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Memories of Kasi
Kasi was 5 months old when she came to us. She was all legs. Awkward and clumsy but with eyes eager to please and a heart overflowing with unconditional love. She fit into our family so easily, we knew it was meant to be. Kasi loved to go for rides in the car, learned the word "ride" and would dance and twirl when somebody said the word. We learned to spell it out so she wouldn't misunderstand our meaning if we couldn't take her riding. She loved her brother Max, our older male rottie but knew she was the boss of our home. She laid on the couch or in the recliner and no one would make her move. In later years, Kasi began showing signs of arthritis in her hips. She had good days and bad days. When Kasi was about 7 years old, we began rescuing homeless dogs. Some were quite a bit younger than Kasi and she would have to show them the ropes, then keep them in line. She kept the house running smoothly with all the new pups we brought in. In early 2011, Kasi began having difficulty with her front left shoulder. This was initially diagnosed as continuing arthritis and she was prescribed medication. The medication helped only temporarily and the shoulder continued to increase in size. In April, 2011 her shoulder was xrayed and she was then diagnosed with bone cancer. This news was devastating to us. We knew there was nothing we could do and we were facing losing this precious girl. How could we go on without her? However, my girl kept trying to live as she always had. But on the evening of June 6, she had a seizure and was unable to stand afterwards. We laid on the kitchen floor with her all night to comfort her, and ourselves. We knew she was ready to let go. She passed away at 9:30 the following morning with her mamma and daddy by her side. Her death was peaceful for her and we knew she was free to run again without pain. Kasi was cremated and her urn was brought home so she could be with us forever. It has taken me 4 months to have the strength to type this. Kasi, I know you're free now but I miss you so badly!! Life is not the same without you. My only comfort is in knowing we will be together again. Please be happy girl and know that I will always love you!!



It has now been 5 months since you were taken from me. I miss your sweet face and your kisses. Your brothers and sisters are doing okay but they miss your guidance. There are several new family members that could use your guidance as well. But, as much as I would love to see your sweet face again, I would not ask you to return to your pain. You are running free at Rainbow Bridge and you are once again happy, young and healthy. I look forward to the day we will be reunited. Beginning at that time, we will never be separated again. Until then, be happy girl and know that you will always be in my heart and never far from my mind. I love you, big girl!!


My girl Kasi,

A new year has begun and I face it without your support. Some days are harder than others but you are never far from my thoughts. Something as simple as sitting on your end of the sofa brings you to mind and the pain of losing you feels as fresh as if it were yesterday that you closed your eyes and flew away. Even though seeing the pain leave your eyes was a small comfort, my heart broke into a million pieces the day you died. You were such a large part of my life for so many years....the house is so very empty without you here, despite the presence of your many brothers and sisters. Run free and healthy, my girl, til we are together again. How I long for the day I will feel your tongue engulf my face with your sweet kisses. Be happy girl, knowing your mommy loves you and always will. I'll see you soon baby!!!


Baby girl,

A full year has passed since you left us. Its so hard to believe you've been gone so long. Your presence is still felt as our love for you remains as strong as ever! So many things have changed since you left us. Your daddy and I are living apart and it would be so much easier if you were here beside me. I could always count on your love and support to help me through the hard times. But memories of my baby girl will have to be enough....for now. So many times I have wanted so badly to be with you but that's not the way things are meant to be. But hold on, girl, the day will come when I will appear at the gates of Rainbow Bridge and I will be looking for my girl to be by my side once again. And we will face eternity together. Until then, my darling, be good and have loads of fun, running and playing with your new friends. But keep an eye peeled for your mama. See you soon, my love!!

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