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Memories of Josephine
Well this morning I had to take you to the vet to get your needle and I still cannot believe that you are gone. You still looked pretty healthy and only started to get sick a few weeks ago. Unfortunately they found cancer right through your body and thats why you were not eating because it was making you feel sick and you couldnt do toilets. Now I have lost my two grey and white cats that have lived with me for over 8 years. I still havent got over losing Simba in January and now you have gone. I will add more to this and your picture but this will have to do for now. Well its the 7th of June and I have just added your picture I hope it is ok as most of your pictures are with Alexander its impossible to find one with you two separate so I have cropped this one. I am really not coping at all this time I dont know how much longer I can just go on like this. Now I am wondering if you were really sick and should I have just taken you home and that you may have got better. How can I believe it when they say your body has cancer all through it???? You looked so well I know you couldnt eat or do toilets but in time you may have. I cannot believe I will never feel your beautiful soft thick coat again. You were so helpful to me when Simba died and gave me you love and company so now what do I do???? Poor Alexander doesnt have a clue whats gone on and I dont think he can see photos or understand them. As far as I am concerned my life has changed forever and I cannot see I will feel the happiness I felt before you and Simba left me. There is this constant ache and at the moment I break down and cry at the slightest thing. I will keep in touch. Oh bye the way thankyou for the beautiful rainbow in the sky on Thursday the day after I had you put down. It was so large and bright and and a small little line of colours that just lay at the end of the rainbow. I am sure it was a sign that you had arrived at rainbowbridge and I hope Simba was there to meet you. Is Simba ok??? tell him I cry for him as well. Lots more to tell you but not now love you both. Hello my lovely Josephine my special good gentle girl. There has been so much that has happened as you may be away but the main thing is poor Alexander is not coping too well he misses you mostly and Simba and also he is very mean to the other cats Christobelle and Snowflake. I know you didnt know Snowflake but she was keen to be part of our family when we had just moved and while you were inside the house and not well. You were so kind and gentle to Christobelle and I wonder if you had not had cancer then you would have been Christobelles friend and she may have been a more friendly cat. Not sure how Alexander would have reacted as he is not happy with the cats at all and has attacked them. He is not very well either and I am scared he will leave me soon. I couldnt handle it really but its amazing how much affection he loves from me now he is the only cat left out of the three of you. He does rely on me a lot but I know if he could make friends with the girls he would be alot happier. If there is anything that you can do maybe come into his dreams and suggest this to him we could try it. I have to be so careful because I dont want any of them hurt. Its no fair on the girls and Alexander could get himself hurt as well. the silly sausage that he is. I must go for now take care I love it when you are in my dreams keep coming into them stay close to your tiger and send him lots of love. love you so much my beautiful gentle Josephine Your devoted human mother. Hello Josephine its been a long time since I contacted you but I have been so very busy and I think you know why all the cats being unwell and dramas at home. Well as you know on Wednesday at about 8.30am Alexander needed the final needle to take him away to sleep for good. I am devistated as now all three of my boys are gone. I know you would have been next to him for quite a while anyway but especially at the vets that day when he went. You and Simba would have been there to lick and kiss and cuddle him and take him with you both and show him what to do and what has happened to him. I miss him so much as we cuddled up in bed together every night since you went away and its been five and half years. But of course my time has been occupied taking care of Snowflake because I thought she was so sick and wouldnt be long in this world. Her opperation was a success so far and is quite happy playing outside. But I did spend many nights and a lot of time with her and I had to leave Alexander by himself my special baby my tiger cub all alone. He didnt like that at all. Anyway I will place a residency for him later as I am just at the library with no email access and I have already written pages at home as what happened. But should really construct a story about him including his time with you and Simba plus his time when you had passed away. I miss him so much he loved nothing more than to be with me either sitting on my lap or being in bed with me as long as I was with him. He died of something quite horrible and I think he did suffer for a about 3 days too many but he isnt suffering now. I feel life will never be the same and of course it will not be. I will take care of Christobelle and Snowflake and love them too but my heart aches and there is a sadness for you and Simba even now so it has increased with the loss of my Alexander. Take care Josephine I know you are now taking care of Alexander he always followed you everywhere and really loved you so much he never got over losing you and he wondered where you went to. Please all three of you come to me in my dreams as I am so lonely and missing him I am missing him so much I cannot sleep at night and nothing helps me at the moment. I will find a lovely photo of the two of you together and maybe one of you and Simba and Alexander in our very happy days when we didnt have any of this sadness thats keeps just being added to without any relief. Watch over us all especially Christobelle and Snowflake as they deserve the happiness you 3 boys had when you lived all together before any of you got sick and before we moved house. LOVE YOU ALWAYS COME TO ME IN MY DREAMS HELP ME THROUGH THIS NOW kiss kiss kiss Hello my beautiful Josephine its been a long time since I have contacted you but I talk to you often and now of course you have your Alexander with you. I miss you both so very much and of course Simba. Have you met Snowflake? have you made friends? I think you would have actually you did meet her I think not long after we moved house. I miss Alex very much he got very sick very suddenly and I was still trying to nurse Snowflake. I guess you have seen the two new cats I have taken in, I hope you dont mind so many cats need a home and this is a mother and daughter and apparently they have a bad home to start in. Valentine looks a bit like you I think and has a similar nature its nice to have that real tangable reminder of course no one is like you and our times you Alex and Simba all lived with me in the other house they were carefree and happy times until you all left one by one. These new cats will make a lovely life and give me some lovely memories as well. They have a lovely nature and make such an effort to include Christabelle in their games and they are so gentle and loveing to her. She doesnt know what to make of them but she follows them when they are not following her. Little Lucy just adores her but Christabelle is quite nervous of this boistrous bundle of joy Lucy is so brave and able to jump and run and do anything and is not scared of anything but Christabelle is scared of her. Please watch over us Josephine and the little ones they deserve a lovely life like you had I will give them the love I gave you and the freedom as well because as it turns out keeping cats inside only makes unhappy cats I think I would rather them to have a shorter life but to have freedom. easier said than done though. I miss Alex very much as these two are not into snuggling they are wary and they have bonded with me in their own way but not the same. Take care of one another up there Alex who would be missing me and Simba and little Snowflake who went through so much in the hope of a better life but it was all for nothing as she ended up losing the battle with life I now wish I hadnt put her through all the pain of operations and medicines and needles and vet visits but we didnt know. Tell her I am sorry I think she knows but tell her anyway. Little Lucy has some ways like Snowflake but I am not sure if it is Snowflake doing that and Lucy is confused as to why she is behaving that way. Anyway we have a house with cats galloping through it nearly knocking us over and meowing for food and able to eat what we give them and just have bundles of energy and so curious and keen to play with anything so its a special home again and its given Christabelle a new lease on life she is alwasy near by the cats even though she growls at them from time to time and Valentine has even managed to clean her face a few times which is lovely to watch. take care my love know that my love for you was genuine and real and the closest it could be and that I never stop thinking of you and all the others but I can give love to more cats thats why I brought these two in especially as they didnt want to separate them and that they had had a bad start. talk to you soon love mummy Hello Josephine my baby for always I hope you are fine there and with Alexander and Simba I also hope you have met Boots, Snowflake, mums cats MiMi princess and Amber. The dogs of course but now my brother has gone to the other side and he always had a black dog which I am sure they were there to meet him. Please watch over us all especially Valentine and Lucy Cub. I miss you so much you and Alex and Simba too. You left too soon Josephine 9 years of age that is not right I am so sorry as I know it was things I can improve on now which I am doing for these other cats. you know now we have the cat next door living with us and he has the most terrible matts which I dont know how to get rid of. I had got rid of them all in previous years but now they seem worse. IF there is anything you can do please help him with his matts. I dont think my brother is a cat person but if you see him let him know we all miss him very much he left too soon only 57 mum and dad are very sad about it particulay mum. You should have lived as long as your brother Alex until 15 so again I am so sorry please forgive anything I did wrong for you I loved you so much and think of you every day. Love you human mumma always Siobain Hello Josephine I think of you always and know you watch over Valentine LucyCub Christabelle and BaileyBoy but you know now my mother has joined you in the spirit world and these cats do not have my mumma home with them. I miss her so much but when you died I didn't think I would be happy but I was able to bring in new cats to the home to give them a fantastic life. please take care of my mummy and know I miss you very much you were never demanding always gentle and kind to new cats and so affectionate. this new generation take me for granted but that's the way it is I love them so much but always hold a special place in my heart for you I learnt so much from you and Alex and Simba please can you visit me somehow even if in my dreams love Siobain

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