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Memories of Katie Ann
Katie, my sweet Katie Girl, Oh How I Miss You. I just can't believe you are not with me any longer. It has been so hard for me, my heart is broken.
The month of February was so hard for you. I had no idea you were as sick as you were. I just knew the Vets would find out what was wrong with you and you would get better. Bless your heart, you hide you pain from me, oh how I wanted the surgery that Saturday (Feb. 23rd '08) to be succesful. But I got that dreaded call at 5:30 am Sunday February 24, 2008 that you had gone to be with the furry angels in Heaven. No one knew it was liver cancer until a week after you went to Rainbows Bridge.
You are there with your Daddy, Bart and all your step brothers and sisters, Bugsy, Cricket, D.J., Baby, and Dixie Dynamite Trujillo and all the fur babies of my friends and family.
I have such good memories of you, you were so smart and beautiful. I loved your hugs, you would run outside and I would say "Katie, where's my Hug?" You would run back in give me a sweet little hug then run back out side to do whatever you were doing. Oh how I miss those hugs!!!
The times you would come tell me Sally was drinking my coffee that I had left on the table, you would have this look like hurry I want some to. It was like you were going to talk any minute. and of course I did give you a litte of the coffee. You were so special who could resist that little sweet face.
Then the time you met me at the door when I came home from work with this little cry like hurry look at Sally. She had got in my kitchen cabinets and couldn't get out. Katie you were telling me to get her out she was in trouble. Such a smart girl!
I couldn't believe how smart you and Sally were. Sally started opening the storm door to go out on her own, it didn't close good and when she wanted to come in she would take her paw and get the door open a bit and stick her head in the door and come on in. Well, next thing I know you are doing the same thing I never showed you how to do any of that. You just watched your Mommie you were so smart, Yes you could give me five and shake hands and dance for a treat but your best was just being the sweet little girl you were.
Everyone that met you and knew you loved you, You would take your little paw and so gently scratch on them so they would pet you. You loved to be petted and hugged.
You were like my shadow when I would be taking a shower you would be in the bathroom laying there waiting for me, when I would be putting on my make up and fixing my hair you were always laying on the bed waiting for me. When I came in from work or any where you were always the first to meet me at the door.
Sally (your Mommie) really misses you. for a several weeks she would not get on the Love Seat that was your spot. She gets on it occasionally now. Sally misses playing with you tugging the toys together and running through the house. Peanut is to old to play so I play with her now and then but it's not the same.
You were like her best friend, you were her daughter and my little sweet fur daughter.
The house is so quiet and empty without you. I cry for you everyday. I guess since you were born here and I held you when you were so tiny and saw you grow, it hurts me so bad that you are gone but we will be together again soon. It will be a happy time, to be able to hold you and see that sweet little face again. And give you a bunch of hugs and Kisses.
I love you my Katie Girl and Miss you terribly!! Mom


Happy Birthday my sweet Baby Girl. You would have been nine today. Just wish you could be here to celebrate.I would have given you a big party with cake and ice cream to boot. You would've had a great time with Sally and Peanut. Maybe you're new furbaby friends at Rainbow Bridge will celebrate your birthday and you can dance and howl and have a good time. One day soon we will see one another and I can hug and kiss you over and over again we will have a great celebration at that time.
I love and miss you so much.

Hugs and Kisses xxooxxooxxoo

Good Morning my sweet Katie Girl, I miss seeing you out in the back yard running the fence chasing the kids on bicycles this beautiful spring day, Sally has had double duty. She is really worn out tonight. My sweet Baby Girl I lit candles for you tonight I didn't make the Candlelight Cermony last night. I lit them for you tonight. I pray you are able to see the glow that has been sent to you from my heart to yours. You have a good nap now and always remember Mom loves you and oh how I would love to just hold you one more time and give you a big hug and kiss.
Hugs & Kisses, Mom

Oh my sweet,sweet Baby Girl, today it is two months that you left me for the Rainbow Bridge, my heart still breaks for you. Every morning I touch your urn with your picture and tell you how much I love you and miss you.
Sally is just lost without you to play with her. I know your little body is all new now and you can run and play with all the fur babies. But always know my sweet Katie girl I would just love to hold you just one more time and pet you and hug you. You are in my heart forever. Good Morning till we meet again.
Hugs & Kisses, Mom, Sally & Peanut too. xxooxxooxxoo

Katie my Baby, Do you see the squirrel I put there for you. I remember every time you and Peanut would go out back together you would chase after all those squirrels. You almost caught up with them a couple of times. I'm sure you are playing with all the squirrels and all the other fur babies at Rainbow Bridge. I miss seeing you having so much fun out in the back yard and I love you too. Hugs and kisses my sweet baby girl.
Love, Mom, Sally and Peanut xxooxxooxxoo

Hello my sweet Baby Girl, I was not able to get on line on Monday the neigbor lady came over and stayed to late for me to get on. But I always think of you and I did your candlelight vigil later that evening. I have been talking with a new friend who has two of her furbabies at the bridge.
Her name is Marie she said to give you a hug and kiss from them (Marie & Bob and her babies at her home) she also said for you to be on the look out for Kyra and Tucker and when you find them to give them hugs too. Peanut has been pretty sick he had to have the rest of his teeth pulled and was neutered, I have a new Vet now and I feel very confident he knows what he is doing. Peanut needs you to hug him so he will get better so send him little hug.Peanut also has 2 heart murmurs and pneumonia he's been taking medicine for 2 weeks and will have to take medicine for awhile to get the fluid off his lungs and around his heart. He seems to feel good today but Katie send him a little nudge to get better every day. I love you and miss you sooo much my sweet baby girl. There
will never be any one as sweet and as pretty as you. Good Morning my baby girl. Till the next time Love, Mom, Sally & Peanut XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOO

Kate, Oh my sweet baby girl, it's been 3 months today since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I cry for you every day. I miss you so much. I would love to hold you again so I could hug and kiss that sweet little face of yours. You were the sweetest fur baby I've ever had. That's why it has been so hard for me. Peanut is still not doing well. He is not getting over this to well, he had the rest of his teeth pulled and was neutered. It seems it took a toll on him. He is sleeping all the time. I get him up to go outside and to eat. But he is not acting himself at all. Your fur mommy Sally is fine she misses you as much as I do. Katie please give Peanut a nudge tell him he has got to get better Mom needs him to be himself again. Christy has moved to TX. so it's so quiet here at the house. If you were still here with me it would help. I loved you more than you'll ever know and I miss you terribly. One day I will get to see you again.
Love & kisses, Mom, Sally & Peanut too.

My Sweet baby girl I missed the candlelight service tonight but I have my candles lit for you my love. I hope you can see the light shining up to you I'm sending you love from my heart to yours and Sally and Peanut also are sending you their love. Peanut was still sick when I took him back to Doc Gillium last Tuesday, he had an infection, had to have fluids and be tube fed cause he would not eat. He stayed in the Animal hospital for four days, I brought him home Thurs nite to try to get him to eat but he would not. so took him back Fri morn he was tube fed and given an injection. I brought him back home Friday and he went back again Sat cause he would not eat so he was tube fed again ,finally Sunday he started eating. He is so much better I know you were having all your new furbaby friends nudging him to get better. He is playing and barking at the squirrels and the buggers now so he is so much better. Katie I still will always have you in my heart forever and will never forget how sweet and good you were with me and everyone and how smart you were.
I can hardly wait to see you and hold you again and that day will be here before you know it.
I love you and miss you more every day it has not gotten any easier for me I want to see that sweet face again and hold you, hug you and kiss you. Good morning my baby girl.
Love you Forever,
Mom, Sally and Peanut

Oh Katie it is just to quiet here without you. I still miss you terribly. This morning when I was getting ready for Church I was in the bathroom drying my hair & putting on my makeup I thought how bad I miss seeing you laying there waiting for me you were always with me no matter where I would be. I miss that so much I just want to hold you again. One day soon we will be together, I can't wait for that day. Peanut & Sally are here but it's just that I miss you so much, I love Sally & Peanut and I'm so happy Peanut is well now and feeling himself again, Sally is suffering with allergies. She probably needs shots but will try benedryl till I have to do something else. I love you my sweet baby girl. Play sweet with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge.
Love your Forever, Mom, Sally & Peanut

Oh my Katie, It's still so hard for me to get on your site and see your sweet little face all I can do is cry for you my heart is still broken I just miss you so much. Sally is so lonely I can tell she just lays around every now and then she will get a toy and play a short time with me. Peanut is doing ok but is coughing pretty much I took him to the Doc Gillium he put him back on more lasix for a while. Hopefully this will help. You have been gone 4 mos. now I just could not get on the computer to write anything to you on the 24th of June it is so hard for me and I am still so lonely without you. I have been terribly depressed the last few months for some reason I can't get out of this rut I am in I try to stay busy but it's still hard for me.
You know I loved you so much Katie and just wished I could have you back. But one day we will be together and it will be sooner than you think.
I have to close now I miss you my sweet baby girl.
Love & Kisses,
Mom, Sally & Peanut

Hello my sweet Baby Girl, Today it has been double hard for me missing you I am waiting for that day when I come up there to our Heavenly Father and you and all that have gone before us so I can hold you and hug and kiss that sweet face. I love you my Katie girl and miss you so much.
Until next time. Hugs and kisses, Love, Mom, Sally & Peanut xxooxxooxxoo

Oh my Katie girl today it has been 6 months since you left me and this cruel old world for that beautiful place that you are at. I have cried off and on all day. I still miss you and will forever. You were the sweetest baby I've ever had. Your fur Mommie Sally is getting sweeter every day but no one can compare to you. It has been a lonely 6 months without you. I try to stay busy but you are always on my mind not a day goes by without me thinking of you. Peanut is still not well he is coughing pretty bad again, I'll call Doc Gillium, the Vet tomorrow to see if perhaps I can increase his lasix for awhile sometimes this helps. Even tho he wets every where I'm not giving up on him I'll just clean it up. He is 14 and has lived a good life as you did your 8 years with me. My sweet baby girl I can't wait till that day I get to see you again. I'll close now as it is so hard to keep typing and crying all over the key board. I will always love you my baby girl. Until next time. Play nice with all your new friends at the bridge .
Love you, Mom, Sally & Peanut xxooxxooxxoo

9/22/08 Hi my baby girl, I have had thoughts of you so much this week, I miss you cuddling with me and always right by me whatever room I was in you were always there waiting for me and just being there to be close to me, how I miss that devotion you had for me. There will never be a sweet Katie girl like you. Fall is finally getting here hopefully the hot summer days are behind us. Looking forward to cooler and more pleasant days. Well my sweet one hope you know how much Sally and I miss you, Peanut is getting to old to realize any difference, But he is doing better for now. I love you and still miss you every day. Have fun romping and playing at the Bridge, I'm sure you have made a lot of new friends. Until the day I get to see you I love you and miss you so much. Kisses and hugs from Mom, Sally and Peanut. xxooxxooxxooxxoo. :>) !!!!!

10/19/08 My Baby Girl, I think of you every day and how my life has not been the same since you left. Little Peanut has been coughing so bad this week, I'm really concerned about him. He is not well at all. Sally is in bad need of a groom. She is going on Wednesday. She misses going with you every where, she trys to play with Peanut but of course he's to old. There's no one around here for her to bark at so she just goes out and barks at nothing. Next door neigbor is never home and no one is living up the street at that run down house. I really want to move one of these days probably will next summer. I miss you my baby girl how I wish I could hug your neck and you give me kisses. You are one of the sweetest fur babys' I've ever known. I love you so much and I miss you even more. Kisses and hugs to you from Sally, Peanut and me. xxooxxooxxoo. Have a wonderful day at the bridge playing with all your new friends. Love you and miss you.. Mom

11/24/08 Katie, it's been nine months today you went to the Bridge. I stll miss you so much. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. How I wish I could hold you in my arms again hug your sweet little face. I know I should not still be grieving for you but I am you were the sweetest little fur baby I have ever had. I just hated you were so sick and could not get well but you're okay now and running about with all your new found friends and Bart, Bugsy and Bob's Rascal. And all the others I have had but none can compare to you. Bugsy comes in at a close 2nd but you are tops and always will be. Of course your mommy Sally is still a sweetheart too. She is better than she use to be about hugs and kisses. ha ha. Guess she had no choice. Peanut is still coughing I give him his medicine but it doesn't help the cough. Doc said he could have cough syrup but it's not easy giving it to him. Well my sweet girl I will close now good morning to you until nest time. Love you and miss you forever.. Mom, Sally & Peanut xxooxxooxxoo

12/24/08 Merry Christmas My Sweet Katie girl. This is the first Christmas without you here. I still miss you every day!!! You are up there with Mother & Daddy and Bart, (your fur Daddy) Bugsy
Cricket, Baby, DJ, Dixie and all the others that were in this family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your new fur baby friends and all the humans that you know and remember.
I woud love to have you here with us to enjoy the dinner I'm cookin tomorrow. Tonight I'm staying home the plans were changed due to sickness. I love you my baby girl and always will... I wished I could hold you again just one more time. Good morning for now. Till next time.
We love you and miss you, Mom, Sally and Peanut xxooxxooxxooxxoo

January 27. 2009 I'm sorry I haven't visted you in a while I just can't hold back the tears when I look at you and send you my love. It's been 11 months now and it is still hard on me. Now Peanut is sick again and it brings back all the memories of you and how hard it is to see you babies sick.
My sweet girl I wished I could see you again and pet you and hug you and give you some sweet little kisses. well baby girl I need to go now I just wanted to tell you how much I still miss you. Love you always Mom, Sally and Peanut. xxooxxooxxooxxoo....

January 30,2009 Katie my sweet girl look for Peanut at the Bridge, he left here on Wednesday January 28th. Doc Gilliam said it was time he was not able to breathe very good and me and Doc have did everything for him that we could Doc said it was time. It was hard letting him go but I told him to go and be with you and that I loved him and you and him could play together and be buddies once again at the bridge and you both will have no pain and all of your body functions, legs, paws and all will work just fine. My Baby Girl it was hard to do this but it was harder losing you to that old bad liver cancer that you had. I still miss you and will miss Peanut too
But one day you will look up amd there I'll be and I'm sure there will be a bunch of kisses from you and Peanut. Love you and miss you my baby girl.
Mom and Sally too xxooxxooxxoo

2/4/09 Katie girl I bet you and Peanut are having a wonderful time playing chase, running after the squirrels together like you did here in the yard, bet your chsing the birds and butterflies to.
Be sure to look for Zander and all the Rotties up there they like you and Peanut and will want to play with you two. Take care of Peanut and me and Sally will see you one day soon, we will all be smiling and hugging and kissing once

2/13/09 My sweet girl I know you are having a great time now with Peanut look for Nancy's bunnies they will be hopping all around the meadows so you and Peanut go play sweet with them. I miss you sweet baby girl will be waiting for that day I get to see you again. I still miss you so much and Sally does to she is so lonely I try to play with her as much as I can. She is so sweet just like you cause you are her daughter. Got to go now Sally is going to the vet shortly she needs her anal glands done again. Love you and good morning my sweet baby girl!!! Hugs & Kisses XXooXXooXXooXXoo
Mom & Sally

2/14/09 Happy Valentine's Day my sweet baby girl if you were here I would hug you and kiss you on your sweet little face like I use to. Have a wonderful day with Peanut and all the other sweet babies there. Love you. Mom & sally

2/23/09 Oh my Sweet baby girl Katie tomorrow it will be a year that you went to the bridge I just can't believe you have been gone that long. I still miss you oh how I would love to just hold you in my lap once more and hug that sweet baby face of yours. You will always be in my heart Sally is so lonely here by herself, I thought about getting another fur baby but I just can't at this time I want to wait a little longer. Peanut has been gone almost a month now, the both of you are together having a great time running and chasing everything you can. So until we see each other remember sweet baby Mom always loves and still misses you.
Love Mom & Sally xxooxxooxxooxxoo

2/24/09 My sweet baby girl today is your year anniversary, you have been heavy on my mind all day today. Ginny at Rainbow Bridge sent me a nice email about you.You are so missed! I still cry when I think of how sick you got and how quick you left us but I have such wonderful memories of you. You were so sweet and loveable, Everyone loved you so especially me. Oh my baby one day soon we will be together me you Peanut,Sally, Bart, Bugsy and all my other babies. That's one thing I have to look forward to is when I am on my way Heaven Bound and I know I will see you there. Good Morning my baby girl. Mom misses you and loves you dearly.
Mom xxooxxooxxooxxoo and Sally...

4/12/09 Happy Easter Katie Girl, I have been been home getting over back surgery, Sally stayed at Lynn's (you all's groomer) she stayed there 5 days she was really happy to be home. Mom is doing better but will take a long time to get completely over this. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, bet all your friends and you are having fun with the bunnies today. I want you always to know Mom still misses you you are thought of every day. Till I see you again.
Love and Kisses, Mom & Sally xxooxxooxxoo

7/22/09 Hello my sweet girl I have not written to you lately only because I cry so much when I get on your web site I still miss you terribly and I think of you every day. I aways kiss your picture when I pass and say I love you and miss you my sweet baby girl. I've been real down lately but have met someone hopefully things will be better but we will see. Katie girl Mom and Sally really do miss you, you will always be in our hearts. xxooxxooxxooxxoo Mom & Sally

12/3/09 My sweet baby girl, I know it has been awhile since I visted you, I am working and as I've said before it is still so hard for me it still feels like just yesterday that you left me I know it's been a year and 10 months. But you are still in my heart and will be with me till I die and join you there. I'm sure you get to see Peanut,Bart, Gramma and Grandpa and all the other sweet fur babies that you knew and that are there with you running the hills and valleys of the Rainbow Bridge It is getting cold here really feels like winter is here to stay. Your fur Mommie Sally has been sick with skin allergies infection in her ears and throwing up and not eating she went to the Vet today had a shot a medicated bath and antibotics. She is sleeping now hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow. Back in August she had surgery for cancer she had 4 masses removed. She seems to be doing better from that however there are 2 knots on her now the vet doc Gillam seems to think they are fatty tumors and I pray they are. He said he could take them out but would rather keep a watch on them so that's what I will do and if the one gets close to her front leg I will have him remove it. I will always take care of my sweet fur babies that's a promise. I sure tried with you but our Heavenly Father decided he needed your sweet face there at the Bridge to greet me when I come and to be sweet and loving to all that needed you up there. I think of you every day and miss you ever so much.
So until the next time I love you my sweet baby girl and miss you not a day goes by that I don't think of you. till next time Love & Kisses, Mom & Sally

12/25/09 Katie girl Sally Ann your Mommie is with you now she has been there a little over ten days I'm sure you, Peanut and Sally are running about chasing butterflies and loving each other like I loved you. I miss all of you so much. This is Christmas day and it is a sad and lonely Christmas without Sally, you and Peanut. I miss you all so much.

2/24/10 My baby girl you have been gone two years this date I still miss you as much today as I did when you first went to the Bridge. There will never be another as sweet as gentle as you were
I do have another little one it's Abby she's a Yorkie only she is very onery for 3 months old. I can never remember you ever biting my ankles or biting on me at all but she is so different than you or Sally. I still think of you every day some little thing you did or just happy thoughts go through my head about you and Sally.. I know you, Sally and Peanut are all together and are having a wonderful time running and chasing each other trying to catch butterflies and a squirrel now and then you were such a happy girl I know you had a great life with me I just hated it had to end so quick. Kisses and hugs to you Sally and Peanut. Good Morning My baby girl, Mom will always love you and miss you. Love and ksses Mom. xxooxxoo

12/15/10 My baby girl today your Mommie Sally has been with you a year at the bridge how fast time has gone by I just miss you Sally and Peanut so much it has been a hard 3 years for me I have not been the same since you all went to the Bridge. Even with Abby and now Spencer a & year old Scnauzer his master went to assisted living, it has not been the same no one can replace you guys. I can't help but cry when I come to your sites I miss you all so much especially you Katie girl You were the sweetest baby I have ever had I miss those sweet little paws pawing me so easy to pet you or get you something you were so sweet. I know you, Peanut and Sally are happy to be together and I'm sure you miss me as much as I miss you but one day I will see you all again that will be a happy day for us all. So until that day Good Morning my baby girl Mom will always love you and miss you and you will always be in my heart. Love & Kisses Mom. xxooxxooxxooxxoo. Merry Christmas my sweet girl.

3/27/11 Hello my sweet Katie girl, I tink of you every day still miss you terribly. You were the best baby I had ever had, no one could ever compare to you. It won't be long and we will all be together again. I'm getting old and you just never know when it is your time. I will always love you you are buried deep in my heart and always will be. As soon as it gets warm and stays warm I will go to Sally's grave to clean it you and take some pretty flowers to put on the grave. I better go now Abby is wanting in here I have ot keep her blocked out of here cause she won't let me on the computer. So till next time love and kisses xxooxxooxxooxxoo mu=y sweet baby girl. Mom

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