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Memories of Juno
June 15th, 2020: Got the renewal notice for this site today, almost 2 years to the day...and thought I might be ready to let it go, but...tears rolling down my face as I reread what I've written, the fact that the last of your many beds is still under the piano, the box of ashes still waiting for the day I am ready to start scattering them, tells me that I'm not ready yet. I do still see bunnies when I go hiking and think "Hi Juno!". I still know that, even tho' I'm not a dog person, you were the perfect dog for us and that I was 120% a Juno person. I can talk about you without crying now, but I still do miss you every day. Chewy's family got a new puppy (Luna) and she is so cute. You would have loved playing with her! 143

July 9th, 2019: It's been a year today and the tears still stream down my face whenever I remember that fateful, awful day. I still think of you so often - when I go hiking, when we had two big earthquakes, over 4th of July, when I see bunnies in our yard. I still miss you every day. 143

May 9th: A week ago, your buddy, Chewie, died unexpectedly. I sure hope that the two of you are frolicking together...as you did in life... Still tear up when I have to tell your story, as I did just the other day. Still miss you every day. 143

April 9th: Had to tell the story of your death to two people this week...still makes me cry... Went on a hike to Escondido Falls - so hard to visit the places we hiked together. I can tell that Chewy is still confused when I show up without you, too. Still miss you every day. 143

March 9th: It's been 8 months today...and so much has happened. You would have HATED the weather during February - lots of days of rainy, stormy weather, including many nights with thunder & lightening! Cried when a friend posted pictures of her dog - because her dog looked like she could have been your cousin. Still missing your presence more than I thought possible...can't bear to give away that last doggy bed or toss out your chewed toys. They sit under the piano in mute testimony to the love we shared.

December 25th: So strange to open gifts without your "help"...missed your funny antics...missed you...

December 9th: My plans to visit here on November 9th were shattered by the Woolsey fire's approach and our evacuation at 9:30am. Got punched in the gut when I grabbed our "Emergency Packing List" and saw "Juno's bed, food & water" at the top of the list. Once we were able to return to Malibu, another gut punch to see your favorite trail head and the hiking trails at the end of Busch burned to a crisp. Today I got another gut punch when we went to the Christmas tree lot without you for the first time in 10 years. Still miss you every day. 143

September 28th: Today is your birthday...you would have turned 11 years old and I would have given you special treats to eat and a new squeaky toy to play with and tear apart. Missing you more than ever, my special furry friend.

July 30th: I still think of you and miss you every day, but I gave myself permission to really be sad & cry today - the anniversary of the day we brought you home 10 years ago. Added a fun photo of you in your special "Doggy Chair", wearing your original collar & tag...

On July 9th, 2018 we went on our final walk together. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. On our way home from Pavilions, on a hot afternoon, I let you off your leash, as I had done hundreds of times before, so you could walk in the cool shady areas under the bushes & shrubs, sniffing wonderful scents and reading your "pee-mail".
When you got to the lot at the corner of Bluewater & Dume Drive, you flushed a flock of birds, which made me laugh...and then a rabbit darted out and you chased it into the street...into the path of an oncoming, speeding SUV. I knew at once that you were gravely injured, but I fervently hoped the vet could save you, my sweet, darling, loving girl. Alas, that was not to be. You gave me one last final gift - the gift of enough time to say goodbye. I stroked your beautiful ears -- the ears that I fell in love with at first sight all those years ago - and told you how very much I loved you, how brave you were and how much we would all miss you.
You died doing what you loved; before you grew too old to go up and down the stairs or for rides in the car with me, but that is scant comfort in the face of endless mornings with no Juno by my side - walking Zuma, Westward or Broad Beach - hiking the trail up Busch - sneaking onto the Point Headlands trails to look for whales or heading down the stairs to Big Dume Beach...and all of the other wonderful places we went together.
We had such amazing times going on family hikes up Solstice Canyon, up to Escondido Falls, to the top of Corral Canyon - going down to The Grotto - hiking The Backbone trail - exploring Charmlee - making it to the top of Sandstone Peak. I took special pride in the fact that you could be trusted to be off leash, exploring and meeting other dogs; and we all loved hearing the amazement of others when you demonstrated your mountain goat-like ability to bound up any rock face.
I know that you lived free, had 10 great years with us and left on your own terms, and I wouldn't trade the memories for anything, but the hole in my heart will last forever. You were my protector, my constant companion, my beautiful, special "fur baby girl".
I love you (143).

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