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Memories of Kamsun
Today one of my best buddies went to Heaven...He was such a great cat and we will miss him more than anything....He will now be with his brother and sister Davis and Tobi.....
R.I.P.Kamsun....we love you forever!! xoxoxoxoxo Mommy and Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxo
8/13/10 Hi My Baby Kamsi....This is the first day without you and I miss you so much already.When I went downstairs just memories of you are here now.I will always remember all the good times we had and how you were the Best Guy in the world..Mr.Manners!! I'll visit you again soon-and send Davis and Tobi our love,I hope they gave you a nice greeting and a big kiss...Love you,Mommy,Daddy and the boys.xoxoxoxoxo
8/14/10 Hi my baby boy...How are you today? I miss you too much and I found one of your whiskers that I saved from 2007. I can't wait to have you back in the house with us so I can put you with Davis and Tobi in your room again,there I can visit you every day and you'll be back with us--not your body,but just your memory...We'll love you forever and miss you every single day..Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxo
8/19/10 Hi my Kamsun man-Today is one week without you and we miss you terribly..Our hearts are broken and the house is not the same without you in it...We will never stop thinking or talking about you ever..We love you baby and hope you're with Davis and Tobi having fun and making friends
with all the other babies there....Love you lots and miss you forever..Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper
8/24/10 Hi baby,Just checking in om my little munchkin today to say hi and tell you I'm lost without you :( I miss you so much Kamsi,I wish you were still here with us..I got yor ashes Friday and you're back home (just in a different form).I made a beautiful memorial right along with Davey and Tobster.I have your paw print in clay-the one I made the night before daddy took you out of here. I love you each day more and more and miss you sooo much.I'll visit you again soon.Have fun and love up your sister and brother.xoxoxoxo Mommy
9/30/10 Hi Kamsi man...Just wanted to say hi and tell you that I miss u sooo much and I love you..xoxoxoxo Mommy
12/8/10 Miss you good man..I love you forever Kamsi..I hope you're doing ok..I'll be back to visit before Christmas.I love you my baby..Mommy,Daddy and the boys
12/23/10 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Heaven Kamsi...We miss you sooo much and love you ..Wish you were still here with us. The house is not the same without the 3 of you in it....Til next time...Love,love,love..Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxo
7/8/11 How's my Kamsi Good Man--I hope you're doing good,Mommy misses you so much.I'm so sorry I haven't been on here for a while..I think of you everyday and I miss you so much too.I still have your picture as my screensaver so I see you everyday. I hope you guys are all getting along well..I'll be back on soon to say hi..I love you,Mommy.Daddy,Fabio and Pepper..XOXOXOXO
8/11/11 Hi my little boy...Tomorrow will be 1 yr ago that you went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with your sister and brother...Everyday we miss you so much and wish you were still here with us..
Your picture is up in your room and yor ashes are there too,so I feel like I can still be close to you no matter what...I hope things are fun for you and Davis and Tobi.Just know we love you and miss you so much..You are never far away from us because you're always in our hearts....We love you Kamsun.....Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper..xoxoxoxo
12/9/11 I love and miss you each and every day!! XOXOXO Mommy
1/13/12 Happy Birthday my little love.....I hope you're making friends and playing nice with Davis and Tobi...We miss you so much our little Kamsi man....Mommy and Daddy love you...One day we'll all be together again..Til then be a good man like always..Love,love,love you..Mommy,daddy,Fabio and Pepper too..XOXOXOXO
2/24/12 Hi Kamsi man Just wanted to say I love you and miss you so much....Be good..xoxoxoxo
6/25/12 Hi my Kamsun good man,,how's mommy's boy? Hope you're having fun with Tobi and Davis..We miss you sooo much and love you to pieces..I'll visit you again soon..Love you,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper.xoxoxoxo
8/12/12--Hi Kamsi baby...Tomorrow will be 2 years you left us...We miss you so much everyday and love you to pieces...We hope you're having fun with Tobi and Davis wherever you are..Not a day goes by that I don't think of you..Your memory will never leave me and you are always in my heart.I love you Kamsun and miss you terribly! Till next time,,I'll be thinking of you baby boy..Love,Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxoxoxo
12/3/12 Kamsi man..It's 2 yrs you're gone and we still miss you so much,we love you baby and hope you're getting along with Tobi and Davis...I will talk to you again soon.I love you and think of you every day baby...Mommy,Daddy,Fabio and Pepper too.xoxoxoxo
1/12/13 Hi My little man,How you doing Kamsi? I miss you so much,I hope you're getting along with Davis and Tobi...I'll be back to visit you soon.Mommy loves you.xoxoxoxo
8/12/13 Kamsun,today is 3 years that you left us..We still miss you so much and think of you every day...One day we'll all be together again..I hope you're playing nice with Davis and Tobi....We love you,our little man,,,Mommy Daddy,Fabio and Pepper xoxoxoxoxoxo
12/24/13 Merry Christmas my good man,,,Love you and miss you too much..Mommy,Daddy and the boys
1/24/14 Hi my Good Man,How's my Kamsi boy? I miss you and love you so much..I hope you're getting along with Tobi and Davey..Play nice.I'll visit you again soon.I love you,Mommy xoxoxo
8/12/14 Hi my little man today is 4 years you left us. We love you and miss you every day ❤
10/8/14 Thinking of you today and always my Good Little Man..Miss you so much Kamsi XO
4/16/15 Hi My Good Man Kamsi....Hoope you and Davey and Tobster are doing good and getting along...I miss you and Love you so much my baby,,,I think of you every day,,,Love you to pieces,Mommy XO
8/12/16 I'm sorry I haven't been on in a long time my baby, but not one day goes by without us thinking of you and talking about you. We will never forget you. Fabio just joined you 3 two weeks ago, I hope you have him lots of love and kisses❤️💋I promise I'll visit more often.
We love you. Rest peacefully my baby
Mommy & Daddy and Pepper too. XO
12/27/16 Merry Christmas my love
How are you Kamsi boy ? Missing our good man every day..We talk about you every day
Hope you're having fun. Love you forever
3/8/17 Hi my love. Just thinking of you. Missing you every day 💞
Hi my little love
We miss you so much every day
Love you to pieces

Please also visit Davis, Fabio and Tobi.

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