companions.

10-22-11 We miss you, guys! Missy and Bella are warming up to each other some. Bella is a sweetheart.

10-30-11 Great progress with Missy and Bella. They are getting along. Bella follows Missy and wants to play with her. Sometimes, Missy responds. At least they are together. Love and miss you Guys!

6-5-12 Here it is another year ~ 2012. I'm sorry I haven't typed anything, but you all are still in hearts and we still miss you so much. Your lights are still shining brightly, except for Mickey's and his goes out early. There's a new resident there this morning ~ her name is Angel. She belongs to Monica Mullins. Watch for her and let her know everything is OK. Bella and Missy are getting along and Bella follows and learns from Missy. Katie, you would have really enjoyed Bella because she likes to wrestle. Love you ALL and Miss you ALL!!!

6-11-12 Love and Miss you Guys!! You are always in our heart!

6-21-12 Hey, Guys, Love and Miss you! Another precious little angel has come to Rainbow Bridge. Her name is Ally and she was a friend to Kennie Bass. Watch for her. In my heart 4-ever~~

7-17-12 Love and Miss you all still!!

7-20-12 Love and Miss you all!!

8-2-12 Katie, it will soon be two years since you left us. We still miss you! You were our happy little girl! Love and Miss You!!

8-9-12 Watch for Dingo. He is the friend to Megan O'Neal and he is possibly coming to Rainbow Bridge today. He will be without pain and bouncing around, running and playing like he did when he was younger and healthy. Love and Miss you, Katie, Mickey and Minnie!!

8-19-12 Katie, you have been gone two years today. We still think about you and miss you so much. You will always be in our heart. We LOVE you!!

11-2-12 LOVE an MISS you all!

12-25-12 Merry CHRISTmas to my babies...We LOVE and MISS you, Katie, Mickey and Minnie.

1-1-13 A new year - 2013. Still LOVE and MISS you, Katie, Mickey and Minnie.

2-22-13 Missing you all so much today. LOVE...

2-24-13 Thank you, Katie, Mickey and Minnie for being a part of my life and loving me. I miss you all so much! LOVE!!

3-6-13 Sad news for the Aaron family - Shayna has left a void in their heart. But, the good news is, she has come to Rainbow Bridge to enjoy no more pain and to be able to jump and play with you all. She was a friend to Kim and Bob Aaron.

3-7-13 Katie, Mickey, Minnie - We still LOVE and MISS you so much. We talk about you often and remember the good times we all had together. Sometimes, tears still flow when we think about you! A precious, happy girl will be joining you all - her name is Honey. She is the friend and member of the Butcher Family. Welcome her with your licks and barks and jumping around.

4-5-13 We Love and Miss you Guys!

4-18-13 Katie, I walked down to your grave and your Lilac has come out. It's not very big, but at least it's alive. I broke the dead stems off and I broke a live piece off and dug a little hole and put it on Minnie's grave. It probably won't make it, but I'll give it a try. And, Mickey, I put a new solar light on your grave. That was the only one that had gone out. All the other clear lights and all the colored lights are still burning. They look so pretty burning at night, but oh, how I would much rather have you all back. I Love you, Katie, Mickey and Minnie and of course, my kitty, Kiss!

5-6-13 Watch for a little girl named Ally. She belongs to Sonya Keene (Rouse). She came to Rainbow Bridge tonight and left Sonya very heartbroken. She will miss Ally just as I miss you all.

8-19-13 Katie, it has been 3 years since we lost you. James and I both still miss you. We talk about you, Mickey and Minnie often. The tears still fall at times, but the deep, deep hurt has eased. You made us so happy and still do in the memories...We Love You, Mickey, Minnie and Kiss...Enjoy the sunshine, running and jumping around like you did when you were with us...Play, Katie, Play...

8-3-14 I hadn't realized it had been almost a year since I had written anything...We still love and miss you all so very much...Each one of you have a special place in our heart. Your lights are still shining brightly and is a reminder to us that you were here, but are now gone into a better and brighter place where you have no pain and are able to run and play as you did when you were younger. Watch for and Welcome other furbabies to the Rainbow Bridge. Katie, Mickey, Minnie and Kiss, we do miss you all and think of you often and let go of a tear at times. We Love You!!

8-6-14 With a sad heart and tears in my eyes, another little precious one has come to the Bridge. Her name is Lakita and she is my sister, Jean's little one...watch for her and welcome her...she may have a cute little dress on because she loved to wear dresses. Let her know that Jean misses her very much, but she knew she did the best for her to end her hurting body. We Love and Miss you all...

3-27-15 Please greet another precious furbaby...Her name is Bear and she is a Beautiful, black fluffy kitty...She passed this morning in the arms of her sweet human Mommy...I know she will love being there running and playing and watching the birdies...We still think of you all and talk about you with tears in our eyes...We LOVE you All...

6-14-17 It's been over 1 years since I've posted, but I haven't forgotten you, sweet Katie...you are still Loved, Missed and Thought About so much...I was looking at your picture and reading about the day you had surgery and I started to cry, I wanted to visit with you and so I renewed your Residency...I love you, Katie and also Mickey, Minnie and Kiss and all of our other furbabies...A lot of other furbabies have passed, but I'm sure you all greeted them with wagging tails and a friendly bark...We have moved, but the last time I was there, I went down to you all's graves and told you "see you later"...Missy and Bella are good Friends now, couldn't want any better babies, they bring so much joy...You will forever be in our hearts...James has been saved by Jesus, but He may have already told you that, so, I can now say, "We will both see you on the Other Side at Rainbow Bridge"...Love You, Katie Marie

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