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Memories of Junior
Dearest sweetest Junior, we miss you so much. Bongo and Loki are still here and that helps a little bit. But they don't want to sleep on my lap like you did. Or purr as loudly as you did. Or "kiss" me on my ear or eye lid or cheek like you did. When I whistle for them, they sometimes ignore me, but you never did; you always came running. Except for that last day. When we went looking for you and found you on the side of the road, I'm sorry we didn't recognize you at first. We just didn't want to believe it was you. But then I lifted the tip of your tail and looked down, and there it was: the white spot. Now you're home, resting next to Mango and the other cats we were blessed to have in our lives. You didn't know them in this life. Maybe you'll recognize them at the Rainbow Bridge. God gave you to us because He knew we need that special, unconditional love in our lives. I have to believe that He will reward you for teaching us about His love and giving us so much joy. Dearest sweetest Junior.
Sat, Dec 22 2018, Dearest sweetest Juni, it's been a week since you left us. I'm glad we found you and don't have to wonder. No more frantic whistling or walking around the neighborhood looking . . . yesterday was the shortest day of the year. It was cold, rainy, and windy. Today, the sun is shining and the days will start to get longer. Dear Junior, now I know just how much I loved you. I'm making a list of all the things I want to remember about you. Each time I think it's finished, I remember something else. Dearest sweetest Juni
Sat, Dec 29, 2018: Dearest sweetest Junipurr, it has been two weeks since we last saw you. I'm thinking less about that terrible day (thank you Lord) and more about all the wonderful things that made you so special to us:

1. We adopted you and your "brother" Bongo from Forgotten Felines, after seeing you at PetSmart. I don't think you and Bongo are really brothers. You were small and sleek and fast. Bongo is big and round, with short legs and "puma" paws. You were a beautiful tabby with white markings. Bongo has plush solid grey and white fur. Bongo's tail is short and fat. Your tail was long and almost fluffy, not quite. We used to say you had a puffy tail.
2. Dave named you Junior because you looked a lot like our other cat Loki. At first glance anyway. You had a white spot on the very tip of your tail. That's how we knew it was you.
3. You never outgrew your kitten voice and you had the loudest purr of any cat I've lived with. You sounded like a motor. When I picked you up, you immediately started purring. Then, you would turn towards me, and touch my face with your cold wet nose, or stick it in my ear. That really tickled. I will always remember your "love nips". Never painful or mean, just a "more face rubs please".
4. You were the ultimate toy mouse retriever. Once, I counted 18 times I threw the mouse and you brought it back. I would try to challenge you by putting the mouse in a drawer, under a pillow, in a box. Didn't faze you a bit. Once, I put the mouse on top of the highboy. You tried to jump to the top, then climb to top, then jump from the top of the bookshelf to the top of highboy, knocking everything off the bookshelf. You were relentless.
5. When Dave or I were in the kitchen, you would jump on the counter and lay in front of the coffee maker, purring your loud purr, waiting to get petted. Then, we would slide you over so we could make our coffee.
6. You were so smart. When you wanted to come in, you would jump on the tall pot by the outside bedroom door and jiggle the door knob. The first time you did this really scared me. It was late at night and I thought someone was trying to get inside. How I would love to hear that sound again.
7. We had many names for you: Junior, Juni, June June, Junster, Junipurr, and Juneberry.
8. Your favorite sleeping spot was the shelf by the window in the upstairs bedroom. The window faces south and you and Loki would sleep there together. Your favorite canned cat food was Applaws Tuna Mousse.
9. You had so much energy, you wouldn't even stop to stretch. You would try to walk/trot and stretch your hind legs at the same time, especially after a nap. I loved walking behind you down the hall. I could hear you purring and see you do that stretchy thing with your hind legs. ❤️😪❤️

Such little things, but they became a very big part of of our lives. Dearest sweetest Junipurr
Sat, Jan 5, 2019. Dearest sweetest Junebug. It's been three weeks since you left us. That terrible ache in my chest is gone. There are still some tears. But not as many. I've been thinking a lot about you at Rainbow Bridge, and this is how I see it in my mind and feel it in my heart. When you arrived at RBB, you were greeted by all your new friends and family. Then, I think you found a quiet place on a gently sloping hill and you've been waiting patiently there. I picture you in the meatloaf position: front paws tucked in, tail wrapped around, eyes half closed. And, with God's love and guidance, you've been watching over us, helping us remember the love and joy. Over the last few days, I've sensed a change. Now I see you standing up. You are so beautiful! Your fur is clean and shiny, your eyes bright and clear, your tail held high. You seem almost luminous. I hear you ask me this question: "Can I go down the hill and play with my friends? I can stay longer if you need me, but I think you're ready to let me go". I answer you back: "Yes, you can go and run and play and explore. I know you will always be with us because we will never forget you." You start purring now. That loud purr so surprising from a small cat. You start down the hill, then stop and look back at me. We gaze into each other's eyes, for how long I don't know. Then I take a deep breath and wave my hand. "Go on, get going". You trot down the hill, trying to stretch your hind legs at the same time. That makes me smile. The last thing I see is the white tip of your tail. Of course. Dearest sweetest Junebug.
Sat, Jan 12, 2019. Dearest sweetest Juni, you've been gone 4 weeks. This last week has been tough and I think I know why. It's because there's nothing left for me to do for you on this earth. After we found you, we bought you home and now you're resting in the backyard you loved. I placed a sleeping cat statuette there to mark the spot. I've gathered all the pictures I could find. I wish there were more. And, I have tried to put into words how special you were and how much we loved you. Doing these things helped me feel closer to you. Now, there's nothing else to do. Except remember. I'm grateful for the memories. I'm grateful for the short time you shared with us. You were a gift from God, and now you're in His care again, basking in His glory and love. Do me a favor dearest sweetest Juni. Please tell Him that I said "Thank You".
Sat, Jan 19, 2019. Dearest sweetest Junior. It has been 5 weeks today. A few mornings ago, just before I woke up, I heard this loud purring in my ear. I opened my eyes and immediately thought of you! I looked for Loki and Bongo, but they were not in the bedroom. Besides, they don't purr like that. Thanks for letting me know how happy you are at Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you, but this helps a lot. Dearest sweetest Junior.
Sat, Jun 15, 2019. Dear, sweet Juni. It's been 6 months. Bongo and Loki are doing okay. Bongo is still big and bossy, always swishing his tail. Loki is still very handsome and very aloof. I'm glad they are here, but, oh, how I miss you. Love you so much, sweet Juni.
Sun, Dec 15, 2019. Dearest sweetest Junior, one year ago today, I saw you for the last time. Two days later, we found you. Today is sunny, and later the family will be getting together to celebrate my birthday! So thankful for that. Still, I miss you and wish you were here. I thought of this short poem for you: Life is a gift, and life will go on, but we still miss the ones who are gone. Dearest, sweetest Juni.
Sat, Jun 20, 2020. Dearest sweetest Junebug. It has been 18 months since you left us. When I think of you, I always smile. Sometimes there are a few tears. We adopted Jake's cat, Violet. She's a small tabby, like you. Sometimes Dave will call her Junior. Very sweet. She has a funny little white stripe at the base of her tail. Bongo hates her and she hates him, but she gets along with Loki. Loki has such a gentle soul. I will always remember you and Loki sleeping together by the upstairs window. Oh, Juni, love and miss you.
Wed, Dec 16, 2020. Dear, sweet Junior. Two years!! I celebrate another birthday tomorrow. Life truly does go on, more quickly as we get older, or so it seems. Think of you often, always with a smile. Love you, Junebug.
Tues, 15 Jun, 2021. My sweetest Junebug, two and a half years! Seems longer than that, maybe because there have been so many changes. That's life, and life does go on. Love you and miss you and think of you often with a smile. My sweetest Juni.
Thurs,15 Dec 2022. Precious Junior. Always think of you this time of year. It's been pouring down rain, like it was 4 years ago. Loki and Bongo are the same, maybe a little fatter. Miss you, love you.

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