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Memories of Kadee
After our first furbaby, Chance, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Mom swore she wouldn't get a new dog, and she stuck to her guns for as long as she could. But after months of persistent poking and prodding from her two children, she eventually agreed to at least visit an adoption fair up in Livingston, NJ, which happened to fall on Father's Day and happened to take place during a monsoon, or at least it felt like it.

When we arrived at the fair, there was a sea of rows and rows of cages as far as the eye could see, all filled with the sad but hopeful little faces of dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

Mom headed to the first aisle, while my sister Shana and I opted for efficiency, what with the sheets of rain and all, and we covered as much ground as possible as quickly as we could, making note of cute dogs to report back. With our mission complete, we then returned to Mom only to find that she'd made it to all of 2 cages in the very same first aisle where we'd left her. She'd already found her soon-to-be new furbaby, a collie mix named Kadee, rescued from a life of abandonment, desperately yearning to love and be loved.

And despite an obviously less-than-ideal habit of jumping up on people, it didn't matter...it was love at first sight!

So we filled out the paperwork to officially make Kadee ours and then guided her out of the pouring rain and into Dad's van to make the trip back to what she could finally call "home." My sister and I sat in the back with her, petting her and reassuring her everything would be alright. About halfway through our return journey, she suddenly leapt down from the back seat, made a bee line to the front, and jumped up onto Mom's seat so that she could be held in her arms.

That was Kadee in a nutshell -- the most affectionate and grateful dog you could ever ask for. She wanted nothing more than to be petted and loved, which she was happy to repay with wet puppy kisses. But after battling with all her might for two years plus -- by the grace of God -- she eventually succumbed to her bout with degenerative myelopathy. God was calling her to cross the Rainbow Bridge and be with Dad, Chance, Rio, and all our dearly departed friends and family.

Thank you, Kadee, for nearly 10 years of love, joy, loyalty, and fond memories. I know that now, with your legs restored to full strength, you're frolicking care-free through a field with a happy puppy smile and with your stumpy tail wagging uncontrollably.

Until we meet again...

Love Always,

Mom, Chad, and Shana

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