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Memories of Kahlua
We rescued Kahlua from a puppymill 11 years ago. She joined our family and our other babies -- Andy, Hershey, Sofie, Golda, Raven & Chaps. Early the next year we got Bandit - who became Kahlua's favorite companion. After losing Andy & Hershey - Kahlua & Bandit were our special girls. We lost Bandit in March 2005 and it was a tremendous loss for us and for Kahlua. After losing Bandit we only had Kahlua & Sofie (our cat) left as our babies. Kahlua helped us get thru the horrible loss of Bandit and we are forever grateful to her for staying with us for 14 months longer. Valley Fever took her from us on 5/25 and has left a huge, heartbreaking void in our lives. Thank you, darling Kahlua for your loyalty & love -- the way you would beg us at every meal -- and how we could not resist you with your beautiful smiling face and gorgeous eyes that we shall never forget. We know you are with your sisters and brothers now and that you and Bandit are especially happy to be together again. Of course the loss is ours and we only hope you will watch over us and protect us as we tried to protect you. We shall always love you and will never forget you. Hi baby. Well, today is 3 weeks since you left us. We are truly missing you and wishing you were here. Hopefully you are in a better place and with all your wonderful brothers and sisters. It isn't the same eating a meal without you! Now Mommy can actually eat slowly - but I'd rather be sharing with you. We love you so much, Kahlua. Hello sweet baby girl. Mommy misses you more and more each day. You were my loving shadow and it is so lonely here without you and Bandit to greet us. Sofie misses you so much too. I always think of you - especially when I am fixing something to eat - remembering what a beggar you were! But it didn't matter - because you gave me so much love and all that I needed and you are sorely absent now. I hope you are there with your sister, Bandit and that you are pain-free and content. Mommy would love to kiss your sweet little forehead. I love you and miss you so very much. Hi Kahlua. Mommy is writing to you before we leave for South America next week. We miss you and love you so very much and hope that you are at peace and pain-free. Our house is so lonely now without you, Bandit and Sofie - but we think of you always and will never forget you and your sisters. Please watch over us always and remember that we love you more than anything. Hello my sweet Kahlua. It is almost the end of Dec and a new year will begin. Mommy misses you terribly and wishes I could have had more time with you. It doesn't matter how much time passes, I will never get over losing you and not having you greet me at the door. Mommy loves you as much as ever my baby and hopes you will watch over me in the coming years. Til the next time I write to you -- all my love. Baby girl -- it is Mommy talking to you again. I am going away on a trip and I want you to watch over Daddy and me while I am gone. I love you so much and miss you even more. I think of all your little cute ways and it makes my heart ache for you. I only can take solace in believing that you are with Bandit and Raven and our other wonderful babies who preceded you to the Rainbow Bridge. I am putting kisses on your beautiful little head right now. Hi baby. Hope you are doing well. Mommy misses you very much and can't believe you are almost gone for a year already. I love you so very much and think of you always. Rest peacefully beautiful girl. Kahlua, my angel -- this week you will be gone for a year. It is so hard to believe that you are not with us. I miss you every day -- miss having you trail behind me and lay beneath my feet. I miss your begging at meals and your constant watching over me. You were such a wonderful companion and you are always on my mind and in my heart. I hope you are at peace and with your darling Bandit, Raven, Sofie, Golda, Hershey, Andy & Chaps. Daddy and I love you dearly my precious girl. I will light your candle on Thurs so you will know that you are always with us. Beautiful Kahlua - I am thinking of you so very much. Tres is visiting and she has eyes like yours - which makes my memories of you so much stronger. You were my lovely shadow and I miss you very much and love you even more. The year has gone by since you left - but the time doesn't erase the special bond we had. Mommy misses you and loves you forever. Our beatiful Kahlua -- Mommy & Daddy leave for our cruise next week. Please watch over us. Mommy misses you so very much. Every day -- always. You were such a love to me - especially after losing Bandit so horribly. I wish you didn't have to suffer with your valley fever. Mommy tried so hard to keep you - but it just wasn't to be. I hope you are with Bandit, Raven, Chaps, Sofie, Golda and all my other beautiful babies - who I miss and still love so dearly. Kahlua, my angel. Mommy has decided to find a new puppy. He or she will not replace you or Bandit -- but Mommy needs to love another baby and to try to give it a good life. You are always in my thoughts -- I never stop loving or missing you. I know you are watching over us every day -- and I adore you for that. You are so deep in my heart -- for always and ever. Angel girl -- we are going away on Jan 1 and hope you will watch over us and keep us well. We love you and miss you every day. Thank you for being in our lives - it was a priceless treasure for us and you will always live within our hearts and souls. Angel, girl, your new sister Tassie is here with us now. She is an addition to our family and hopefully will love her new home and us. Please help watch over her and your Mom & Dad and remember that we love you just as much as ever and miss you so very much. It's because of you and Bandit that we needed a new puppy. You were the best girls ever and you could never be replaced.Hello angel. Well, we now have two little girls - Tassie & Koley. Tassie is so much like you - Daddy and I have been calling her "Kahlua" by mistake many times. Please watch over our new little darlings. They are making us happy and helping to heal the emptiness without you and Bandit. We love you so much and miss you every day. These little girls are just special reminders of how lucky we were to have you in our lives. Mommy adores you and hopes you are peaceful. Our beautiful Kahlua -- it is almost 2 yrs now that you are gone. We miss you so much and love you always. Your new 1/2 sisters, Koley & Tassie are bringing us joy and memories of how you and Bandit were together. Tassie is much like you and Daddy and I often call her "Kahlua" -- but, of course, there is only one Kahlua -- and so you shall always remain in our hearts and minds. Hugs & kisses to you, precious girl -- we love you! Good morning Kahlua. Mommy is missing you very much. Your new sisters are so comforting - but Tassie is so much like you that sometimes I think you are here to watch over us. It seems like forever that you left us - and time does not always heal as it is supposed to. I thank the Lord for our 11 years with you - and having you be my shadow. I would have loved to have many more year with you -- I love you so dearly, darling. G'day love. Mom & Dad are leaving in one week and hope you will watch over us, the children and Tassie & Koley. We love you so much Kahlua and miss you terribly. You are our darling girl and forever in our hearts and thoughts. Beautiful, darling girl. We are leaving again for a trip and hope that you will watch over your two little sisters, Tassie & Koley - and your Mommy & Daddy while we are away. We love you - miss you -- think of you ALWAYS - especially because Tassie has so many of your ways about her! We never forget you precious girl. Sweet Kahlua - tomorrow is 3 years since you left us. I have your memorial candle lit - so you know that we never forget you and never stop loving you. We miss you every day and remember all your little sweet, funny habits. How lucky we were to have had 11 years with you - although it wasn't enough, darling girl. Sweet dreams forever and always - filled with our love for you. My angel, Kahlua - Mommy leaves tomorrow nite for Australia. Please watch over Daddy, Koley & Tassie while I am gone and also watch over me - so far away from home. I love you and miss you so. Hello my angel. Mommy & Daddy will be going away on Thurs. Please watch over us on our cruise and also take care of your little sisters, Tassie & Koley, who will be home with a sitter. Kahlua, we love you and miss you so very much. You will always be our special angel girl. Kahlua, we miss you so very much. We think of you always - especially because Tassie has so many of your habits and she even resembles you. You will never be forgotten - you are deeply loved. Hi Kahlua, Mommy is just thinking of you and missing you so much - so I wanted to write a little note and make sure you know that you are not forgotten and never will be. I will love you forever and always.
My Kahlua -- you gave us 11 beautiful years -- then Valley Fever took you away from us. It broke our hearts. You were always just such a good girl. We miss you terribly always and never forget your loyalty -- your love for us and Bandit and Sofie. Life goes on -- but there are always those moments when it still hurts to not have you here. Sleep well beautiful golden girl. You are always in our hearts and minds. Hello my darling, Kahlua. It is now 8 years since you have gone from our home and Mommy still misses you terribly. You were always such a mellow girl and such an easy keeper. I know you are in a better place and that you watch over me. Still, if I could have some more time with you - that would be such a bonus to my life. You are alwyas on my mind, lovely girl. Rest peacefully. Darling Kahlua - it has been such a long time since you left us - but please know that you are always in our hearts and we love you so much. It always seemed as though you were smiling. So hard to let go, Kahlua, even with our new girls - Tassie & Koley - who are now 7 years old -- you are never forgotten. I hope I never failed you in any way. Mommy loves you with all her heart. Kahlua....you are always in my heart. I miss your loving spirit and kindness. You will always be loved and missed. You are my darling forever.

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