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Memories of Kali
7 years ago today we lost you, but it seems like just yesterday. We still miss you as much now as the day you left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

As a puppy, Kali was the most energetic, playful little pup that I have ever owned. She would run from one end of the house to the other. Up across the sectional and back down, just to do over and over again and again.

Kali made friends with a neighbor at the bottom of the yard and every time she heard his motorcycle she would run to the door and just about break it down and then take off like a rocket off of the deck, just to get to the fence where her friend would then give her a doggie treat and pet her each time.

I would be out in the yard raking leaves into large piles, turn around and she would be running back and forth through them, scattering them everywhere. So I'd have to start all over again.

Kali had a long nose, as most Collies do, and I don't know if she didn't have any depth perception or if she didn't care how many times she would "whack" her nose on doorways, walls, etc. while turning her head. And this is how she became known as "Whacker." The nickname fit and stuck with her throughout her 13 years of life.

When Kali was about 9 years of age, I adopted a Sheltie. His name is Bailey and she took to him like she was his mother. Bailey also acted as if Kali were his mother. He would jump all over her, nibble at her legs and she would just let him do it. Once in a while she would give him a warning, but never would she hurt him. Kali shared her bed with him or would just let him lie on it while she laid on the floor. Bailey was her little baby boy and she loved him dearly.

Kali was the sweetest dog that anyone could ever be fortunate enough to have in their life. And I was more than fortunate to have her in my life. I fell in love with that dog and she will always be in my heart.

Kali had a good, long life and I hope she felt like she was the luckiest dog ever to have me as I was to have her in our little piece of this world.

Kali will always be my little girl, my best friend and in my heart forever....

7 long years and we still miss you more than anything. I hope you, Abby, Isabella and Merlot are running, playing and eating all the chicken and pizza that you all desire. Keep each other company until we meet again, my sweet babies.
Bailey misses you so much. He's not the same since you left us.

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