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Memories of Jacqueline
Jacqueline is and always will be my heart & soul. It was like I gave birth to her myself. Out time together was too short 11 yrs 8 months but I wouldn't trade one day of it for my pain. Be at the bridge my girl cause mama will be there for u & Shanna. I love u girls so very very much. Jacqueline touched so many peoples lives in her 11+ yrs & she will live always alive in our hearts, rest now my baby. Be free of pain & let the fur coat of yours grow back in,to my Black Beauty. Mama will see you again...Your Family, Never Forgotten. Your were by my side through 11 yrs.& 8 months of good & bad & some very bad years but you always stood by my side, a true friend, faithful companion I will always be indebted to you for that.U supported me thru some very painful losses, Your Daddy Mark, MA, Anna, Jim, Kathy, Shanna, how do I repay that? I hope I was the best to you, in the end I scolded Jas for being rough with you, I tried so hard to save u but I just couldn't, I would have give u a body part to fix you but God had other plans as I sit here looking at your picture that I just put in snowman snow globe, u know me!..Be by that bridge Jac because mama will be picking u up one day, life is like a blink of an eye. How the years fly by. I see u as this little furball on the night we brought u home & how the minute Daddy & I saw u how instantly we knew u were meant to be, God sent u to me so he has the right to bring u home but the God I know will bring us together once >again..You will be missed my many..AMEN *********************************************************** 1-15-04 Well my girl it's been 2 months since u left us & the pain is horrible still, baby I miss u so. Your lil sis Jasmine has gotten so big she is now 15 months old can u belive it? Oh Jackie I love u so much & I am crying as I write this. You'll never know or I hope u do know how much & treasured u r to all of us. It snowed overnite & Jas hurt her leg & she is taking your medicine & that killed me this morning to see that bottle of Rymdyl. Oh my girl the pain will never end or will my love for you, u rest my girl & I'll see u soon. Love to everyone your with from mama, AnneMarie & the rest of your family. God Bless u my sweet sweet baby.l will Love you FOREVER, your mama ..Amen..xxooox *********************************************************** FEB 9, 2004 HAPPY B-DAY MY SWEET BABY.... Today is your 12th b-day my girl..I hope you will be with all our loved ones today baby because your in my thoughts today but my baby your in my dreams & thoughts every single day but today is your day. Play, romp pain free sweetie until mama can throw that ball to u again. I miss u so my girl, it hurts so bad for not be by my side here. Jasmine is so big now & Quackers is still not saying much but he sure makes quite the 'racket anyway. Sunday we are going to Michael's for Ashleys 5th b-day. The weather is terrible & I am glad u don't have to endure it & you can play in the sun & warmth pain free. You are the lucky one sweet baby girl, to be in a world of sunshine & love. Jackie b4 I close I just want u to know that when u want me to bring another baby into our home u guide me because I just can't. Yourlove & 11 yrs of being by my side just can't be replaced EVER but I want to give another baby my love as we do to your sister Jasmine. I want another "black beauty" BUT remember my sweet sweet girl that no one can & will take take your place NEVER. I love u soo & miss u so much. I look at your memories & one day I will smile instead of cry. God bless you & keep u safe until mama can do that once again...Til next time baby..With all my love.Your MAMA oxxoxxoxoxooxoxooxooxoooxoxoxoxoxooxo June24 2004 Hi My baby..Paula's baby Ruger is sick & we are praying for him to pull thru he is your age & it brings back all the pain ai am still feeling, oH jackie I miss u so much, my life will never ever be the same. Your my soul my pretty baby & I never thought this pain would hurt this much, Jasmine is so big and so good she misses u so too. AnneMarie has been upset too over Ruger where its bringing that awful day u left us back & I know how hurt Paula is right now but baby u gave so many beautiful years & for that my sweet sweet baby I will never ever forget, mama loves u and i have to stop because zi am crying to hard to type, play, romp & be free my baby, mama is always thinking of u and I feel u here with me..I love u so much..Mama... *********************************************************** 11-27-04 hi my sweet sweet girl..Its been a year now since u left me & I cried all day the 15th & couldn't get on here to see u because I couldn't see to type. Jac my heart is broken still pls I see that star evry night, is that u? I saw the rainbow too & I thought of u here at Rainbow bridge..I just laid here talking to u & I felt ur presence. I miss u so. I want u to know that being with u 11 yrs merant every to me & I know we will be together again. Some news for u..We added a 8 week old Maltese pup to ur family..She is a little doll because for me to love another blk shpherd will always be too painful for me to endure but I need a snuggle bunny, something small to have & hold. Even tho u are a big girl we snuggled & u showed me so much love that I can't begin to thank u for. Jasmine is a big girl now but independent in every way, not like u, u never left my side & I will be forever grateful. Sleep well my sweet sweet girl, mama loves u so very much.Til next time..All my love..your mama...xoxoxo *********************************************************** 2-9-05 Happy Birthday my sweet baby, eat much cake & party I love & miss u always..Now ur auntie AnneMarie is going to write the next paragraph to u my love. Big kiss & hug to u baby girl & Happy 13th B-Day..From Your mama..xoxoxoox Happy Birthday my big baby girl. Oh how I miss u more and more everyday it seems. I know mama told u about the new baby (Angelyn)that came to us she is not u but she is loved just as much. U wouldnt have known what to do with this little white cotton ball but I think u would have fell in love with her too. Jasmine now has a new playmate I think she thinks she is a toy she is about the same size as your moose...lol...I hope u are happy and pain free, running and playing like u love to do. Give big big kisses to my Shanna too. I love and miss u both. Love Auntie AM ------------------------------------------------------------ 10-12-05 MISSING & THINKING OF U MY SWEET GIRL, HOW U R MISSED BY US ALL. the baby is now a yr old, how time flies. Oh my jackie my words can't express how I love u & always will. After almost 2 yrs its like yesterday that dreaded night that u never returned. Just know honey u r always in my thoughts & not 1 day passes when I don't see ur picture. I still have ur favorite toys & smile when I see them but I'll always have this pain & its u not being here in the flesh because I know u r here spiritualy, I feel u beside me many times as does Jasmine, ur lil sis has grown into quite the German Shepherd, u'd be proud of her. No one will ever be you tho. Goodnite my sweet black beauty..I love u ..xoxo Mama....5/30/07 My lil girl, its been awhile since I have wriiten anything but never forget I think of u daily. Your toys are still here and I let Jas play with them only at certain times and not to break them, I love u my girl and will see you at the bridge...Love Mama*************************************** ***************************************************************************************** 11-9-10 It's been awhile my baby since I've written in here but always remember I think of you every day & until we are together again I will continue to treasure your (our) memories together. Next week will be your leaving me anniversary & it always seems my heart tells me so. I miss you more than words can say. Jasmine has gotten so big now at 6 yrs & the 9 months you spent with her I am sure she remembers you. I know your with Shanna playing & having fun. I have Angel & Lexi. 2 Maltese's that are wonderful but my black beauty no one will ever take your place.I left you pics of the 3 girls & me for you to see us now BUT I do love them but your my ANGEL FOREVER..I LOVE U..YOUR MAMA XOXOXO******************************************************************************************** 11-13-11 Its been 8 years my black beauty & ut seems like yesterday I lost you..My heart still aches for you my sweet girl, always remember I LOVE YOU SOOOOOMUCH & you will always be with me..I hope your with others pain free & running in the breeze..You'll never walk alone...I love u my blacl beauty....mama...xoxoxo -------------------------------------------------------------------Your always on my mind my sweet girl. Angel is now with you. Take care of her & keep her close. Love you all so very much. My ❤️ is there. -------------------------
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