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Memories of Kanga
Kanga Loo did not like other dogs except Kalli and Watty. She tolerated Pluto, somewhat. When we first got her, she looked so funny. She had no hair on her back or tail from an allergy. And she had a strange gait. She didn't look like dog, but like a Kangaroo, or an armadillo. One time I turned a corner and saw her in the yard, eating shrubbery out of the corner of my eye, and I thought she was a deer. When she curled up on the ground, so that her feet didn't show, she looked like a woodland animal and her feet could have been hooves. But really, she had very long "fingers". She liked to sit on the porch watching Washington Humane Society dogs walk by so she could bark at them and jump up and down. She was wild at first and needed training so that she could walk within 30 feet of another dog. She loved Ralph. Ralph had to come back 3 years later when we got Pluto, and she remembered him and his treat-filled pocket. Everytime she saw him, she would sit firmly so she could get a treat. She also loved bottles of medication. When she first arrived she had a back problem and needed Deramax. She was so depressed without Stephanie that she wouldn't eat and she wouldn't take her Deramax, no matter how I disguised it. One day I left the bottle on the counter and she ate the whole thing. Since she hated the medicine, I thought it was a suicide attempt. I took both Kanga and Kalli to the vet, because I wasn't sure who ate it. They both had to have their stomachs pumped and had to stay at the hospital for three days. I felt so bad for her. I visited her every day. She didn't seem to care, but when she came home, she was my best friend. There were 8 more episodes requiring a call to Animal Poison Control, but only one more hospitalization. This time for Piroxicam. The vet thought she might die, since it was much stronger than Deramax. Since there was only one dog at the vet, they let me take her for a walk on my visits. She enjoyed those walks. She loved yogurt containers. She would wait for us to be finished then come and take the nearly empty container and finish it off. She loved ice cream containers. She ate them too. She ate almost anything - backpacks, bags, anything the once contained food, or might have contained food. Gamma-dog specifically wanted to mention the useful alterations Kanga made to her backpack. Miraculously, she can still use it. Kanga stuck her head in all the grocery bags. I had to leave the rest outside while I unpacked one. She and Kalli were the best of friends. They loved to play. Kalli was older but much more agile. She ran circles, rather figure 8's, around Kanga while Kanga tried to catch her as she ran by. Watty got so excited watching, but when he tried to join in, Kanga would warn him off. Kanga hated baths. When we first got her, she needed one. She looked so much better afterward. You could see her peach patches on her cheeks. Everyone was amazed. She had another bath in the van, but they parked it in front of the house, so I could hear her howling from the dryer. I told them to stop. I couldn't let her go through that just for a bath. That was her last bath. She would also howl when she got into the main source of food. I could hear it from the outside of the house. I went inside and downstairs and the food container was uncovered and she was running around howling. I don't know why. The first time she got into the food, she had her whole upper body in the bag and it was nearly empty so she turned it over. She was sucking the bag in with each inhalation. I think she would have suffocated if she did not howl so that I found her. When we found out she was sick we took her to the park. Watty found the forelimb of a deer. It had been dead for probably weeks. Kanga stole it from him. We let her take it home. Kevin had to carry it. It was her Make-a-Wish bone. She thoroughly enjoyed it. She had many aliases: Kanga-roo, Kanga-loo, Kanga-loo-loo, Kanga-rific, Kangy-kang, Roo-Roo, Buniger, Bunigen.

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