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Memories of Jenny
Such a brave cat you were, my wonderful Jenny Baby, fighting so hard against the cancer that would take you away from us. Now you are free of it all. May all your pains be gone, Babiest. Find Lucy and a patch of warm ground to watch the birds or to smell the breeze or to curl up for a nap into that impossibly adorable ball of fur we've loved for 16 years. Lay regally with your front paws crossed, your almost-Sphinx-like calm hiding the wildcat beneath, ready for new adventures. Chase shoestrings to your heart's content or play 'Lump in the Covers' whenever you want. Skitter about like a cartoon cat, chasing some would-be toy into some place we'll never find it. You gave us such joy, our Halloween cat, you lover of people and lover of FOOD! No more hunger for you ever again, Baby. All the food you want, whenever you want. You'll always be our Jenny Baby, our exuberant counterpoint to the serenity of Lucy. I will keep close to my heart the memory of you, sleepily curled in the crook of Barb's arm, comfortable and loved and content. And in my mind's eye, I will gently pet your oh-so-soft fur as you lazily purr beside me, your paw holding my hand in place. Our little kitten, grown so big and now gone beyond us for awhile. Wait with Lucy for us, Jenny Chan, until we all meet again. I will always miss the warmth and weight of you in my arms, Baby, the bright intensity of your face and the powerful head butts of affection you gave. Know that Barb and I miss you so much, Baby, and that we will love you forever. Good night, sweet Jenny. Louann and Barb ~~6-11-02 One whole month of missing you terribly, Jenny. We look for you and Lucy around every corner, every day, and wish we could hold you both again. Love you forever and always, Baby. Louann ~~8-11-02 3 months now, my wonderful Jenny, and I still miss your warm and purring presence so much, every day. I love you so much, Baby. L ~~11-11-02 6 months of thinking about you and missing your sweetness, Jenny. Love you so much, always. L ~~2-18-2003 The warming spring ground reminds me how much I miss you and our lazy quiet times on the patio, Jenny. I think of you every day and miss you every minute. Love you, little cat. L ~~5-11-2003 Dearest Jenny, 1 full year can't diminish my love for you, nor ease my heart as I miss you so much. You are always in my thoughts, little one. Love to you always. L ~~3-8-04 We will never stop loving you,Jenny, but we've brought 2 new kitties into the house. I hope you and Lucy watch over TJ, Jamie and us. We love you very much. L ~~1-20-2006 It's been quite awhile since I've visited. I miss you, Jenny, all the time. Our new kittens are wonderful but you will always have a warm & loving place in my heart. Love you so. L ~~5-11-2008 Six whole years have passed since we lost you, my baby, and you are always with me. Barb and I miss you still, and always will. You are our Baby Jenny, and we will never forget your wonderful soul. We love you now and forever! L ~~5-11-2009 Jenniest cat, we love you still and miss you so. 7 years is so long but you are always in my heart. L ~~5-11-2010 Times passes but I sill miss you, my Jenny, every day. Know thatLoi Barb & I will always love you, kitten. L ~~5-11-2011 We're far away on a trip out east, but you are always with us in spirit everywhere we go. Love you always, L & B ~~5-18-2012 Too hard to write to you on the 11th, Jenny Cat, and too many tears. We miss you still, little one. Watch over us, please. L & B ~~5-12-2013 Dearest Jennie, Years come & go and still I think of you so lovingly. Love you, my big kitten. L ~~5-13-2014 Love you, Jennie Kitten! On the road this week, but still thinking of you tucked in our hearts! L & B ~~5-11-2016 Hello Jenniest my cat! Still missing you, kitten. Love, L & B ~~5-13-2018 Missed last year & am late this year but we love you my Jenny! Wish I could scritch your chin for you, Babiest. Love you so much! Lou & Barb ~~5-12-2019 Hope Lucy & you welcomed TJ this year and will wait for us, my Jennie cat. Love you my big kitten, help us with our grief over losing T.J. We love you always & ever. Lou ~~2-20-2020 Jenny Cat, so much time has gone by, but I still hear your purr and miss your cute face and the softness of your fur under my hand. Please watch over Jamie who will be joining you, Lucy & T.J. soon, my tough little girl. And remember we will always, always, always love you SO MUCH. Louann & Barb. ~~5-11-2020. How can it be 18 years since you left us, my Jenniest? So quickly does time pass but the hurt of losing you remains, made especially sharp with recent pain of losing T.J. & Jamie. I hope you, Lucy and the Boys are comfy together, waiting to see us one day. Love you my Jenny Cat, always & ever. L. ~~5-11-2021 Oh my sweet Jenniest Kitten, So many years have past and still the thought of you brings me joy every time. My wonderful powerhouse of purrs and head butts, I wish I could feel your thrumming under my hand again and cuddle you in my arms. Love you forever and always, Jenny Baby Cat. L. ~~5-11-2022. My adorable Jenny Cat, even after twenty years, I still miss you so! You are still my baby cat and I will always love you. L. ~~5-11-23. It's so hard to remember all the time that's passed since you left us, little one. I think of you often and remember your wonderful purr as I held you in arms. (Though I did wonder then if all you wanted was for me to put you back in the floor). I love you still, my Jenny Cat. Love you always. L ~~5-10-2024 Dearest Babiest Jenny, I still miss you, little kitten, all these years later. Seems only yesterday you were burtling something or other to us to remind us to feed you--NOW. Wish I really could, sweet baby Jenny, 'cause I would sweep you into my arms to feel your hefty self in my arms again. Miss you so much, Jenny, and always will. Lou

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