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Memories of Joe
One Saturday, almost 15 years ago, I strolled into the ASPCA on LaSalle St in Chicago - just to "look" at the puppies. The attendants were bringing in a white and tan puppy with ears like a jack rabbit and pink albino-like skin. He was so odd looking he was cute. He had been found chained to a street pole in a tough side of Chicago. Someone had cut his tail to a 3 inch nub (Joe's signature tail was short - he wiggled his entire butt when he was happy). Needless to say, it was love at first sight. He lived a long life, traveled around the country with his dad and always adjusted to his new surroundings and many new friends. He'll be remembered by that trademark smile he always seemed to have on his face. Joe loved to swim, play frisbee but most of all loved his Dad and his little sister Jake. He was a sweet, affectionate, fiercely loyal guy. He won the hearts of many in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, New York and Dallas. Joe was my faithful sidekick for all those years - its almost like I've lost a limb. He'll be sadly missed by me, Jake, my family, friends and his petsitters in NYC and Dallas. Joe was a tough guy - dealing with his arthritis the last few years. But he was actually pretty much a big puppy until about a month ago when he really slowed down. Little did anyone know until just this week that something had begun to ravage his liver and his lungs; possibly brought on by his arthritis medication. April 15, 2005 Joe, I know your spirit is in heaven looking down at us. But yesterday I picked up your remains and what's physically left of you is sitting in a tin in the NYC apt. Jake is rubbing against the tin, laying by the tin and knows that your spirit is free - but she wants to be close to you. Your little sister kitty misses you, misses you chasing her around, misses jumping on you .....watch over both of us and Uncle Johnny. Love, Dad August 1, 2005 Joe, you are sadly missed by everyone. We're planning a memorial at the beach - your ashes will be sprinkled in the ocean where you loved to play frisbee......so look down on us and remember all those fun times and all the frisbees donated to the ocean! Love, Dad Joe- its been some time now and we all miss you. People still ask about you - you left an indelible mark on the universe. I love you and remember our fun times together. We finally got Jake a playmate, a little kitten named Stevie - and they're buds. Jake knows she can never replace you - she just asks that you look down on us all from heaven. I miss you my boy! Finally brought a new doggy to our home - his name is Johnny Boy and he's a 2 year old beagle - rescue dog. He is wonderful and sweet and hears alot of stories about his older brother Joe he's never met. Look down on us from heaven sweet Joe and welcome our new little boy to our home. Jakey says hi! Joe - we adopted another puppy - a Cavalier King Spaniel named Carlos. He's a baby but loves and looks up to his Johnny Boy. There isn't a week that goes by where me and Uncle John aren't talking about you and remembering your sweet smile. You'll always be in our hearts. Love, Dad Joey Boy - Lots of things have changed. JohnnyBoy and Carlos still have sister Jake but she has a new sister, Sami. She was a stray that was rescued. She is so sweet and affectionate. We call her the dumpster diver because she was a stray and eats anything! April 3, 2014 - UPDATE Joe my man! So we have two new dogs - yes that means four dogs and two cats. You would be going crazy. The two new dogs are Shiba Inu's, Tony and Phinneas; both big egos and a little crazy, comes with the territory of their breed. I think Phinneas and you would get along very well. I will love you always and miss you dearly. Your little sister Jake passed away around Christmas. I told her she would be giving you a hard time in Heaven so I sure hope she is doing that know. Uncle Joey never met you but he would love you as well! Grandmom and Aunt Janis are both up in heaven and by now they've tracked you down with Sandy and Bernie and Eloise; we miss everyone but are happy you are all looking down on us and are our angels. Thanks for looking over all of us from above. Love Dad
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