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Memories of Jake
Jake, you came to me as a little ball of fluff. But you grew into the most beautiful Golden and were the perfect friend. When I went to look at the litter of three puppies, one little guy grabbed my checkbook and ran off with it. I knew right then that he was the one for me. Jake came home on the same day I came home from having surgery. He was only 7 weeks old. I was out of work for 3 months recovering, and spent each day holding and loving my boy. Even as a small pup of only 5 months, he knew when I fell in the hallway, that he should try to help me up. He was too small but he came over and pushed his nose underneath me trying to help. From there he only got better. Jake went everywhere with me. My world revolved around him. Any conversation I had, ended up being about Jake. I named him Jake, after a song I had heard called "Feed Jake". The words say, "Feed Jake, he's been a good dog. My best friend, right through it all. If I die before I wake, feed Jake". And he was my best friend, right through it all. I remember when my grandson was very small, Jake would help take care of him. He laid underneath the baby swing and would come to let us know, when the swing stopped. Jake would curl up in a half circle and let Austin rest against him. And the two of them would take a nap. Jake never hurt anyone. I remember how Jake would play monster with me. I would be the monster trying to sneak up on him. Jake would stand real still, and wait for me to get real close to him. Then he would jump at me and the chase was on. He would run after me and playfully growl and tug on my arm. He was so proud he caught the monster. Jake would sniff my pet bunny and give him kisses. I once had a baby squirrel that I let crawl around on Jakes head. Jake just laid there looking up watching. He would never hurt anyone or anything. When we went for car rides, Jake rode shotgun. He looked so cute sitting there like he owned the car. I didn't mind having to clean puppy "nose prints" from the window. He just loved going bye-bye. He didn't even let me know when he was getting sick. He had a cough. Then he was breathing a little heavier, but still being his usual self. Begging for food off the plate, playing with the puppy. Little did I know how sick he was. He was still being my baby boy, while a tumor was quickly taking him away from me. This was not supposed to happen to my boy. The day he left me, we went bye-bye one last time. He walked slowly into the vets office. He climbed on the table and lay down, out of breath. I hugged him and gave him kisses, telling him how much I loved him and that he was such a brave boy. Once he fell asleep, I knew he felt better. I miss him so much, but I know that everyday he was here, he lived life to the fullest. I know he is watching over me and my family now, waiting for us to all come be with him again. love you Jake!***Feb24**Jaker boy, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already. It's still not easy, I miss you so much. I did bring your ashes home tonight and finally get to have you back. Your angel urn is really nice, I put your collar and leash in there,and that little hippo that you took in your mouth on your 1st visit to the pet store, you know the one that you put on the counter to pay for, because I don't want the girls using your things. Night night baby boy.**Mar 3**I can't believe it has already been 4 weeks. Jake, I printed a copy of the last picture I took of you, remember the one that morning? It's in a frame in on the kennel so Chey and Skye can see you. I miss you so much. Be good baby guy. And don't eat all the birdseed, leave some for the birds!*March 15*Jake was thinking about you tonight. In 2 days it will be 6 weeks since you left and I want you back. I didn't want you to go so soon. I told everyone that you would live forever. Jake, Cheyenne still looks for you. She paces in the living room carrying a stuffed toy like always, only now she paces and paces and when I go to let her out she just stares. We all miss you. Jamie got me a Rainbow Bridge Plague. It's in the room next to your other picture. I put them on a small bench that is low to the ground so you are eye level with them. Nighty night baby boy. Talk to you again real soon.**March 21**Hey Jake. Just thinking about you again my special guy. I miss how you always had to jump in my lap and have the left side of the chair. And how you would wiggle until you got your butt in between me and that left chair arm. And then you would lean your face against mine and I would give you kisses. It's almost Easter and I sit and look at your last years Easter bunny and remember you carrying it around. I have Skye and Cheyenne still, but Jake they are just not the same. I hope you are happy and having fun. I want to see you again,to rub your belly while you lay on your back and wiggle back and forth. You are so cute doing that. Miss you baby boy. Love you Jakers**March 27**Jake, I took Skye with Riley to a doggie Easter Egg Hunt yesterday. Jamie brought JJ and Jasmyn. It was fun. There were alot of Goldens there. Even one with 3 legs, her mom said she was born without a foot, so they amputated her leg. But she got around fine. Then there was one lady walking around with one that looked so much like you, it made me want you back again. The face was a little different, but it had the same darker hairs on his back like you had. And he was about the same age. Hope you had a good easter and you got a stuffed bunny! Night Jake. Love you boy.* 3/27/05** Hey Jakers, it's Jamie. How are you doing? I miss you a lot. Sorry I didn't get to say good bye. I wish I could have made it there in time. I just never thought you would leave us. You are the best Golden ever (can't say dog or JJ and Jasmyn would get upset!!), I know it was rough for you to leave your family, but we know you had too. I wish you were still here. I miss your excited whines when I would come visit. I miss pulling out the extra hair that would clump on you. I haven't seen the hair snow in forever! I bet the neighbors don't miss that part though. There are so many things that I miss about you. I hope Herman is making sure you are having fun up there. She's wonderful, I know you will like her. How's your doggie mom and dad? I bet you can lay behind the toilets again. You always looked so cute! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and that I miss you dearly. You are a great doggie brother. Stay happy. Love you Jakers boy. Jamie**April 2**Just came to say hi to you boy. I see Jamie came to see you. I told Dr. Zehner about you and she was shocked. Can't believe it. It's still hard not having you here. But I have pictures of you to look at to remind me of what a great dog you were. There will never be another Jake. You were the best. I couldn't have asked for a better boy. I miss you baby guy. I miss you alot. Talk to you later. Love you Jake.**4/3/05..Hey Jakers! It's Jamie again, I just wanted to tell you that I was at the puppy park with JJ and Jasmyn today, and there was a golden puppy wearing a vest that said he was a support dog in training. He was so adorable! You were a support dog to mom and you didn't even need training! Remember when she got her hip replaced? You even tried to help her up when she fell once and you were just a little guy!! You always were there to help. There was another golden at the puppy park, darker color than you, and his name was Jake too!! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and tell you about the goldens I saw. They definately were no Jakers, but they were cute. I'll talk to you later. Love you lots!!! Jamie**April 12**Jakey I miss you. I am on lunch break at work and was thinking about you. It's rainey here today but I know you have sunshine. Skye and Cheyenne are doing fine. Cheyenne gets mad at Skye when they play fight. Skye misses fighting with you, because you always played with her, but you were so gentle even though you could have hurt her. They are just not the same as you though. Take care baby boy. Talk to you later. Love you lots!**April 13** Jakers, wish you were here to sit in my lap and bang your head against mine. I am having a bad day at work and thought about you. Jake be a good boy for me. Love you lots!** May 17 ** Hey Jakers, it's Jamie. How have you been? Mom, dad, Justin and I went to Mexico again last month and guess what we saw?? A really pretty golden retriever running on the beach. We saw him a couple days with his mommy. She would throw his toy in the ocean and he would jump in after it and swim out with it. He was so cute. Made me miss you lots. :( You would have had so much fun. The water was gorgeous and the weather was wonderful. I'm sure it's always like that up there where you are now huh? Mom cried cause she missed you a whole bunch. Seeing the lady with her baby made her sad. I'm sure you were there with her but she wanted to be able to hug you. Anyway, I miss you boy and wanted to let you know we are always thinking of you!!! Love you lots, Jamie. ***May 19** Jake, I found your Barney under the cabinet waiting to have a seam sewed. I cried. It is still so hard to not have you around. I see toys like the manatee you got when I left you for a trip to Florida. When I see it, I see you walking around with it. And the bunnies you got for Easter, they remind me so much of you. I put alot of your toys away because I did not like seeing Skye playing with them. And your kennel is still downstairs with the words "Jake Rulz" on the front where the kids put it. That crate is so old, but I can't get rid of it. It is where you liked to go to take naps or to get away from things. I could always say "Jake kennel" and know you would go to it no matter where I had put it. I love you Jake. I still can't get over the fact that you are gone. I still have your pictures everywhere so no worries about you ever being forgotten!! Love you baby boy. Be good, Mom.** Hi Jake, Its T.J. I know I should wrote before. I have tried many times but I just getting teary eyed when I think about you and Karen. It has just been hard.. I just cant hardly believe you had to leave us so suddenly like that. I remember the day we first met.. you barked at the door and then greated me with a stuffed animal..LOl I think I met you before I met your mom. As you know I am sure Mom has Sky and cheyenne, But I know there is a empty place in her missing you. sometimes it hurts me to know she does, but I know you are in a place now filled with flowers and lots of room to run. I remember when you used to come and sleep with me at night whenI stayed with you. you used to wiggle in with me on the sofa and lay your head on my arm.. I couldnt help but smile and pet you.. I have had Riley now for about the last 2 years I guess. I dont like looking at time but I have learned that he will probably be with you before I am. But thats ok I know you will watch over him while you both wait on the rest of us to be there. I know mom cries at times because she misses you. But ya know what if she didnt would only mean she didnt love you.. she does and you know it.:) just know this Jake, I do love ya alot and I miss you also. But I need to ask you a favor ok? be sure and save me and riley a nice shady spot under a tree next to the water Ok? I dont know who is in charge there, But I bet they will let all stay together. Gonna go for a walk Jake. We all miss you..TJ***July 25**Jake, I miss you so much. Be a good boy up there! Love you***Sept 6, 2005***Happy 10th Birthday Jake!!!I never thought the day would come that I would have to go through your birthday without you. I miss everything about you and it still hurts to see you are gone. But we all think about you and remember the cute things you did. I hope they are giving you and your new friends Frosty Paws for your special day. You will never be forgotten and I can hardly wait for the day that you see me coming and run out to see me!I love you my big baby boy. Be good and have a fun birthday!!! MOM **Nov 20, 2005** Jake I was thinking about you tonight. I really miss you. I will never have another one you like. I still don't understand why you had to leave me so soon. Remember I love you, miss you and can't wait to see you again. Sweet dreams baby boy! mom**Dec 25th****Merry Christmas baby boy! Even though I have your memories all around me, it still hurts to not be able to hug you and have you sit beside me in the chair. I didn't wrap the Christmas presents for Chey and Skye because that was something I did just for you because you loved having a present like the kids did :) I love you Jake! And always will, love you, MOM**JANUARY 1,2006----Happy New Year Jakers!! I love you baby boy. Behave and have lots of fun until I see you again!, mom**FEBRUARY 3,2006***Jakie you have been gone 1 year today. I can't believe you are gone. I miss you so much baby boy, you should have been allowed to live your full life. It's not fair that you were taken from me when you still had alot of life to go. Last Feb 3 was the hardest day of my life. I can't help picturing you still lying in the snow because you didn't have the strength to walk back to the door to come in. I tried everything I could to keep you here with me, but then I knew it wasn't fair to make you struggle for each breath. You were such a brave boy Jake. I hugged you as tight as I could, because I knew it was the last thing I wanted you and me to remember. I didn't want to leave that room. I know you are happy now and can run around and roll in the grass. Just remember that when it is time, you better come running to meet me and I give me the wettest puppy kisses ever! Be happy, I miss you. mom** Feb 3 3006 Hi Jake I didnt know what this day meant. I went to your moms house today and she was sleeping on the sofa,I just didnt know why until she told me why.:( the days that go by Jake always surpass me my friend. I know if you were still here you would be in total control of Skye and cheynne and you and Riley would be best buddies..:) I cant help remember that day when your mom called me at work and needed me to help her.. and I couldnt get there. It was a bad day for everyone I guess, Just know Jake I am thinking about you and I know your mom is too.. we all love you and miss you! T.J. **2/3/06 Jake, it's already been a year. I can't believe it. You were taken so early from us, it all just happened so fast. I wish I could have been there baby boy. I hope you are so happy and having a wonderful time. I hope you and Herman are great friends and you are both waiting for me and mom. I miss you so much Jakers. I love you.... Jamie**June 30, 2006**Hi my baby guy! I miss you so much Jake. We are in a new house now and you are right here with me. I just found a pic of you when you were only a couple of months old. How adorable you are! I can't wait to be able to see you again, I just miss everything about you. I love you always, mom!**Aug 10**Jake I love you so much you have given me so many happy memories. Have fun with your new friends, but remember you are still my baby boy. Mom***Sept 6 2006 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!! 11 years old. I wish you could be here to open your present with us. But you are in all of our hearts on your special day. Love you Jakie, mom***Dec 13---Jake I love you so much it hurts. Christmas is coming soon and it isn't the same without you sitting by the tree with your santa hat on. Just know you are always in my heart and in my thoughts. Merry Christmas Baby Boy. I love you! mom***Jan 26 Jake you are so special to me. I'll always love you Jakers, stay warm, mom Feb 3 2007-a day I can never forget. 2 years ago Jakers, I had to make the hardest decision in your and my life. I never expected to have to do that, ever. You helped me make the choice to spare you the pain you were going through. I can't get the memory of me having to pick you up out of the snow to carry you back inside. And how you lay there trying your best to catch a breath, but they werent coming easy. I tried everything I could, but it was time. You fell asleep with my arms wrapped around you and I didnt want to let you go. It still hurts to think about it. I know I have so many happy memories, but this day brings back the worst ones of my life. But knowing you are without that pain now makes it a little easier for me. You are always talked about and not a day has gone by that you have not been missed. You know I will always love you and when my times comes, I will run to you ready to grab you and never, ever let you go again. Hugs and kisses to my boy! I love you, mom**Feb 24-Hi my boy. Just sitting here thinking about you again and looking at your pictures in my room. Man I miss you so much. Be good and stay warm, mom...April 26th Hey baby guy I got a dog tag with your picture on it so I can wear you around my neck, next to my heart always. A friend had to send her baby across the bridge yesterday. I know how sad she is. Her babys name is Jasmine, if you see her let her know everything will be alright and that her family loves her as much as I love you! Be good sweet boy! Love you always, mom***May 14**Jake, Connie called me tonight to let me know that Uno has crossed the bridge now also. I know you can make him welcome there, watch over him for his mom, she really misses him. I miss you too baby boy. Be good a boy and remember I love you!Sept 2***Hi Jakers! Well you would have been 12 years old this week. I really miss you.Skye is so goofy, I keep telling her that you always listened to me and did what I asked. I dont think she understands how great a dog you are. I hope you are happy babyboy, and just wanted to say I love you!! mom Sept 6th**Happy 12th Birthday big boy! I would have loved to have been able to hold you on this day and give you a big hug and kiss. You know you always made me happy and still can, just by me looking at your pictures. Stay sweet my babyboy. Love you always, mom***Nov 11th 2007 Jake guess what, I got my new license plate for my car, it says MYJAKE!! I am so excited to show everyone how special you are to me. I love you so much, you will always be my baby boy! love you mom.**Dec 9th-Jake I hate holidays without you here. I had a dream the other night that was so real.And just for the night I had you again,right here with me. I didn't want to wake up. I love you and miss you so much it hurts.I know you are watching down over me.Keep warm baby boy. Mom**Dec 24 2007 Merry Christmas my baby boy! Jake I love you so much be good for me. mom**Dec 25**Merry Christmas Jake. I wish I could have had more Christmas mornings with you. You always looked so cute waiting to open your presents.I have pictures of you in your santa hat out so I could see you this holiday too along with Skye and Cheyenne. Skye has the same loving personality as her uncle Jake, but you know no matter how hard she tries, she just isn't Jake. No one will be as good as my boy. Be good and Merry Christmas. I love you! mom ***Feb 3**Jake its been 3 years and still feels like yesterday. I miss you so much.I still cant believe you were taken from me so soon. It just wasn't fair. I love looking at pictures of you and remembering all the good times you gave me.I love you my baby boy. Be good and happy, love mom**may 17**Just thinking about you again. I miss you Jake, sometimes I just sit and stare at your pictures on the wall and think back to how cute you were. I love you forever babyboy...mom July 10 2008***Jake I love you forever my baby boy. You have always been and always will be my special baby boy, mom**Sept 6th 2008**Happy 13th Birthday Jake my special boy. I love you and hope you are having a great birthday party there with lots of frosty paws!Hugs and kisses to my baby boy. Love you Jake, mom **Oct 16th Hi baby boy. Thinking of you and love you always Jake! mom **Dec 17th** Christmas is almost here Jakey. I miss you, and love you with all my heart. Stay warm and be a happy boy for me. I love you!!!mom Dec 25-08 MERRY CHRISTMAS my special boy! I got a tapestry with a picture of you on it smiling! The kids know how much you mean to me it made me cry when I saw it. I love you so much, be good and be happy always Jakers, mom Dec 28th**Aww Jake I got the best Christmas gift ever from the kids. I have a tapestry with a picture of you so I can wrap you around me and stay warm. Love you baby boy, mom**FEB 3, 2009 Jake its been 4 years and I still miss you as much as the day you fell asleep in my arms and crossed over the bridge. I love you and you are still on my mind everyday and your pictures are throughout the house. As much as we talk about you, people would think you are still with us. I will never ever quit thinking of you. Be happy boy and wait for me, I will see you again. Love you baby boy, be good and watch down over me. I know you are. Mom April 15th**** Jake I havent been by since your anniversary. I just miss you so much. You are such a sweet boy, you deserved more time here with me. Please be good and wait for me. Love you so much Jake, mom****July 8th** Ok Jake found out today they are taking the other Jake away from his abusive owner for good!! If we need to boy we are going to foster him. But dont worry he would never take your place my baby boy. I love you so much Jake, take care and be a good boy like you always have been. Love mom Aug 28th I love you Jake and miss you alot. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today like always...love mom SEPT 6--HAPPY 14th BDAY JAKE! I wish you could have stayed with me for us to celebrate with you. Not fair how soon you were taken from me. I will never understand it. Have a great birthday baby boy and know I am always thinking about you, love you lots, mom Nov 26th Happy Thanksgiving Jake! Hope you got your turkey and dressing like we used to give you. You deserve to be treated well, you treated me well the few years I got to have you stay with me. I will never forget my Jakers....love you mom Jan 1 2010 Happy New Year Jakers!Feb 3...its been 5 sad years Jake. I miss you each and everyday. I love you and always will take care baby boy, mom Sept 6, 2010...Happy 15th Birthday Jakers! Wish you were here now so we could celebrate it with you. You have never and will never be forgotten. Love you always...Mom***Dec 24th 2010 6th Christmas without Jake. Had some snow so a white Christmas :) Wish you were here with us to play in it. Love you baby boy and Merry Christmas! love, mom**Feb 3 2011, its been 6 years today since I lost my best friend. The pain is as fresh now is it was then. Love you Jakers!, mom 3/4/11 Jake poor Cheyenne got so scared of the storms today she climbed in the bathtub to hide, hope you are always under rainbows baby boy!! Sept 6 2011--Happy 16th Birthday Jake!! Love you be happy baby boy I miss you so much. Wish I could give you a big hug and kiss Dec. 25 2011 Merry Christmas my precious boy! Love you forever Jakers---Jan 2nd 2012 :( starting another year without you Jake. Memories are good but miss your puppy kisses. Stay warm! Love you mom.. Feb 3 2012 can not believe 7 years Jake. You are a beautiful handsome boy missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you. Rest well and watch over all of us until we meet you again. Love you always mom***Sept 6 2012 Happy Birthday Jake!! Wow 17 what a big boy you are. I miss you and think of you all the time. I love you baby boy. Stay happy!! love mom**Dec 25 2012..Merry Christmas Jake! I miss you so much. Especially you sitting there with the kids waiting for your present to open :) I've been looking at some pics of you in your awkward puppy stage :) if only we had these days over again. Jake remember I love you and cant wait to see your golden smile and give you big hugs. You made me so happy every day I had with you. Keep smiling down on me with that golden smile of yours. And when the time comes you be at the front of the line waiting for me..love mom**Feb 3 2013 Jake not a day I like to remember at all. I wanted more years with you. So many more. But you gave me your best every day I had you. I loved every minute of it, you always made me smile and you know what baby boy? You can still put a smile on my face. Stay happy and watch down on Skye, Cheyenne, Riley, and Aleena. I will see you again and when I do I will never ever let you go again! I promise you that Jake. Love you always, mom**April 19th 2013...Hey sweet boy, a friends baby boy Odin has recently come over the bridge. Welcome him and show him around. I miss you so much. HUGS and KISSES, Love you, Mom***Sept 6, 2013 Happy 18th Birthday Jake!! I miss you so much baby boy and wish I could hug you again. I miss my Jakies puppy kisses and hugs. Be a good boy for me and I will see you again one day :) I love you Jake and miss you so much**1/19/14 Jake, Riley came today to see you at the bridge. Please find him and take care of him for us. I know I will feel better knowing you are watching over him for us. I will tell TJ you are taking good care of him. I love you precious boy, mom***Feb 3, 2014..My special boy it has been 9 years since you left me. That's almost as long as I got with you. I still miss you Jake, everyday. I love you boy. Give me a cold nuzzle of your nose so I know you are watching down over me :)Love you baby boy! Mom **Sept 6, 2014 Jake you would have been 19. I know that you probably would have left me before now but you having to leave me when you were only 9 still sucks! I still miss you, you are the best dog I have ever known. I miss all your tricks, you hugs, you kisses, and the games you would play with me. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday sweet boy. Still missing you baby boy, love mom. Oct 30, 2014**Jake I lost Cheyenne today. Cancer took her from me just like it did you. Please run to her and welcome her and show her around. Now you can both come see me when I cross that bridge because I can not wait to hold you again. Love you, mom Dec 6th 2014, Jake, poor Jasmyn lost her battle tonight. Please find her at the gate and show her around. I love you Jakers always and forever..Dec 25 2014 Well Jake how are you Cheyenne, Jasmyn and Riley been doing? Hope you had a great Christmas, ours was a little bit sad. We miss all of you so much..Kisses, mom..Jan 1st 2015 another year gone. Lets hope that this year takes no more of our furbabies. I love you Jake and Cheyenne. I will see you again.**Feb 3, 2015***oh Jake here I am again having to talk to you through your page. I miss you so much and can not believe that it has been 10 years. I have had to mourn you longer now than I have gotten to have hug and kiss your soft fluffy fur. You are always in my heart and will remain there forever. Keep watching out for all of our other furbabies that have come to be by your side. Big HUGS baby boy! I love you...mom **May 13, 2015..Jake, please welcome Charlie. He left his mom suddenly tonight and she is missing him like I miss you. Show him around and take him to Cheyenne so he can see his mom again. Love you boy!!***June 1..Jake, I adopted a little boy. He is a golden mix looks like a true golden. He can never replace you, you were one of a kind. He isn't quite as smart as you either. Love and miss you!***sept 6 2015 Jake Happy Birthday! Boy seems like just yesterday I got the call that you were born. I couldn't wait for you to be old enough to come home with me. I have missed you since you left Jake. You never leave my mind. Hope you are having a great birthday! And remember I love you and will see you again..mom****Feb 3 2016..Jake my heart aches still. A cold day 11 years ago when I lost you. You are always in my thoughts and by my side boy. I will always love my baby boy. Tell Cheyenne and Riley hi for me. And be sure to be at the head of the line when I come to visit, I can't wait to feel your warm fur and cold nose. Precious baby boy I miss you. Love you always Jake.....MOM**May 13 2016....I love you baby boy, mom***sept 6th 2016..Happy Birthday my boy. I miss you so much. Love always, mom......Dec 25 2016, another Christmas without you. Miss you baby boy...Feb 3 2017, 12 yrs without you. Still miss my baby boy so much. You are always on my mind Jake. Love you, mom Sept 6th Happy Birthday Boy! Miss you! Dec 25, 2017 miss you opening your gifts with the kids. I hope you feel all the love my heart still has for you.**Feb 3rd 2018**Oh Jake. Can't believe another year without you. 13 years ago it was cold, snow on the ground when you went down. You didn't come in when I called. I looked out and you were laying there without enough strength to get up. I don't know how I did it, but I carried you up 10 stairs to the living room. That's when I knew. Love you boy. Miss you and always will till the day I see you coming towards me. My sweet baby boy, love you mom. ***Sept 6, 2018 Happy 23rd Birthday boy! Wow to have had that many years with you. I miss you everyday and am so glad that you share my Dad's birthday. It made your arrival that much more special. You must be so beautiful with that long blonde hair blowing in the breezes. Time doesn't heal the heart Jake, but it does make the memories more special. Love you boy!, Mom***Dec 25, 2018 Christmasses come and go and the sparkle you had in your eyes as you opened your presents along with the kids, never leaves my mind. You touched my heart in a way I can't explain. Love you my boy.****Feb 3,2020 Jake 15 years gone is way too long. I never wanted to be without you. But I do look forward to nights you are in my dreams. Love you Jake forever love Mom.****Feb 3rd 2005. A cold snowydaywhen I lost my boy.Jake I love you forever. Dad will be there soon. Watch over him and make me smile again.

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