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Memories of Jade
She hated anything with noise: vacuum, hair dryer, lawn mower. She loved playing with tennis balls. She usually had one that was her favorite and got very gross. Before I got wise about it, she would drop it into the toilet and needless to say that was the end of that ball. If she is doing anything at Rainbow Bridge, it is playing with a tennis ball and being petted constantly. She was a sweet loving dog and I will miss her dearly. 06/04/04-Hi sweetheart. It has now been a week and two days and I still cannot beleive you won't be greeting me at the door when I come home. I hope you are up there with Sugar playing with your tennis balls. I miss you very much. Hugs and kisses. 06/09/04-Hello pretty girl, how are you today? Have you been playing with your tennis balls and Sugar? It has been getting better, but I still miss you. I don't think I will ever stop missing you. Maggie misses playing with you and your grandma is having a hard time as well. I love you muchly. Hugs and kisses. Mommy. 06/13/04 Hi sweetie. Mommy is having a hard time today. I tried to look at some pictures of you, but it made it worse. I am missing you a lot! When I look at the pictures it makes me want to go back to Wichita when you were healthy and life was better. I can't turn back the clock but I wish there were some way to have you back again...I love you! Mommy. 07/15/04 Hello baby girl! It has almost been two months. It has gotten better, but mommy still misses you! I hope you are doing okay...I miss you! Love, mommy. 07/25/04 Hi sweetheart. It has been two months today and it still feels like it happened yesterday. This week has been really hard for some reason. I miss you a lot. A co-worker had to put his dog down Friday and it brought back a lot of feelings. I cried more than he did. Maggie is doing fine. I am sure she would love to be able to bug you! Earlier today I thought I heard you growl at something, it was werid, but it was probably just the air conditioner or something. I love you and miss you! Mama. 08/01/04--Hi baby! How are you today? Mommy is missing you a lot. I am really depressed latley and I am so used to having you hear to listen. Maggie is not old enough and her temperment is not where she listens yet. I have a lot of things going on right now and all I want to do is curl into a ball and go to sleep until I can see you next. I wish you were still here. Say hello to Sugar! Mommy. 01/19/05 Pretty girl, I am really missing you! I have not visted for awhile because I thought it would hurt too much. I am having awful dreams about you and hope that I did the right thing. I hope you thought it was the right time for you! My dreams are telling me otherwise, that I should have done more. Love you lots! Mommy. 05/25/05 It has been one year now! It seems like a lifetime ago that you were here. It has been a hard day, but grandma has helped me through it. I hope that you are happy and playing with Sugar and now Heidi. I love you very much and wish you were still here with me. Mommy.

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