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Memories of Jack
February 15, 2005 In Memoriam Jack (April 7, 1996-February 15, 2005) Our beloved chocolate Labrador retriever, Jack, died peacefully, in our arms, this evening after a long battle with kidney disease. As many people know, Jack was a kidney transplant recipient. He received his new lease on life last August 12th 2004, after a successful transplant operation and because of a wonderful doggie named Riley who was Jack's doner. In that instant, Riley forever became Jack's blood brother, and will no doubt live on with Jack's spirit in tow. Jack's journey actually began a year earlier when he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in August of 2003. For the next year, under the care and guidance of wonderful doctors, we helped Jack maintain his quality of life. Jack defined quality of life as a good, hearty breakfast, followed by a good romp in the backyard and some lounging in the sun, before a long mid-day nap. After a good nap it was time to play ball or go swimming or go for a walk before a good, hearty dinner. Then, it was always time to lounge in the big chair with Mommy before retiring for the evening. Pats, kisses, a good all-over body rub and lots of cookies were daily necessities as well; and a little popcorn or French fries thrown in for good measure always made his day extra special. Jack was a constant reminder of how to enjoy the simple things in life. Jack knew about a good solid day of work too. His main occupation for the first five years of his life was to be Tony's companion during the week. On weekends he was Carolyn's 5AM alarm clock to get outside for a walk and welcome the day, as well as 2PM napping partner. At our wedding, he proudly walked down the aisle as Best Dog. Once our son came along, he added stroller walking, babysitter and live stuffed animal to his resume. He was an excellent companion on daily errands, was always present to make sure his little human buddy was tucked safely into bed, and made sure to scan the perimeter of the house before helping to lock up for the evening. He also always waited patiently by the door to make sure we got home safely whenever we were out of the house. And Jack of course, being a chocolate lab, made sure all the floors and countertops were clean and free of food, and provided the pre-rinse cycle for the dishes. Jack's daily routine offered all of us a constant in an otherwise crazy world. After Jack's kidney transplant he suffered a setback that required a second operation two weeks after the first. He pulled through and slowly fought back from a 25 pound loss of weight and the sadness of being separated from us while he spent a month. Shortly after returning home, Jack came down with an infection that landed us under the care of another amazing doctor named Tracey. Tracey seemingly fell in love with Jack, the "big brown dog," as she called him, that moment, and became our friend and our partner in Jack's recovery. Tracey cared for him through one more infection and helped return him to the life he knew prior to ever being sick. His last months with us were filled with wonderful times playing in the yard and in the snow, enjoying the holidays, chasing squirrels, lounging on his loveseat at the foot of our bed (yes, we bought him his own loveseat), jubilantly bestowing love on all visitors, (especially on Gramma and Grampa when they came to visit and when they cared for him when we were away), and playing with, snuggling with and tolerating his little toddler buddy. In his last months, Jack was truly living "a dog's life." We are forever indebted to Tracey for her caring and love for our Jackie, and grateful for all she did for him and our family. Jack's life was a lesson to us in courage, loyalty, love, and the will to live. He will forever be in our hearts and prayers, as will all the people who showed us so much support and love through this journey. God bless you our sweet Jack. May you rest peacefully. We love you and will miss you always. Love, C, T & H

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