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Memories of Joey
Joey was rescued from the Dog Pound just hours before he was to be euthanized. When I heard this small white poodle throw back his head and howl like a hounddog it was love at first sight. At the time we only had 2 dogs. We have 6 cats and 2 dogs now. One of the cats, Lucy, had taken it upon herself to sleep with and care for Joey and Max(a bishon - who was dumped). Joey, didn't like cats, and found this quite annoying. Lucy, did not care, and slept with them both. She would curl up "spoon like", when it was cold, to keep them warm. Joey would wake up with this horror stricken look on his face, like he was saying " Oh, No, a Cat!" Lucy didn't care and would groom them both. She looked after them like a Mom. She and Max will miss him as much as we will. Joey is now with Sam, a black miniature poodle that was lost to us on March 23,1995. Sam acted like a Frenchman trapped in a poodle's body. One day, I just had fixed myself some cheese, meats, and crackers, along with a glass of wine when the phone rang. Ten minutes later, I returned to find an empty plate and Sam with a pleased look on his face. It was as if he was saying " Thanks for the snack and the wine. It was a lovely vintage." My boys are together. All I can hope for is that Heaven has some good Vintages. Well, another of my boys has passed away. My Max, my funny little white Bishon had a stroke and left us. Lucy, our cat took good care of him also and has been having a difficult time with her own grieving process. Max was with us for 5 years and is missed by all of us. My Dear Sweet Funny Joey. It's been another year without your wolf howls. I miss you my baby boy and have comfort in knowing you are with Max, Sam, Sallylynn and now Jacob Marley. Lucy is doing much better now but misses curling up with you. I hope you are running and playing with the cat toys you loved. Mommy and Aunt Paula love you baby. Joey, Another year without your licks, howls, and sweet little face. Gracie is with you also now and I hope everyone is playing and waiting for Mom to join you all. I was thinking of the day you got out the back gate and we thought we had lost you. When I thought I'd never see you again...I gave one last yell. Suddenly I saw this white streak running for me and into my arms. How I wish you would run into my arms right now. You are still loved and missed by everyone. Mom Well, another year has come and gone. We miss all of our little boys so much. Joey, I changed out the big plastic wrap box. It had a huge empty cardboard roll. How you loved to play with them. It's still sitting on my desk. I just haven't the heart to throw it out yet. We all love and miss you little one. Mom Joey, I can see Lucy curling up with you. Please watch over her. I miss all of you so very much. Mom
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