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Memories of Kami
Continued from above.
Hi Precious Boy I miss you very much today woke up with a sick pit in my stomach..scared that I might never see you again..and that scares the heck out of me...I just couldn't bare that..Your earthly guardian.
Dear Precious boy...I miss you so much...not making much progress at all...you are never off my mind...always there and I'm glad that just means I love you so deeply...that can never be forgotten...love lasts for eternity....your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy...oh how I miss you when I think of it I get sick at my stomache...not only has it made me mentally sad it also affects my health...I wish I could have you back here with me...we belong together...you and me...your earthly guardian
I still and always will miss you...I really don't have anything to look forward to without my Precious Boy with me...it just isn't fare...for me to be without you...I love you so much...your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...I'm going to be gone for 1 week and four days away from my computer....I am going to go visit my Mom..remember when we went there..traveled all that way in the 4Runner...j
ust you and I....I will miss writing to you but I will talk to you everyday that I am away and I will take one of your pictures with me to set by my bed....I love you my sweet boy, I'm so lonely for you....your earthly guardian

Hi Precious boy, I got back from vacation...but I took you with me....I am so tired after my trip...I miss you so. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...I'm so tired and still have not caught up at work from being on vacation...I'm just tired period..I wish in the worst way I was with you...that is where I want to be...I miss you so much this morning.....your earthly gaurdian....
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so much my life will never ever be the same without you in it...you were my precious gift I did not have long enough...why are such gifts taken so quickly from us...I miss you dearly...your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy...how I miss you today with all my heart...I wish you were here with me forever, you and I forever we would not need anyone else would we sweet boy...I hope you know how much I love and miss you...my heart aches everday for you, I am so empty without you, if you only knew what it was like for me you would have never left me....I am nothing without your love and presence for me to hold and cuddle with. Please come visit me anytime you can...All my love to you Precious Boy
Your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy, it has been awhile since I wrote but my mind is on you every single day..all morning I have thought about you and how my life is so meaningless without you. People can't begin to take your place in my heart...of all the humans I know I love you the most, they can't come even close to how I feel about you....I miss you terribly...your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy, I really missed you today, I can't get used to being without you...guess I never will adjust to you being gone from me...you in my heart is just not enough for me...nothing to touch or feel or embrace...I know you understand how I feel...I'm sure you are the only one that does understand me how not having you here with me has affected my life forever...your guardian on earth
Hi Precious Boy, Oh how I miss you, that is all I can really say, I miss you
Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you with all my heart...your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so and love you more then you could ever know. I'm lost without you...
Hi Precious Boy...Jambu came to see you yesterday, please keep him safe until Janet can come be with him and they can be together forever like you and I. I will come alone because I just want it to be you and I and Wheely forever together...I won't be bringing any humans with me because it is you I love the most and always will and it is you I choose to spend eternity with....your guardian...I love and miss you very much each and every day.
Hi Precious Boy..I'm thinking about you today, but of course that is how I am every single day of my life...I think of you often and miss you so much...I don't know why I could not have had you my entire life, because you brought so much joy to my life, more than anything or anyone did or ever will...there will never be a day that goes by in my life that you are not in my thoughts and most of all you will always be in my heart...I feel I was put here to meet you and you spend your life with me and only me...that was my purpose on earth...I was picked to be yours....your guardian on earth....
Well it has almost been a week since I wrote you a love note...so here I am thinking of you always and everyday, I can never get you off my mind not for one second..I think of you always and all the time, you are never off my mind not for one minute because I think you were the one precious thing that belonged to me and I to you that not even in death are we truely apart....I'm lost without you here with me on earth,,I don't know what to do with myself. I don't get along with anyone anymore and have no patience for any one of them. I only think of you and long for you to be in my present life right now, here with me to hold and hug you. Your earthly guardian.
Boy Precious Boy do I ever need you....when the world lets you down once again and you don't have a friend in the world...you aren't there for me to talk to...my best friend...my most special friend and love gone forever...never for me to touch and love again...that is so hard to accept...you see I need a special friend, really I do...Sambo try's but you know there is only one you...and there will never be another like you...my most loved treasure I have ever been given to take care of...your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy...I was thinking of you and needed to let you know that....I miss you oh so much...words can't explain the pain I feel of loosing you..you were my most special gift,a treasure in life that made my life so much better for 17 years....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy I miss more and more as time goes on...I don't know how I have made it this far to tell you the truth...I don't have anything else to do here on earth so anytime would be fine by me to come and get you so we can be together forever, you me and all my animals in the past...no humans are needed just my animals friends all around me...now that is true love in every sense of the word....your guardian on earth.
Hi Precious Boy...how I miss you..more and more each day...I miss your beautiful face and loving ways...I wish you were with me forever....your earthly guardian
Hi precious Boy...I miss you still each and every single day, I will forever miss you, that is what love is all about, it goes on forever..I will never love anyone or anything as much as I love you, it is an undying love that goes on and on.....your guardian on earth
Hi Precious Boy...I love and miss you so much...I was just reading in your guest book and such wonderful beautiful people wrote to both you and I....there is nothing like animal people...they truely understand the meaning of love as you and I do....I thank whoever I can thank for such beautiful people. To take the time to read and send you and I a message from their hearts...because that is truely where it comes from....their inner souls, to us....your guardian here on earth...I miss you so...and yes it still feels like yesterday you left me here all alone.....
Well I have been sick for three days and don't feel really well, I miss you so much, I wish I could cuddle up with you and be close to you once again....but I guess that will never be again, that is very scary to me, not to be able to hold you ever again...
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so much...when you left I absolutely have nothing left to care about...you were it...the one and only...my entire life....I love you very much....I am lost without you...just stumbling around this horrible place without you....your guardian.
Well Precious Boy I am still sick I can't seem to get over this cold...it makes me feel bad and also makes me very sad you aren't here to cuddle up with me to get well...I'm sure I would be far better sooner if you were with me, but that will never be again...there is nothing more final than death...that is for sure...but there are worse things than death also...like being left behind without the one you love and will love as long as I take a breath...I'll always love you more than any human being I have ever met...your guardian on earth...
Hi Precious Boy...I love you more than I can ever explain to you...but you know how I feel about you and I....the strongest bond ever between two living souls..I hope I get to see you once again someday in the future...I pray to the spirits for that.....your guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you and wish you were here close to my heart...but even though you will always be in my heart it just isn't the same as having you next to me where I can reach down and kiss you and hug you.....I miss you so much there is no way to explain to you or to anyone else for that matter....I will never be the same ever again since you left me here on this lonely planet where human beings are so cruel and mean....I hate it here without you....your guardian on earth.
Hi precious Boy....I was thinking of you today as I do every single day of my life since you left me here in pain and sorrow...lost without my precious treasure that you were to me....no one could ask for a better soul to live with than you...so innocent and precious....I'll never heal from your loss....never.
Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much it tears me up inside each and everyday I remember hearing you Meow to me twice after they said you were gone when I spoke your name...but you heard my voice I know you did that is why you Meowed at me I know it as clear as the sun rises in the morning.....I'm so sad every single day hear without you by my side...I just could and wish I would die to be with you....your gaurdian here on this terrible place they call earth...your the lucky one and I wish I was lucky right beside you...just you and I....forever and ever
Hi Precious Boy...I love and miss you so much and my heart aches for you....your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy I love and miss you as always...love to see you again....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I sure miss you today...Charlie sent me a few reminders for other furbaby ...he is such a good steward for the RB he never forgets anyone or their feelings that visit or have a furbaby here with you at RB...I am so happy to have found him and a few others along the way..some very special people here at RB..it is a meeting place for animal lovers to talk and meet each other..it is all we have after you have left us on earth...I love and miss you so...I wish you were here and I was there instead of you...I'm always thinking of you every single second of the day....your guardian on earth
Hi Precious Boy...i missed you yesterday...I had a panic attack when I thought I would never see you again and I heard your meow to me when you left me.....it is haunting....huanting me everyday....I love You
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much...I want to hold you and kiss you and hear you purr once again...have you lay by my side in bed...I miss so much about you....I am empty inside now that you are gone....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy....Oh how I miss you...I keep thinking one day real soon I will be with you...one can only pray...I miss you so much I could just crumble and disappear...your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy...I miss and love you so much...more than any other living being and always will....you are my soul mate...your earthly guardian
I Precious Boy...I'm missing you as always each and everyday...I want to hold you and caress your beautiful body and soul...how I miss your gorgeous purr...so loud...what am I ever going to do without you in my life...be san and lonely till the day I leave here....that's what! Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious boy...I received a message from you through a very special person Pat...I thought of you all day and your message was so beautiful it made me cry...but thank god for her sending me that message....you are so special to me you have no idea how much I miss you...my one and only true love...i have been blessed to have animals in my entire life...but none as Precious as you...there was a meeting of soul mates when you came into my life..it was if we knew we were to be together forever....your earthly guardian....
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much everyday....I can't wait to see you again so I hope that is true that in the end the spirits meet once again to remain together forever...I only pray that is true...for I can't imagine never being with you again..never to hold and kiss you...I'll never forget your good-bye to me...never and I hope you weren't saying anything bad to me for I could not live with that....I hope you were saying I love you and I'll be waiting for you....your earthly guardian...
Hi Precious Boy...I love and miss you so much....I'm always thinking of you...your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I love and miss you very very much....your earthly guardian
I miss and love you very very much and think of you every minute of every single day...your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much today...something I will never get over...I know that now...such of a love as yours I'll never recover from the loss....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy..sometimes when I think of you gone I get really scared of not having you...like a panic attack...it scares me so much not to have you with me...I love you your earthly guardian
Well kami it will be two years on Monday you have been gone from me...might as well have been yesterday...time stands still when it comes to you...I miss and love you forever...your earthly guardian.
12/10/07 Well Precious Boy this was the fateful day two years ago I let you go...I wonder if I made a mistake....I think I must have made a mistake for I am still grieving over your absence in my life, which will never ever be the same again since you left me on that day. It must have been a mistake on my part...but I love you so much, you must know that and feel that from me. Oh how I miss you...your earthly guardian.
Well Precious Boy, I miss you so much I can hardly stand it at times...I'm sure you understand for you feel my pain from the spirit world...since you left I have nothing that I loved as much as I loved you. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...I still miss you on a daily basis and there is no end in sight...there is no getting on with my life for it stopped when you left me....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I just got back from my xmas vacation, I missed talking to you and I miss you as always..I'll love you for all of eternity. your earthly guardian.
Well hi Precious Boy, it is cold today and I miss you very much...I would love to hold and kiss you and feel your heart beat again...I miss you so.
Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy....life is not the same without you in my life...it is so lonely here without you...I miss your loud purr...and how you always knew when it was bed time...I miss that....your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy....I miss you today and everyday as you already know that if your spirit is flying free around us humans here on earth...I can't wait to see you again...I will run to you so fast and hold you forever in my arms.
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you everyday and I never want you to forget that...I miss you so much.
Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy....I miss you today so much...life is never and never will be the same now that you are gone from me...all I have now is you in my heart and that just isn't enough for me...I need to touch you and hold you and lay beside you...
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much I can't even explain to you how much but I think you have an idea what you meant to me...heart & soul forever. Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious boy...I love you so...your earthly guardian
HiPrecious Boy...I miss and love you so much...your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I wish I could hold and hug you and kiss your beautiful face again....I hope to soon...I miss you so much I can barely stand it. Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I am so lonely for you, I miss you so...no words could ever tell you how much....but you can feel my heavy heart I know and the longing to be with you once again...your earthly gaurdian
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so much today....somedays are just like that...wanting to go back in history to capture the best things in life that are no more...I find myself doing that all the time and wishing for the past...because you were in it..your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much I can't bare it at times.
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much...I want to touch you....your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you today and everyday for that matter...I hope you are fine...I am lonely without you. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy. I miss you so much I'll never forget you and I will always long to hold you again and I pray I get to do that. Your earthly guardian.
I miss you precious Boy. Your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you as always...your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you something awful. your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy...I mis you so much...there will never be anyone to ever take the place you are in my heart....no one could ever live up to what you mean to me...just you. We are soul mates for
ever and ever.
Hi Precious Boy, I have been thinking about you lately and surely do miss you so much. I think of you each and every single day.
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy,I miss you so much, I wish I could see you right now this very minute.
Your earthly guardian forever.
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you very much...it is so lonely without you.
your earthly guardian
Hi Precious Boy, I wish you were in my life right now because my life is a mess and I need you to tell me you love me because you were the only one that mattered to me. I long to hold you in my arms. Forever and forever.
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so much I could just die...the pain will never go away being without you...I miss you so and think of you every single day we are apart. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...each and everyday never is worth anything without you...you and I both know neither one of us will be fine without the other by our side....I need you in my life so badly...I don't know what to do about the loss I feel almost every minute of everyday.
your earthly guardian
Hi precious Boy, I hope you are still waiting for me to come and join you to be together forever. I miss you so, when ever I think of you I have to take a pill for anxiety..other wise I would not be able to cope with life without you in it.
your earthly gaurdian loves you so much!
It has been awhile since I wrote to you Precious Boy...but you have been on my mind every single day I awake. Not one
Hi Precious Boy it has been awhile but the book was full....and I refuse to delete one word that I have written to you...if I did that it would be like deleting our past. I could not do that. I miss you so much I can't even begin to tell you the void I feel. Your earthly guardian.
I Precious Boy I miss you so much and I wish you were here with me...my life has never and never will be the same since you left me here...
your earthly gaurdian.
Well Precious Boy it has been 3 years today and it seems as only yesterday that you left me...I miss you so much I should have tried more things to try to save you....I regret putting you asleep and always will until the end of time....I miss and love you so much there aren't enough words to tell you how I feel inside...having to face each day with out you on it...I hate it...truely I do...your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy...I miss you so much I can't even tell you how much...my life is over since you have left.....I'm just waiting until I get to leave and be with you again...that is all I care about...
Hi Precious Boy...I sure do miss you I think of you everyday and miss you so much...I keep hoping I will be there with you soon....I kept hoping I will die of a broken heart....I have read that can happen and it it does then I will be with you soon of a broken heart. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy I still miss you each and everyday I wish I was with you. your earthly guardian.

Hi Precious Boy....I have not written lately but don't think for one moment I don"t think of you every single day....our mattie passed away March 12th and so now she is with Mr. Wheely and you....please take care of her and make sure she is happy...soon better than later I will be with all of my animals friends that have left here already. Your earthly guardian.
Hi Precious Boy Valarie is getting a new sister tonight....I know you would not like two dogs hanging around you...but I would have never done that to you....I miss you so much just like it was yesterday.....I can't wait to see you again...at least I have that to look forward to....you earthly guardian loves you very much....
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you still forever and ever you are always on my mind. Your earthly guardian. 9/3/09
Hi Precious Boy, I miss you so much, we have had a tradegy in our lives lately...but you probably already know. We lost our Jennifer on November 15 to a murder...we are just beginning the trial and it is going to be a long drawn out trial...in fact we haven't even begun the trial yet...he hasn't even made a plea yet the coward. We hope Jennifer is petting you in heaven and riding Wheely and Matty. I miss you so much and my heart is never going to recover from all this loss of you, Wheely, Mattie and Jennifer. Your earthly guardian. I love you forever.
Hi Precious Boy, Well things are not very happy here on earth as you know, I have lost all that is precious to me, which is mostly the animals I have lost, but we all miss Jennifer to, I fear that is going to ruin many peoples lives and that is what usually happens when a tragedy like this happens.
Anyway I miss you so much I can't wait to see you and all my animals in the past, of course you are the most special one of all, I miss you so much I can't even explain to you how much that is. More than anyone could imagine.I wish I could hold and touch you again and hear that large purr of yours...I miss you so much it will never go away of how much I love you...always love for you and forever, I can't wait to be with you forever, we will never part again once I get to where you are... Your earthly guardian.

Hi Precious Boy, I miss you more than ever at this time, it is so sad around me and I wish I had you to confort me! I hope you are happy and are having a good time? I want to see you so much. I just want to squeeze you and hold you and hear that loud purr of yours, that was the loudest purr I have ever heard and I wish I could hear it right now. I miss you so much and am so lonely without you?
I can't even talk about what tradgety has hit us because you already know, I hope you are with Wheely, and Mattie? I miss Mattie so much,I never knew I would miss her so much like I do but I do miss her and would love to see her, but she is with Wheely now and they are together again. Please tell them I love them and miss them so much.
Bye Precious Boy for now, your earthly guardian.
My precious boy I just found out day before yesterday that my special friend who helped me a great deal to be able to go on without you when I lost you...he was an amazing man and I will miss him so, he was so special to me and he absolutely loved his Caleb and was equally devastated when he lost the love of his life. Anyway this is where we met, this site brought one of the nicest men I have ever had the chance to met. Go introduce your self to him he will take care of you until I get there, I just know he is caring for the animals, that is where he would want to be looking after everyone's pet until we arrive to get them again. I miss you precious boy, but feel really good that an absolute angel is taking care of you until I get there. Your earthly guardian.

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