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Memories of Kalli
Kalli was a sweet girl and a good mother to her puppies and her bunny slippers. She enjoyed running down hills and playing with her friend Kanga. She liked her hidey hole and going to Georgia Avenue and Jesup Blair park to find food. She always smelled so good, she didn't have to suffer the indignity of a bath. She liked to run her "figs" in the backyard and to steal tomatoes from the garden. When she first arrived, Baw fell in love with her immediately and saw nothing but the back of her for two weeks before he gave up trying to follow her. Then she had a false pregnancy and started whining and nesting. She collected stuffed animals and put them against her belly so they could nurse. She wouldn't go out without one of them in her mouth. When she wanted to sniff something, she dropped the puppy then forgot about until she was half a block away. Once she remembered, she frantically went back looking for it. She ate the face off one of the bears on my draft stopper. She became afraid to go out at night. She was on Prozac. She got better and was back to walking outside at night. She loved to run around the house and spin in circles with her bottom down and a big smile on her face. She rolled around on her back on the grass in the sun. She stole tomatoes from the garden. I could smell them on her breath. During the blizzard of 2010 she escaped from the front yard because ice prevented the gate from closing. She went on a big adventure and ended up a mile away in a house that looked just like her own. During the wind storm she lay out on the porch with her face turned to the wind. She dug holes all over the yard and lay in them. She made a big one in the corner behind the tall grass, so she could watch people walk by but no one could see her. She would rub herself on the grass and make it shake. She loved to rub herself on the ivy growing through the fence. She was dainty and feminine with a bouncy gait. She loved to play hide and seek and rough house with her friend and housemate, Kanga, who came after Cody. Her cousin Little Watty liked to get in the act too. Kalli and Watty used to walk together on a leash with a coupler and she would spin around and throw him in a wide circle. One time she nearly dragged him head first into a gate, so no more leash coupler. She went by many names including Kal-Pal, Kallisthenic, Kalista, Kally-pal, Kalpurnia, Kalamine, Kalamemnon, Kalipation, Pation, Kaliper, Kal-pers, Kaliperson, Kalipersonable, Cow-lip, Cow-lipper, Lipperwhil, Lipper, Cow, Cow-lee, Kalamazoo, Zoo, Zooey, Zoobuti, Zu-Zu, Kalli P. Kal, P. Kalinator, Pecal dropping, Peekie, Peekeasy, Kalilaika, Mazoomagoomagurtle, Magoomagurk, Magirl, and Back Alley Kalli - Allies are the best places to find food and stray cats.

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