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Memories of KaiTu
You entered our lives as a wrinkled wonder. You were a breeder release due to a badly broken leg. The wonderful vets of Southside fixed your leg and you sported a lime green bandage over four pins. Since we were fighting a losing battle with lymphoma with our Golden Retriever Aly, the vets picked us as your parents. We brought you home and the adventure began. What a great puppy you were, never whimpered, house trained quickly and great pal to our remaining golden Katie.
You quickly became the boss of everything! You shadowed us all day and hated not knowing where we were at all times. You found your way up on the couch, in our beds and of course our hearts. You, Papa and I were quite the trio and we loved being with you.

Kai, we love being your parents!!

Your vet called today and said how sorry she was that you were gone. She said you battled hard with everything that you had; epilepsy, a blown out knee, allergic to 22 different things and lastly the pancreatic cancer. Through it all you looked like a puppy, no one could believe you were 12! We miss you baby dog, every day there are tears for you but we know too, finally, you have no pain, no itches and best of all no boundaries. You still have your paws around our hearts and always will, how blessed are we!! Love you Bubba Dog!

We picked your ashes from the vet today. They had your paw print in clay for us, you have the most perfect paw prints. We dearly miss you, can't catch our breath sometimes.
Every moment with you was heaven!!

Still tears every day. Your Papa and I talk to you all the time. I love the people that say you are right by our side, I hope you are as it makes this more bearable. Miss your smell, your prickly tail and your eyes. We love your eyes. Love you so much, little man!

Hi Baby Boy! Miss you more than ever. The days have been so nice and I know you would have loved laying on the top deck surveying your world, your kingdom! You kept us safe and let us know when anyone was close. Love and miss you so very much!! XOXOXO

Morning Little Man! Sorry I have been gone so long. Sometimes I try and pretend you aren't really gone and that helps but today I just miss you so much. There's a moose laying in the field today and I know you would be telling them off, I miss your barks and chirples! Your papa and I act like your still here, I think it helps to take the edge off. We think about you every day, several times a day. You were/are amazing, our Mr. Magnificent. Love you always xoxoxoxo

Hi baby dog! Still doesn't hurt any less and still cry often. We take your calendar everywhere with us so we can see your beautiful face all the time. Love you little man. We always toast to you whenever, whereever, you are amazing. The 2nd anniversary of your passing we were in AZ, I still think you are with us all the time, anyway it was a rain day and just before sunset the mountains turned pink and a huge rainbow went from Elephant Head to Mt Wrightson. I know it was you saying, look what I can do. It was so beautiful and peaceful, just wish I could have hugged you and kissed those sweet little cheeks. Always love, little man xoxoxoxo

My little man, my forever dog! We miss you so much and talk about you every day! When we travel and head out the door, its c'mon Kai lets go on a trip! I love reading the guest book and the wonderful things said there! Love and miss you every day, baby dog! Always love Kai! xoxoxoxoxo

Baby dog. We celebrate your birthday and we mourn on the day you left us. We toast to you every evening and we still and always will miss you so very much! We talk about you all the time and still feel you near us. Always love lil man ❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

Hi little man, our prince. We still toast to you every evening and miss you always. We carry you in our hearts wherever we go, always saying wouldn't Kai have loved this and how much we miss you! Always love to you lil man ♥️🐾♥️

Hi sweet prince! Still and always missing you! Your button nose, your chirples, your tapping. Hope you are by our side lil man, you're the best. Always love sweet sweet Kai ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Hi baby dog! Love you so much little man. I carry you in my heart everywhere and think of you all the time! Always, always love my sweet Kai ♥️
 ❌ ⭕️❌⭕️

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