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Memories of JUNIOR
Junior Mi Vida! I remember the first day you knock the door of my home! I welcome you, so young and handsome!!, you lived abandoned for your owners,, even like that you every day decide to get back to your previos owner,, proving your loyalty and Love,, till one day your owner decide to give me x ever and I took you with all my love, my hearth, since then I take care of you,, you just give me joy, love, companion, friendship, I coudn't have better baby like you,,, Till now you went where you belong to Heaven. God send you to me,, to take care of you, and I try my Best!!!, till last time of your last breath!,, Thanks Lord to give me such a wonderfull Pet, and Im giving you back, till the day I have to join you..!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Your Mami Ani, XOXOXOXO KISSES AND HUGES ALL THE WAY UP!!!!!!!
Sunday 11/10/2013: Good Morning Baby! is 4 days you are in the Rainbow Bridge, I was in the deck and I figure you there,, I know you are in safe place,,I can't stop to cry for you,, I miss you!! everywhere in my home remember u,, because you always was by my side!, remembering only good things you were perfect!!! I can't breath!!!!! kisses and huges all the way up!!!!!! LOVE U,,,HUGGGG!!!!!!!
Baby, hugs and Kisses!! Loveyou, te quiero tanto y te recuerdo mi vidita!!! xoxoxooxxo hasta el cielo!!!!! hasta el Arcoiris!! esperame mi amor!!!!!!
Wedneday 11/13/2013, One week Baby! I know you are in Rainbow Bridge, the same AS Young and Handsome as you looked when I meet you, Is cold and breeze here,,I know in Rainbow Bridge is warm and peacefull, send me your kisses and hugges because I need them,, Love you buddy to heaven XOXOXO
Baby is Sunday! I miss you!,, yesterday was so special day for me!, I picket your ashes!!! this was so emotional time,, I love you mi Furry Junior XOXOX MISS YOU!! KISSES TO HEAVEN TO YOU!!
Today is 2 weeks you are in Rainbow Baby,,, thanks x flaping your ears for me!!!! you are the best,, Love you all the way up!!!!!!! XOXOXO
HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY FURRY JUNIOR!!!!,, I send you my love to the highest!!!! Love you,, Miss you,,,, you have my hearth!!!! I think on you everyday,, how nice you always have been,, Daisy send her Love too... remember,, WE MISS YOU!!!!!!! HUGES AND KISSES TO HEAVEN,,,,!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo
Baby today is 1 month you leave me,, My hearth is heavy,, I miss you,,,one day only I will have happy tears,,not now!!!!!! LORD THANKS FOR GIVE ME THIS BEAUTIFULL FURRY,, I WISH HAD HIM MORE YEARS!!!!!! Love you to heaven JUNIOR!!!!!
Hi Juniot is saturday, and only want tell you Daisy is still with Pneumonia,, i hope she will recovery soon,, she will see the vet next week,, and she will be better,, she miss you too,, and she want you be very happy!!!!!,,,,,,,,Im still very heavy in my Hearth,, i love you Junior,,,, you are my best baby I ever share some much beautiful memories together!,, Love you to heaven! XOXOXOOX
Today is Monday is the 6th candelight,, is always so emotional to share and light the candles in your honor!!! Im missing you the same as the first day you went to heaven,,,Missing you, thinking on you everyday,,, I have your ashes and I cant believe you are gone!!!!! I think never will be enought time you stay with me, always I will ask for more years,, Lord thanks for give this beautifull baby furry,,, such a Loving nice boy!!!!!! I miss him so much, and Lord you know how much!!!!!!!!! you know how much I miss him,,, give me the healing I need to continue in my life,..
JUNIOR i remember you every day!!!!!! I miss you everyday!!!!!! xoxoo kisses to heaven to you! LOVE YOU!!!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS JUNIOR! I Miss you baby,, Life is not easy without you around!!!!!! You were so much, so much for me!!!!!! I love you baby,,,, Daisy is recovery from Pnemonia,, she is holding here,,, she miss you, she send her love,, I send all my LOVE to heaven!!!!!! XOXOXOOX LOVE YOU!!!!!
Hi Baby,, today is monday and we had the 8th candelight services, this is so much intensive,, all the love go to heaven in the golden line,, thanks for flapping your ears, and be beside in the kitchen this week,, Love you so much!!!!! miss you my fur baby!!!!!!!! XOXOXO
Is sunday 01.05.2014,, the new year is on the go Junior!!!! XOXOXOXO, kises to heaven to you!!!!!!!,, tomorrow will be 2 months you are in RB,,, have fun fur baby, jump fences as you love to do.
Many wonderful memories come to me, and one of my favorites is when we move here, do you remember Junior??? the color of the bedroom didnt like me so much, was light blue,, hummm, not for me,, and I decide to paint,, took me many days,, bcse I did have to paint in my spare time,,, and the color was bright pink sandia,,,make room bright and happy to share with you and Daisy,,, I remember you and Daisy were around and got spots of paint everywhere in your beautiful fur, and I put a heart in your head, I kissed u,,, you looks so cute, and Daisy too,, you were around giving me support and love, after that I have to give you guys a good bath,, but some left over of pink paint last some days more, Junior I love you baby!!!!
Is Monday Candelight!!! 01/13/2014,, was so beautiful Junior Light a candle in your honor! all the love you give me,, all the Joy you give, is just in my memories and miss you having you here,,, but I have the GREAT MEMORIES, the great time you live with me,,, thanks for being my Pet!!!!!! you were just wonderful my junior, I love you to heaven!!!!!!
Hi Junior,, today is Feb. 13,, Is a big snow outside,, I rememberer how much you enjoy being outside,, you looks so beautiful in the snow,,, Is still so heavy my hearth,,, come always this is your home for ever,, You have been very loved here, and always will be,,!,, My poor Daisy got the 2nd pneumonia this time we catch her very early,, have not been so bad,, she is only 2 weeks with antibiotic,, she will see the doctor this weekend,,she send her love too,,, MISS YOU JUNIOR!!!
love you to heaven!!!!
Feb.24,2014, Furbaby is monday,is special day with candlelights evenings! is always so significant, and emotional to share time with others fur parents,, Daisy is ok,, she recovery very well from the Pneumonia,, she send her love,, she miss you so much!!! you were always so special to her,, and for me too,,, Everyday, every minute you are in my mind, in my hearth fur baby,, thanks x visiting me,, you always are welcome,, my hearth is your home for ever Junior,, for ever,, I love you so much!!! miss you dearly!!!!! I wish have you again!,, wish you have a great time in the rainbow bridge, and one day we will be together, when you seee me coming,, run so fast, I will ran so fast too, I cant wait to see you agaijn, Love you love you love you to heaven!!!!! XOXOXO
Hi Junior, my beloved Baby,, I didnt write here, and you know I remember you everyday!,, sometimes I came to visit you, and I coudnt write nothing,,, I have been very busy,, Daisy is looking good, I hope she keep healthy for some time longer here,,, I miss you Buddy!!,, everytime I see your videos and pictures,, you dont know how much Joy comes to me,, I just cant get over you are gone Baby,,, You are so much for me! is more than 4 months you are gone,, and I miss you since ever!,, you were so cuddly and I always was near to cuddle with you,,, I remember always your welcomes to home,, and when you sneak in my handbag in just in case you find some treat there!!! You were and always will be loved, amazing fur baby for me! Live is going,, Im glad the weather is going to change,, todays is Spring day!!!! we start the season,, I came to change something here.. Love you Love you to Heaven!!!!!!! XOXOXO
Hi Baby!,, My hearth and my soul and my body still have tears!!!! I miss you so much Baby!!!!!!!! Come to my dreams baby!!! i love when you come to me!!!!,,, XOXOXO KISSES AND HUGES TO HEAVEN!!!!
My Junior is 5 months you are gone,, and its hurt so much still,, I miss you miss you for ever, x ever!!!!, love u to heaven!!!!! XOXOXO
i love you baby!!!!! i miss you!!!!!! i have a hole in my heart,, is a big print paw and is you!,,, You are so perfect,, I miss you buddy!,, There are no day I dont tears for you!!,, xoxoxoxoxoox
Junior my baby,, My Daisy is ill again,, had pneumonia for 4th time,, she is in medicine,,is so hard,,, I miss you Baby,, Kisses to heaven,, I Love u and miss you forever,, Is 6 monhs you are gone baby!!
Dear beloved,, precious,,, Happy Birthday baby today 08.15.2015 you will be 15 yo,,, You will enjoy in the bridge and celebrate with fur babies,, and jump fences,, eat a cake,, and Love you eternity,, I can't wait to see you again,, You live for ever in my hearth,, love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO KISSES AND HUGES TO HEAVEN!!!!

Hi BABY! i miss you so much!! your velvet ears, your TV frames EYES, you are unique, and dearly missed,, How much I wish you be here Junior,,, I love you to heaven, today is 7 months you are in RB,, I wish you hanging there, having fun!!!!!! I LOVE YOU,, Come to my dreams, my furJunior!!! XOXOXOXO
Junior my Baby I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!! there are not words that explain how MUCH LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU,, my life is not the same,, I MISS YOU,, I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU,, is more than 8 months you are gone,, and everyday I wake up thinking of you,, I MISS YOU MY BABY,, people has told me you are going be alrightin 3 or 4 months , bout I fell the same as the same moment I lost you,, I was with you, holding your paws,,when you expire,, My life was empty since then,, I MISS YOU BABY, I LOVE U.. I LOVE,, I LOVE,,,, FOR EVRER,, you were so much for me,,and you know that,, Never will be forget, LOVE U TO ETERNITY.. YOUR MAMI ANI... XOXOXOXOOXXOXOXO
Junior my Baby! Tomorrow is your birthday,, last year we celebrate yours!! I was so thrilled to got 13,,last year, and I wanted many years to come,,Junior I LOVE YOU,,,I WANT BE WITH YOU FOREVER!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNIOR!!!!!! hugs to you!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!! i sended a cake to you,, to share with Beau,, and your fur friends,, be happy,,, I miss you,,, is the 1st year you are there, remember how much I LOVE YOU! and one day we will be together,, I wish this day come soon!!! XOXOXOXO
Baby my Junior,, come to my dreams, I miss you so much!! you are so special,, Love you Eternity,,,XOXOXOXO HUGES TO HEAVEN,, LOVE U!!!
i have tears in my hearth,,, you have been so loved,, so much! i can't wait to see you in heaven!!!!!! i love you my beloved Junior!!!!!!
My Junior my beloved fur son,, is one year you are gone, You were so much loved,, here I miss you, i miss your beautiful fur,, your tv frame eyes, all you were perfect! I miss you since the 1s day you went in Heaven! I would like to see you one day soon,, and be together in eternity! LOVE YOU TO HEAVEN!
Furbaby Junior,, I love you so much!!!!! I know you are very happy, all restored waiting for me in The Rainbow,,, Life will never will be the same with you! you were here in earth such a wonderful Pet,,, this is why is so hard for me,, missing you everyday,, is 1 year and 1 month you are gone,, I fells the same the day u left,,, the wonderful memories made my life more easy,,, now we just had Thanksgiving, and u know how much I wish,, wish you will be with me,,,, I love you to heaven my Junior,, for ever for ever! LOVE YOU
Hi BABY JUNIOR, Daisy had her birthday, she turned 13, she is hanging here,, I don't know when will go with you,, I miss you Baby,, Love u,, I wish have you here and hugs you,, Hang in the bridge,, I will be there one day!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!
My precios Pet Junior,, even the time goes on,, the pain in my hearth is still there,, I miss you,,, You were so important in my life,, your unconditional Love is missed so much for me,,,, I wish I wish hugs you again,, pet you again,, is 1 year 5 months and I miss you as the same day you went in heaven... Please come to my dreams,,, to pet you,and fell you and your unconditional Love.. Love you eternity,, Daisy is still hanging here,, but I know she will join you, some of these days.. LOVE FOR EVER!!!!!! TILL HEAVEN...!!!!
Hi my beautiful fur baby Junior!!!!,, I miss you,, there is not day I don't remember you,, I know you are happy and brand new in Rainbow Bridge,, this make me so much comfort,, but even like that my hearth hurts so much!,, I will remember and Love you for ever,, to Eternity!!!!!!!! MISS YOU MY BABYBOY!!!!!!!!! HUGES TO HEAVENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Junior, I love you so much,, I miss you as the same day you went in RB 11.06.2013.. how hard has been without you,,, Daisy is not doing well, I think her timing is coming soon,, and she will go one of these days with you,, I know is so hard too,, please I know you will greet her there,, and tell her how much I love you both,, You have been giving me the most amazing life,, you together was such a great TEAM giving so much happiness and companion,, and I know life is short for you guys,, and I want tell you Junior,,, you and Daisy has been splendid kids,, I can't wait to see you in heaven,, when this will happen, we will be together to eternity,, Love, you my Junior,, send me kisses from heaven, come to my dreams please,, I need your support now, more than ever!!!!! XOXOXOXO.
Beloved Baby,, only a few words of you, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Kisses to heaven!!!,,, You know how great fur baby have you been. Daisy is going to turn 14 this 28,and has been a challenge with her,, I love her so much too,, Beloved Junior Daisy went with you,, She turned 15 and 7 days,,, play together,, tell her I miss her as much I do to you... I know my beautiful Daisy was tired and she is renovated now,, I will open a page for her and you hang together,, she went with you this feb. 04 at 8 am,, Im glad I was with her,, same as I was with you,,, Love you both,, I can't wait to go with you,, My love for you guys is so deep... so deep!!! Siempre te extraño mi precioso Junior, ya estás con Daisy,jugando como siempre! Besos al cielo! Los amo con todo mi corazón!
Always in my hearth Junior! I can't wait to see you again♥️🌷

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