Welcome to Kaizer's Rainbow Bridge Memorial Residency
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Memories of Kaizer
Dear God,
When you hear a scratch on Heaven's gates tonight,
A gentle whine, or a muffled bark; have Peter take a light
And open the Pearly Gates and call his spirit in,
For I know he lived in heaven once, please take him back again.

He was noble, kind and good; I know you will agree:
That he'll be very useful where the souls of children play.
He'll romp with them and see dear God they to not go astray.

God bless the hands that send him to you,
They have been so good to him over the years.

Please tell him we are sorry that we can not be there to pat his head,
Now dear God we only ask this one last thing; when death beckons and our souls surmounts life's fog.
You will grant us a place in heaven, right beside our dogs.

In loving memory of our precious boy
Kaizer Turrock Jarvis
Run with the angels buddy

Our beautiful boy, I have made it this far please forgive me I will tell our story of love a little later my heart hurts so bad baby with your loss, our home is full of furbabies yet it is one of the loneliest places on earth without you here. I will write more when my heart will allow me to baby. I love you my Kaizer the King.......
We are so much better for having been loved by you our precious boy...Today the wind is blowing here and I miss you so much. I took one of your beds over to Capt. Jack and Logan said it smelled like you....ok tears again on that one..Our granbabies knew how special you were and they were always so respectful of you and your poor health. Cloey used to say all the time MaMaw we have to be careful with Kaizer he is old and sometimes his legs hurt. Oh thru the eyes of a child or an animal the world seems so much more simplier. We love you buddy...
Last night daddy and I had a cry baby but that is ok those tears are tears of love. We miss you baby but are glad none the less that you were ours if only for a little while.
7 months today mommy misses you so much...I love you forever and ever and ever more
Well baby boy mommy was able today to put a doggy bed for the others where yours layed, it has taken me awhile but I am beginning to heal my child. I love you
Our love story wow what a story to write. It all started in the year of 1996, I would loose my daddy that year and many more "not good" changes would come into my life but thru it all you were by my side. You saved my life!! literally, and you became in an instant my soul mate my best friend who stuck with me for almost 13 years. Now I have to continue this journey without you, it is hard but you have brought me and my life to a full circle, you gave me so much I will never ever forget you. I love you my sweet angel in fur always and forever.
Every breath of our life brings us a memory of you, I have never missed anyone with the exception of my daddy, more than I miss all of you....I will never regret one minute of the money, the medicine, the dr. trips, the way we couldn't be out of the room because you would bark...I wish oh I wish I had all those troubled times back. You are and always will be our Kaizer the King.
Today baby boy I was listening to a police tape of an act of animal abuse caught on tape, and I got so physically ill thinking of all the babies out there including your brothers and sisters who have been thru so much at the hands of humans. I will never understand but this I do understand my baby that I know in the almost 13 years you walked on this earth you had one mommy that loved you to the moon and back, and a daddy who thought you were the king of kings, you and your sister Maddie are two of the blessed ones baby leaving this world not knowing anything but love and devotion. Mommy loves you to the moon and back again.
Today I am thankful that I got to see my beautiful baby ball of fur thru his whole life ... I got to see you turn old and gray baby for this I will forever thank God. I miss you my beautiful boy.
Good morning baby boy,today I was thinking of the time daddy and I were taking a hike in the woods and ran into a man with the most beautiful black lab, she was a female. She startled me as she looked so much like you thru her eyes. After a brief discussion we discovered she was your sister , she was born on Sept. 3 1996 and she was the daughter of Brach's Midnight Shadow just as you were. Now I sit here this morning and think is she still alive, or does her family grieve as we do in loss this Christmas season, wow our first Christmas without you, I can't remember it being this sad with the exception of the Christmas of 2005 when we lost your sister two days before Christmas. Send us love baby a sign from heaven to let us know that you are happy in a place where there are no tears just happy times. I love you to the moon and back.
Love mommy
Hello beautiful beautiful baby boy..gosh I wish this would be a little easier but then again how could it be..for the amount of love that we share with you now and forever we can only expect the grief to be just as strong. We will make it I know this a little less happier but we will make it. I have started to pick up my writings again. I plan on writing this and delivering it to my friend to read this year. We love you baby and I am forever grateful for the love and devotion that you gave us.
Our beautiful boy I think of you so much this morning I was looking at pictures of you and Maddie little did I know when I was taking those pictures that you both would be gone within the year. Woo I miss you so much but am trying so very hard to keep up my smile for the others. There will never ever be another you...there was one Kaizer the King...Love you miss you forever and a day after forever.
...only time...I keep saying this over and over to myself...only time!!! I wish it would come a little faster, I miss you and my heart aches every single day....but I will maintain my resolve to love the others and to keep on keeping on to help all those who have no voice >>>I LOVE YOU!!!!!
If I had to choose one word to describe you it would be FAITHFUL..you were my faithful companion thru thick and some very thin. Always there no matter my state of mind or being, always there no matter how much time I had for you. Thank you buddy for being my bestest friend forever and ever.
Well beautiful boy Belinda made it thru her surgery and I know that you, Maddie and Princess watched over her, I hope she dreamed of you while she was under so she can know how precious you each are. She met you and Maddie so that makes me happy she never met her sister Princess but she knows cause I tell her everyday that Princess is the reason we have her, I hope she knows that Princess is our "sender'' from heaven keeping us on the ready for special ones that need us. I love you baby our lives are sad without you. But we must keep on, we love you forever and ever and beyond forever. We were blessed to have known such love.
My beautiful boy today we saved an old white faced lab named Lanie, she was so pretty.
I thought of you. I left your things for Valentines Day on Sunday, I hope you have a beautiful one in heaven.
What a beautiful story of love we had didn't we buddy?? I miss you so bad at times, especially when I am mowing and I look at your favorite shade tree and you aren't under it. But I know baby that you are with me always living on in the spirit of your new brother Turbo which was rescued as a tribute to both you and Maddie. I love you baby
My baby boy the latest rescue Gypsy is settling into her new home well....you my baby boy are on my mind most everyday...there will always be that spot for you there...my king...Turbo is such a cross between you and Maddie...and I think with all my heart and soul that you and your sister live on with his soul...thank you for the love the life and the memories you have left for me and daddy to have while you enjoy your new and most beautiful life...we love you always my baby boy
My precious boy tomorrow will be 3 years that your MaMaw (my mom) went to be in heaven with my daddy and all you beautiful babies. Find her tomorrow baby boy and tell her that I love her and I miss you lots, I am sure that you , Princess and Maddie can find some time to spend with her by the beautiful streams as she sits to watch my daddy fish. I love you baby boy always have always will!!!
My beautiful baby boy, I have left your candle for the service tonight. I miss you so very much, and think of how very lucky I was to have spent so many years with you. You will always stay in my mind as Kaizer the King...Turbo has the "look" as we call it and is very spoiled sometimes I think that you and Maddie are alive in him so much of both of you. I miss you so much and wish everyday that you could have lived here with us forever but we know that isn't the plan of God but we do know that His plan is for us to be together again one day. I love you always still and forever will. I will light your candle and think of each of you tonight at 10. I wish you a day filled with bright sunshine up there in heaven.
My baby boy this morning we were talking to Turbo your daddy and I telling him how much he would have liked you. You know that daddy and I have full blown conversations always answering ourselves back in who evers voice we are speaking too, LOL..Turbo told us that he would have loved to meet you that you must have been pretty special since we talked about you all the time...Well you were my baby a pretty special boy. I love you forever and always.
Love Mommy
My beautiful baby boy,I miss you so very much I see so much of you in Turbo , he is so demanding of our attention, just like you were. He is so forceful about saying to us, "hey look at me I want you to touch me if you can see me LOL"...just like you. I have always said and will always say that we don't find our babies they find us and I believe with all my heart that Turbo came to us , looking so much like you and Maddie in combination. He has those eyes just like Maddie but he has your face and your spirit, he has her longer flowing hair and your dark black color. Oh well I could go on but I don't need to do I baby because I know you sent him to us so you knew about him before us ... I love you baby to the moon and back.
My beautiful boy mommy is going on a rescue transport today, send me traveling graces from heaven and watch over us and this little one til it gets to it's forever home.. I do this in honor of you my boy...I love you forever more
The birds are singing outside it is a little nippy, the kind of weather that you love to lay in the cool grass, I can look out the office window and see you laying there under the bush. You started the "place making" as I call it now all thirteen of the shrubs have holes under them made just for the fit of each of the bodies of the babies to lay in. LOL YOur brothers and sisters use your spot I know you won't mind. We trim the shrubs so that each of you will have that special spot to lay in..isn't the most beautiful in the neighborhood but who cares as long as each of my special babies are comfy. Sending you hugs and loves all the way to heaven today. I love you my big buger boy always have always will.
Good morning beautiful boy today I was sitting here thinking of how you and your daddy loved to snore. LOL I could here you when you could still make it up the stairs I never knew which one was snoring the loudest you or daddy, I could sit downstairs and here you. I long for those days again. I love you boo and count myself blessed that you were with me all those years ups and downs goods and bads always and forever my Kaizer boo.
Good morning baby boy, as I sit here petting your new brother Turbo I see so much of your soul in him, so much of you my big boy. There is no doubt to me now that he was sent to us to help us understand that both you and your sister Maddie would live on in our hearts forever and ever until we meet again. He looks so much like Maddie with the exception of his coal black fur like yours and those eyes, they are you my Kaizer. He is very very special to us and I thank you and Maddie and all the angels for sending us this beautiful soul. We love you still and always will.
Love mommy
My beautiful baby boy you have been gone from us for 728 days today we miss you more than you know, this morning I put your angel near your urn. Wednesday will be two years, two very long years. We love you my baby boy more than all the stars in the sky.
A new angel is coming ot heaven today..your daddy's mom has passed. She will be a human so look for her she will need lots of help exploring heaven so be sure to find her at the gates and tell her Kaizer that we love her and are happy she isn't suffering anymore. We love you baby boy always and forever.
us...but one thing I can say...my love for you my big black boy will forever be stonger than any sting of death...I miss you Buddy forever and always.
Hello my beautiful boy, Old Girl is on her way to be with you in heaven. Sadly we had to help her to new life today at 10:30, she was such a blessing for us, I thank your sister Princess for sending her our way, even though she was 15, we only had her for 3 years but oh what wonderful years...today I am sad but still feeling honored to have known such love as you precious babies.
As I sat there this morning drinking my coffee I sat there looking at the three wooden urns that held you, Maddie and now Old Girl...just another example of how fleeting life is, then yesterday as I mowed and looked at Princess's grave outside I thought once again that this is how it ends .... so another lesson you each have taught me... to take each day as the most special day you have because they can be gone in an instant... I love you baby boy always have always will!!! Run now boy, I know your legs are new again and your beautiful black coat doesn't have one speck of gray.
Love always mommy
You were our warrior boy, you fought so hard to live and live you did !!!! We miss you my sweet angel boy... the king always and forever no matter how many come or go ..... there will forever be only one Kaizer
As I sit here thinking of all those who are at this moment being battered and abused, I look to the heavens and thank God and all His angels that you never had to live that life...unlike your brothers and sisters who came to us from such horrible lives, but it is our duty to press on to love and care for as many as our hearts can handle. We love you always and forever our precious black king.
Today is just one of those days my precious boy, that I sit and think I just didn't have enough time with you...I wish you were here with me but know that God had a different plan. Love you still to the moon and back
I love you baby boy..as I was mowing today I thought of you and how you used to lay under your tree and watch me mow...now there is just your plaque there...miss you forever by big black boy
My beautiful black boy, daddy and I sat outside yesterday evening and thought of you alot. We miss you, our "tree" will never be the same, we always think of you now as we look at that tree, the last place you lay before you went to heaven. We love you always and forever our beautiful child always and forever !!!+
Today I sit here and think of you and how I wish just for a moment I could catch a glimpse of you running thru heaven...on your new legs...I bet you are like you are when you were running in that field that Fall day way back when...that day I will never forget...
My precious boy...I can remember so clearly the first time I ever saw your face with that little red string around your neck I knew you would be mine...the first and the only dog I ever bought but man oh man worth every penny.
My beautiful boy, mommy is helping with a transport today of a beautiful Eskie ... I will be the one handing him off to his forever mommy. Gather your sisters and go to the tips of the rainbows to send us traveling mercies and traveling mercies to all those beautiful souls to are helping to get this precious one to it's forever home. Another saved...one at a time...one day at a time..my prayer is that there will be a day when none of us are needed that every creature of God has a home and someone to love them, like you did (do)!!
My beautiful boy I love you so much and I think of how on Thursday, it will be Thanksgiving and oh my how you loved to lay under the table with the hopes of someone dropping something ...and if they didn't you would no doubt let them know with your big big bark that "hey Kaizer is here and I want some food"...God you loved to eat...I miss you my old friend, you were that special boy that will always and forever be in my heart.
Sometimes when I think of you, I have a little chuckle thinking of how you loved to eat...my oh my you loved to eat..almost anything, everytime I eat an apple I think of you and how you loved to eat the core. I miss you Kai there will never be another one as special as you, although they each are special there is and always will be only one big black dog..I love you
I miss you alot baby boy, Buddy is fast asleep at my feet. He had surgery on his ear, he is getting on now, being a lab he has so many of your characteristics, my heart sometimes gets a little sad when I think about him leaving us for heaven, he is our last lab...I miss you Kaizer each and everyday.
My baby boy tomorrow will be 6 yrs that your sister Princess came to the bridge, we miss her so, please find her and tell her that we are thinking of her and that we love her and you each forever and ever more.
Today I sit and think of the first time I ever saw your little face the runt with the red string(boy did you ever fool us you 114 lb. runt LOL) and the last time I ever saw your face...or at least the last time on this side I believe my precious boy that I will see you once again. We love you forever and always.
Mommy had to erase for the 1st time today so I could write more to you...the words I wrote will always be in my heart, we miss you my angel always.
My special boy mommy left your candle for your service tonight I love always and forever!!
I miss you so much my buddy...you were and always will be that safe place for mommy to bury her face in ..when time get tough, now I just look up and know you are with me always in my heart.
My dear boy your brother Buddy is getting feeble it is his legs just like yours....please send him light and love.
"Amazing Grace" that is what God gives to me everyday, I get to see each of you thru this life and it is and was an honor and a pleasure to have spent your whole life with you. Ilove you my dear sweet boly always and forever.
My beautiful boy your brother Buddy has come to greet you at the gates along with Belinda, you will love her, I know you and your brother have given eachother many kisses by now and no doubt he is licking your ears as always. I love you my Kai always ....
My precious one mommy had to erase for the 1st time today so I could have room tocontinue to write to you. I love you Kaizer, your human brother has hit American soil this am we are happy for that. Please continue to send your lite and love down on him as he completes his mission over seas.
Constant..that is your word of the day, you were a constant in my life in some of the darkest hours of my life. I wasn't as good as I should have been at times but you were a constant and for that I will never forget you and everything you gave to me in my darkest times.
Well my dear boy the words came and they agreed now Molly (a beautiful Golden , looks like your sister Maddie) is in a Golden Rescue training program...another saved!! Now sadly, I come once again asking for the grace of each of you furangels to get a beautiful German Shepard to a rescue on Saturday, sadly she is HW + so we are praying for her recovery as well. I love you my big black boy angel forever and always!!
My beautiful black boy today I thank God that you never had to suffer abuse or pain at the hands of a human. You were and always will be my other soulmate. I love you bubby and I am putting up your tree today, my favorite ornament is the one of you when you were a lug of a pup your big head hadnt grown into your body yet. My life was a mess but you were my constant. I love you forever and ever more.
Good morning my beautiful boy not one day goes by that we don't miss that deep deep bark or that needy spirit of yours. Our Turbo has become you and honestly Bella has inherited your needy spirit and we love every inch of it. Thank you for being ours, we love you forever and ever.
The wind is howling here and the others are snoring ...reminds me so much of you and your afternoon naps. I love you Kai you will always be my number uno
My angel boy yesterday was a rough rescue I had a mam and four pups and a golden on board along with a beautiful black boy , who was so sweet reminded me a bit of you. But the others were just so pitiful and sad, what humans do will never cease to amaze me. But in all her fear the mama just wanted to protect her pups. What a sad sad world. I love you my boy to the moon and back
Today as I write I think of you and your brother Buddy how much you loved each other, now I close my eyes and see you both together again running through the meadows...I miss you every day
Mommy had to erase for the 2ND time today, so I could write to you more. I love you baby, I have left a candle for you for the service tonight.
Mommy has left you some snacks...I have to chuckle when I think of how you loved to eat!! I will never forget when we came home and you had gotten that tin of Christmas cookies off the counter...there were teeth marks in the tin and no cookies to be found LOL...
Mommy had to erase for the 3RD time today, I have left your Valentine's Day things. Enjoy your time of love in heaven. We miss you always
18 inches of snow here today, I know how much you loved to play. I miss watching you and Maddie as you just lay there and let it cover you up. This morning Turbo was doing that, hmmm a sign from you??
I sit here and listen to Jacko bark outside and my oh my does that deep bark sound like yours. I miss you so much I was watching your last video of you laying under your tree outside. What a sad day that was, we knew that day that the next would be the day you left us. We miss you my beautiful big black boy always

1,768 days without you..My oh my we still miss you so.daddy and I were just talking about you this morning. You are always close in our hearts.
I love you my precious black boy always and forever. I thank you for all you gave to me!!
Mommy has left your St Patty's stuff I hope all you babies are getting ready to celebrate in heaven ..Love you
Mommy has let your candle for the service tonight I will be thinking of each of you as always,I love you Kai Ka
Mommy has left your candle for the service
Happy first day of Spring my precious boy!!
Saw a black lab at the po today reminded me of you...I miss you my big black boy
My beautiful boy your brother Scooby has joined you, I have left a candle so he can see the bright light shining from heaven to welcome him in. I will create a residency as soon as my heart will allow
I miss you Kaizer, everyday. I think of you as Turbo lays in the baby pool. You loved to lay in the cool water, he is the only one now that will lay in it. He is so much like you. Thank you for being my doggie!!
My beautiful boy another tragedy has befallen our family. Tony's son in law was drowned last Wednesday on the same lake as he was. Sadness seems to be a trend for us this SUmmer. Watch over all your brothers and sisters up there. We love you always my angel boy
It is storming here today, you never minded that. But man oh man Maddie hated storms. Many of ours have come and gone since you and sadness sets in sometimes, but the joy you and each of your siblings gave to us is much more than the grief we bear. Not many understand this crazy sweet love we have for our babies but for them I am sad. It is only second to the love of a child. The pure sweetness of knowing that the only thing you furries want is our love and affection and food., nothing more. What a lesson the human race could take from God's creatures. Sending you sweet sweet love today.
Well it is a pattern, as it was with you and Maddie. Now our precious little Lucky is beginning to decline. She fell coming up the garage steps yesterday and she is having trouble holding her urine. Oh my I hate this so much but I also know that the love she has had over the past 11 years is lots and lots. Give me strength my boyif this is the path we must walk again so soon.
My boy, how I miss you when I see those big black dogs. Lucky and Buddy are the only two left now that got the wonderful pleasure of spending time with you. We miss you always our beautiful Kaizer. You were the first one that ever stole my heart ...stayed with me from birth til death...bad and good...life is better for me because you were in it.
Yesterday was your birthday. You would have been 14 yrs. old. I miss you so much my beautiful black boy. So much
Today as I renewed your residency I had a twinge of sadness in my heart knowing that you have been gone from me one more year, I love you my big black boy, we were just talking about you on Sunday. I miss you always and will never forget the love and joy you brought to us
My beautiful big black boy, yesterday daddy and I were sitting outside and Turbo was sitting beside us , he is soooo much like you. He is our Kaizer incarnate always ready to be near us and always just a loving big black boy. He brings so much joy and he brings so many memories of you to us with his looks. I love you Kai to the moon and back. Little Lucky is the only original left. She is about 15 now and her mind is not as sharp as it used to be, she is now like Scooby following us at night and wanting to be near us. I know she is preparing us wooooooooooo this one is going to be hard because it will be the last link to anyone of them knowing you. I love you always and forever!!
My beautiful black boy, we have a new little one with us now. His name is Chase, he is your brother's human baby. I left you French fries. I had to chuckle as I remembered long ago how you used to grab the fries out of Cloey's hand but ever so gentle, now she is 12 and you are gone and we have a new little one. Time passes, but our love for you remains forever the same.
The snow is so heavy here about 27 inches. I sit here remembering how you used to let us bury you in the snow. I miss that and I miss you. You my precious and all my babies it is so hard to be here without your bark. I love and miss you always.
Mommy has left your Valentines Day things I love you my big black precious one and only KING KAIZER
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you
As Turbo sits with his head on my leg I think of you and how you never took the answer no. LOL If you wanted a pat or attention you would put that big old head on me or bark...my what a bark until we came or you got what you wanted. I miss that so much.
2/15/16 Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
Today I saw French fries and thought of you. I miss you and love you to the moon and back.
My love ...you were my first love and no matter how many come and go..there will never be but one YOU
Mommy has left your candle for tonight's service
Mommy has left your Easter things
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I will think of you and all those babies I have lost
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Send your bright and shining light to us
All the babies are quietly laying sleeping in this dreary day. I miss those times with you
It is mowing time again, I think of you as I round your tree. You loved it there. It was the last place you and I and daddy lay that day. I remember daddy going to the mower because he couldn't be there anymore knowing his best buddy would be going to heaven that next day. I love you my precious always and forever my first and only KING
You were the king my boy. I was cleaning your urn today and thought of all the love and goodness you brought into our lives.
Did you hear us baby boy. Daddy and I were talking about you this morning, how Turbo reminds us so much of you. Especially his love of food. He managed to steal daddy's ham sandwich right off the counter. LOL That brings me back to the Christmas cookies, I will never figure out how you managed to get that tin off the counter, opened and ALL those cookies ate. I will always have such great and fun memories of our life together. I love you Kaizer my beautiful dog.
NINE years, this morning you left us for heaven. I miss you so much. I never dream much, but last night I dreamed we had a black lab puppy. I sit in wonder at the computer this am thinking was that a sign from you to let us know you are well. I love you my precious boy.
Mommy and daddy were talking about you yesterday to Erika, we were telling her how you used to love to ride the tractor with daddy while he mowed the grass. We miss you my beautiful man. Doesn't seem like 7 years have come and gone.
It's almost Christmas again...I stopped putting up stockings after you and Maddie left. I couldn't bear it but I still do your doggie tree. Sadly , there are many more added. I love you always and forever
The sun is shining today and your dad is working outside. I think of how you would have been right by his side. I love you Kai and I miss you lots and lots
You just simply were our joy, I miss you Kaizer
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.
I had always believed you were the most spoiled dog in the whole wide world....UNTIL your sister Bella came along. She is so needy so much more than even you. And I love that , thank you buddy for having a hand in sending us another spoiled rotten needy pup.
You always made us smile...thank you dear sweet boy of mine for all the memories. I close my eyes and see you running through those fields yet today
Hello sweet boy, mommy spent the morning cleaning and decorating your sister Princess' grave. She is the only one we have buried here on the farm. The rest we have in urns in the cabinet next to me here. Today daddy and I had a discussion as to Lucky, she loved her sister Princess but we cannot stand to bury her, so we have decided that she will take her place beside you here. Her health is failing fast , but her life has been full she is almost 17 years old. Watch over her until it is time for her to make her way to the bridge to join you and the rest of our clan there.
Precious Kaizer thank you for guiding us, your sister has made her journey to the bridge yesterday at 10 am. Watch for her and meet her quickly so she can be reunited with her big brother at the gates. I love you big boy!!
Hello my big black boy, I miss you. Yesterday I was outside making plans for the benches in the Summer and I was thinking of putting one under your tree. I think I will so I can just sit and think of the memories we made here on the farm. I can still remember your last day here. We took a blanket out and brought you out to lay in the sunshine. Daddy stayed with you then went to get on the mower, you couldn't ride with him anymore, but he kept making passes by where we were and saying, "hi kai kai daddy loves you."...It is those little things I will ever forget. I love you Kaizer. Today daddy is picking up Lucky's ashes she will soon be in the cabinet with you.
Good morning buddy, this morning I had a chuckle, as we are trying to put your brother Turbo on a diet. He is so much like you, he is so fat but yet he musters enough strength to get those paws up to the kitchen counter looking for anything to eat. LOL He is on steroids for his auto immune issues so it is so hard . He is hungry all the time....unlike you who had no medical issues but loved to eat. I miss you my precious boy.
Hello my precious boy, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you always.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you
My big black boy, we sure do miss you lots. The older Turbo gets the more he reminds me of you. I am so grateful for the time we spent together.
Hello precious, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight and your Easter things. I hope you enjoy a fun egg hunt in heaven.
Hello my big black boy. Maverick your cousin has come to join you. Your human brother was able to be home from over seas so he could spend his last day with him on this side. I hope you each are enjoying all the beauty that your hearts can hold up there. I love you Kaizer.
Happy New Year by big black sweet boy, another year has come and gone without you. We miss you still always and forever. I have left your candle for the service tonight.
Hello my precious boy...I left your Valentine's things today. It is hard to believe that it has almost been 9 years since I touched your big black head or heard that bark...I miss you and I love you always and forever Kaizer the King
Hello sweet boy, mommy has left your St. Patty's Day things. I miss you and yes, if I could I would roll out that "stairway from heaven" and allow you to walk right down into our hearts and lives once again.
Hello my big black boy. I left your Easter things today. Although we are in the midst of a snow storm here not much like Easter. I love you Kaizer always and forever....you were my steady.
Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel boy. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Happy Fall my precious KING KAIZER...this will be your 9th Fall in heaven. We miss you everyday my big old black boy. Even 9 years later we still have not been able to invite a black lab into our lives again, the pain is still too fresh,
Good morning beautiful boy, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Gather all the others and bring them to the bridge so they can all shine their lights down upon us.
Hello dear boy, gather together with your candle to help the others as they guide our friend Tia to the beautiful meadows of heaven. I miss you my sweet boy.
Hello baby boy , mommy has left your St. Patty's Day things, I hope you have a grand celebration in heaven.
Good morning beautiful black boy, It is a cold day here and the last three amigos are laying at my feet as I type this. Turbo reminds me of you the way he crosses his front paws when he lays. Whisper a prayer for our Cpt. Jack, he has blessed us with lots of great years but his old legs just like yours are starting to cause him to fall at times. I hate this part but until he is ready we will love him and thank God that he has spent 11 years on this side thus far, being a pyrenese that is a great miracle in itself. We love you Kaizer watch over us from above.
Hello beautiful boy it is getting close to your 10th anniversary in heaven. Gosh it doesn't feel like almost 10 years have passed. We miss you always, sweet boy.
Happy St Pattys Day weekend.
03/21/19MommY left your Easter things, I hope you have a grand Easter Egg hunt in heaven.
Mommy has left our candle for the service tonight, gather with all the others my boy to send us light and love from heaven above. We love and miss you so.
Mommy has left your candle be the leader tonight bubby bring all of our pack to the sky edge so you can shine light and love down on us tonight.
Mommy has left you a very special candle today, use it to gather with the others to welcome your brother Turbo home....he left us for heaven on Thursday.
Hello precious boy, mommy has left you a birthday cake. So you can find your human grandma, my mama and help her celebrate her 93rd birthday in heaven tomorrow. I love you Kaizer always and forever .
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Hello angel, mommy has been camping so I haven't visited in a bit, so here I am. I miss you so much my big black boy. Gosh, it is so hard to believe that you have been gone for 10 years it seems like yesterday that you were trying to grow into yourself as a big ole' lanky pup. Time passes my friend oh how quick it passes. Turbo is gone now and we are two just like when it was you and Maddie. SIGH,,,, it has been 20 years since we were a pack of two plus daddy and I . I love you Kaizer you are a part of my heart forever more.
I mowed today and I thought of you, and how on the last full day you had on this earth. We took you out under your favorite tree and you and I sat on the blanket together and watched daddy mow. I remember so clearly every time he would make a turn to where we were he would yell, "I love you KaKa", all the time with tears streaming down his face because he knew his bestest buddy in the whole wide world would be leaving him the next day...OH the pain !!! But OH it was worth the love bud!! That I promise you!!
Wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day in Heaven.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, follow Bud Jones he is the leader of the pack tonight
I miss your face sweet boy, I have yet even after 10 years have been able to have a black lab. I miss you and I will forever and always hold you as the KING of our pack.
I laughed as I left you a bucket of red apples this morning. Oh how you loved apple cores. You would wait so patiently until we were finished eating our apple for the core. I miss those little things most my sweet boy.
We have a new neighbor who has a black lab, they walk him up and down the road. I think of you often when I see them. I miss you Kaizer and I am so grateful that you were a part of my life.
My beautiful boy, I often think I would like to have another lab just like you but after all these years my heart still won't allow that to happen. There will always and forever be only one Kai Kai...but my friend you undoubtly sent Bella to us as she is as demanding of attention as you were. I love you boy even 10 years later just as much as I did that September morning I saw you for the first time.
I remembered you today as that sleek shining black dog who ran like the wind in the tall grass. I miss you buddy and I wish I could have that time back. I hope you are having a grand time in heaven today.
Sending you love to heaven today.
Mommy has left you a birthday cake so you can help celebrate our little granddaughter Mia's first birthday. We love you sweet boy
Happ Fall sweet boy! I miss you and your beautiful spirit every day.
Mommy has put up your tree with all your photo ornaments on it. I miss all of you so much. I wish you a beautiful Holiday season in Heaven this year.
My sweet boy, I am thinking of you today and the times you would let the snow cover you. We have a blanket of snow on our yard today and I remember the days when we would all bundle up for our snow time..now Jack is the only "snow dog" we have left and he cannot go out for long because of his old legs. My sweet boy please welcome a very special and dear friend to the bridge her name is Molly. She too is a sweet senior girl, our camping friend we met in the woods of Cranberry. I know her mommy and daddy are sad she had to leave them so help her to the tips of the rainbows so she can send them a very special bright and shining night star down from heaven. I love you Kaizer.
Hello sweet boy, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas in Heaven. I hope the meadows were covered in a blanket of snow so you could run and play and lay in it like you used to do while you were here with us. I love you sweet boy always and forever.
Happy New Decade sweet boy! I love and miss you always.
Good morning sweet boy I think of you so very often I miss you so much, Jack has come to join you all I miss him so much.
Good morning sweet boy, I still miss you so much especially around Thanksgiving because you were always there to grab all the droppings off the table. I love you Buddy
My sweet boy yesterday I was thinking of you and Sadie and how you used to love hanging out together now you are both in heaven together. I miss you my big black boy but I am forever grateful for the time God lent you to us.
Hello sweet boy, I miss you so much today is a quiet day here. As I was walking through the family room I looked down at the floors and saw the scratches that you left for me as you would get up and down. I miss you still even after all these years.
Hello sweet boy it is almost Christmas here and I think of all of you so often. Your sister Bella got her presents early this year I wish you were here to get presents but I know you have the best present ever...great new and healthy legs to run on in Heaven
It is the eve of the ending of another year and the beginning of another without you here. I love you by handsome King Kaizer Turrock. Happy New Year my boy!!
Hello sweet boy I was just thinking about you today.. Matt has a Red Fox lab his name is River. He is such a good boy, he reminds me of you and how you were just so full of love in that deep bark, we miss you sweet boy I can't believe it will soon be 11 years since you left me. I love you boy and I will always remember you as your daddy's boy.
Hello sweet boy, I was thinking about you and daddy and I were talking about you as we looked at the floor in the living room. Your scratches are still there and we would never cover them !! Thank you for leaving us these memories, we still miss you so very much.
I left you a Bandana today. I loved how we would put those around your neck after you got your bath lol and they surely didn't stay long. You were always the free spirit who did everything on your terms. I guess if we were to compare any of our furries to you it would have to be Bella as she is as spoiled to her daddy as you were. As I type this she is on her way for grocery pick up which will result no doubt in a pup cup from DQ. LOL We joke and say dad is the play dad and mom is the rule mom. LOL oh my goodness I miss that deep bark that woke us all up in the mornings but once again we have Bella that doesn't bark yet at 5:30 starts her whine until she gets her apple yogurt treat lol. I love you buddy forever and always you will be Kaizer the King!
Hugs and kisses to Heaven today!
Hello there sweet black boy, Fall is here again. I miss you so much. Your cousin River came for a visit and it reminded me of the love of a lab. Bella is doing well she is a gray faced old lady now but still our spoiled rotten baby. Can you believe it baby we are a family of one furbaby. We will be a family of one until she leaves us, she is enjoying the only child thing .LOL More treats for her. I miss you Kai Kai always and forever by big black baby boy!
My beautiful black boy I just renewed your residency for another year, I can't believe you have been gone for almost 12 years. I miss you so badly sweet baby boy so very much.
Happy almost Spring big boy. I miss you. The other day I was outside picking up sticks and there I was under your tree just thinking about you and remembering that last full day of you laying on your blanket under that tree watching daddy as he mowed. Gosh I miss you. I am really recalling this week the simplicity of these days of the love of animals. I love you boy and I always will.
Hey sweet boy I miss you so much every day even after 14 years.

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